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    20 Years

    The blonde chuckled as her date tried for the third time to get their waiter’s attention. “I guess we’re not as interesting as that corner booth full of gay boys,” Her dark-haired date smiled as she tossed a look over to the rather boisterous group of young men in the corner that had their waiter preoccupied for longer than necessary. She turned back to the blonde and offered a winning smile.

    “All I want is a water refill.” The young woman complained as her soft brown eyes met the smiling hazel irises. “Moments like these create viral Yelp reviews.”

    The blonde sucked in a cautious breath and subtly shook her head. “It’s only our first date and you’re already threatening bad Yelp reviews?”

    Her counterpart laughed to herself. “Not all my reviews are bad. I’ve left some very glowing reviews for various establishments around town.”

    “I’ll have to send you a friend request and see for myself.” They both smiled shyly.

    “You should.” There was that killer smile again. The blonde’s heart skipped a beat. “So, this is a date?” The brunette asked with a wink, eliciting a blush from the woman sitting across the table from her.

    A nervous chuckle escaped rosy lips. “Yes. This is definitely a date.”

    “Well, in the spirit of first dates, let me just recap what I know; you’re originally from the South, you work in Hollywood, and you recently broke up with a boyfriend before finally saying yes to a drink with me…now tell me something I don’t know about you.” She reached across the bistro table and gently ran her forefinger over her date’s hand that rested on the table.

    Another blush crept into the blonde’s cheeks as she watched the finger slowly make its way across her hand. Lifting her gaze to the beautiful woman in front of her, she smiled. “I’m allergic to dogs.”

    “I don’t have a dog, so that works.”

    “Tell me something about you.”

    A sigh escaped the brunette. “What would you like to know?”

    “How would your friends describe you?”

    An older woman in her mid to late-50s occupied the table immediately next to the young couple’s. She seemed to be consumed by what was happening on the screen of her smartphone but couldn’t help overhearing most of the conversation between the two would-be lovers.

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    1. What a pleasant surprise!

      That was fantastic and i loved the twist at the end. I really thought that you wrote a scene about B&T’s first date.

      Happy Summer for you too. Maybe you will surprise us with more little fluffy short stories.

    2. Hi Meloveslu

      That was a wonderful story, very sweet; are you teasing us…? I thought as Bibi, and I agree with Kins, you should come back and write more of this type of stories and finish your unfinished business. Thank you so much for this one and hope to read you more often (new chapters or stories) soon.


      • Well hello there, stranger. I pride myself on being clever, among other things. Hopefully YOU will have more soon. Like Kins and me, you also have some unfinished business around here. ;-)

    3. Mel, so good to see you’re back. What a cute story! I can see Bette coming home, calling for Tina and starting to tell about her encounter at the bar. “You should have seen those two! Could have been us on our first date when we met for drinks all those years ago at that bar… do you remember?”. ; )
      Enjoy the summer, too, and if the heat gets too much, look for a room with nice air conditioning, your computer and maybe you can relax by writing another chapter for this “little fluff”. :-)
      Or you might decide to write a few words for “playing by heart”. I’ve just started to re-read it, got to ch 25 already.

      • Oh Kiwi, I’m so flattered that you spend your precious spare time re-reading my unworthy and unfinished story. I’m hoping to get back to it soon.

        I considered writing Bette coming back home to Tina along the lines of them having had a disagreement earlier in the night which led to Bette’s solo dining experience, but I felt that it may have taken too much away from the big reveal at the end of the story. I think having Bette instruct the young blonde to call the other one on her shit is kind of her recognition of the need for Tina to put her in her place from time to time.

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