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    The Most Distance Course


    Chapter 16 This is all my fault


    Shane immediately jumps up, she rushes to the emergency room and pulls out all the medical equipment like she’s been done several times. Sam also quickly runs to the bathroom to grab some clean towels. On the other hand, Bette doesn’t know what’s the situation, she just moves herself to the storage room straightaway and grabs the broom to clean up the broken glass on the floor Shane broke not a while ago.

    “Where is she?” Shane says while she’s panting.

    “On the way back, the boss just left the room.”

    Both of them raise their head when a few noises coming from the hallway, someone is yelling.

    Bette hears the noises, she quickly rushes back to the living room, then she sees two men almost break into the room while they carry a person by their arms. Bette’s eyes shot wide open when she realized who it is.

    Wounds and cuts are all over Tina’s face, covered by her blonde hair, which is now totally messed up and keep dripping water. Her lips are swelling, there are several bruises next to her eyelids and zygomatic bone, she can barely open her eyes. Blood is streaming down her mouth corner and her forehead, tiny drops of blood seep out from the different places of her injured. Tina’s clothes and pants remain whole, but also stained with red blood.

    Oh my god, Tina…

    “Jesus Christ…” Shane is also speechless.

    “She is unconscious,” One of the men says, they stop in front of Sam. “I don’t know if she’s breathing.”

    “Take her to the medical room!” Sam yells. “And call the doctor!”

    Bette shots her sight to the servant. “What? No hospital?”

    “If you want to get caught by the police, be my guest! Right now, we are on our own, get the towel!”

    “Goddamnit…” Bette says while she grabs a towel from Sam and presses it hard on Tina’s leg where is now leaking blood.

    “Put her on the bed! And bring me the Oxygen mask!”

    “Where is the doctor?” Shane yells.

    “He’s on the way, he said he will be here in 20 minutes.”

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck, we don’t have 20 minutes.”

    Sam is struggling to tear off Tina’s clothes, trying to find the unstoppable bleeding spot on her body, a man hands her a scissor, she grabs it and cut her shirt agilely.

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    1. Hi CJ:

      This was an amazing chapter, knowing how Tina become what she currently is, how cruel Adele was and perhaps still is and how criminal was her father behaved, yes in some places there still are mean people and unfortunately mean authorities.

      What you tell us about Tina and Shane is not totally a fantasy, trafficking with children and women is very common and is everywhere; human ‘vampires’, those who live from sucking the life from others by slaving or prostituting them, are also not too hard find.

      I’m not sure about Sam, but Bette has positively guessed that she is in love with Tina, and she has a point when feels jealous, but in a certain way is also part of her weakness when she was a teen in high school.

      Well, my hope is that Bette will become strong and mature after what has happened with Tina, and after knowing she still loves her.

      I also hope that Tina and her ‘little mutinous group’ will find who stole the money from Bette and they all could break free from that place.

      Thanks, CJ, this is a great story. Waiting for the next chapter next weekend.


      • Hi, proteonomics:

        Yes, just like what I’ve said in the few chapters before, Tina didn’t become a criminal for no reason. Adele might just want to make Tina live in shame, didn’t she know that the power of rumor might cause a human’s life. This was how verbal violent sometimes so powerful than the physical. And some authorities are craving for more power and money, till now these kinds of people still exist.

        My heart was aching for Tina when I wrote that part, I hate human trafficking also, especially in mainland China, these kinds of people are everywhere. Their tactics progress every time and day, fraud also. My friend got set up one time, I went to the police station with her and saw her cry for the lost salary she saved for the tuition. I think they are unforgivable.

        As for Sam, remember the person you guessed? And Tina thought that this set up was not only done by one person? Jealous can be the strongest purpose for a woman to fight for one another, but Tina need Sam, and Sam didn’t admit, so the real suspects still need some time to reveal.

        I think that Bette is growing every time when she faces a new issue, after all, she’s just 22 almost 23, as a wealthy girl, she’s lack of experience. Compare to Bette, Tina has been through hell a lot than Bette. If Tina was stronger and more mature than Bette, I won’t doubt it.

        Thanks for your comment, just like you, I will post the new chapter next week, always love your comments and opinions. Waiting for the Side effects!


    2. Hi! Thank you for the great chapter!

      So, we finally know what happens and how Tina became criminal. It was awful and for her it was only way to survive. But live with such monster like her father – i don’t know – it’s still very hard to stay alive.
      I still think that it was Sam who tried to set up Bette and i still don’t like her.
      And I like how Bette sleep in Tina bed of course.
      Maybe in future Tina can start painting again – at least i hope.

      Waiting for the next!

      • Hi Zhenya:

        I know, it’s hard to write that part though. Sorry to take this long, just like I said before I have a proper explanation of why Tina became a criminal, I hope you understand her difficulty, and as for the crime she had done to the drug lord and so on, I will reveal the true reason about it. Please be patient for a few more weeks!

        Remember what Tina thought last week? She believed that there was more than one person in this scam. Although Sam might be the obstacle between Tibette, but I love her loyalty to Tina, she’s deeply in love with Tina that’s for sure.

        Yeah, I love Bette sleep in bed with Tina when she’s not injured.

        Well, that will need to take a long time, Tina doesn’t want her painting is painted during her time struggling in sin.

        Thanks for your comment! See you next week.


      • Hi SassyGran:

        Glad to see you again, I promise this was the last chapter that was difficult to read. (So far

        Thank you for your comment, I will do my best to get them what the beloved Tibette deserve to get.

        Hope to see you next week.


    3. I agree with all of the comments above! Such an amazing story and thank you so much for the post.

      Tina sure has been through some awful heart-breaking things hasn’t she? My heart cries for her and shane as that is real life for some people. I just couldn’t imagine.

      I like that Bette called Sam out and I think she is right. I trust your process though, and I’ll be waiting for the next post!

      • I agree with you. But to be honest, my contempt for abusers and human traffickers cannot be fully expressed in words.

        What kind of person searches for his daughter and upon finding her sucked up into prostitution, sleeps with her like every ‘ol worthless john?????

        • Oh my God, I think you’re right. I read the insinuation and it was pushed to the back of my mind because I thought that maybe he had only ‘touched’ her before realizing that was his daughter, which is still disgusting. But now that I think about it he was searching for her this whole time and knew she was there. I actually feel completely sick now. I hope that wasn’t misread because if that’s true then I have a feeling Tina’s ultimate plan is to obviously kill him.

          • Hi JBLH:

            Thank you for your comment!
            I know it’s hard for most of you to see what happened to Tina, it’s heartbroken and awful. I was so worried sometimes I would lose some reader because of the unethical part. I reckon that this chapter might make you feel sick and uneasy to read,( That’s practically what I was doing in the previous chapters…) But I can guarantee that everything happened to poor Tina has something to do to her future plan, and great guess about killing the boss, I have to say. If it were me I’ll probably kill him for Tina.
            Anyways, it’s great to see someone replied about the story, your opinions are my inspiration every time you post. Thanks a lot for liking this story, I hope to see you next week.


        • Hi DumplinT:

          You are a very good observer, finding out the important part of Tina’s past, couldn’t hide from you.

          I agree with you about those criminals, they are worst to use human being to earn the money.

          Thank you for your Comment!


    4. O my god!!!

      You truly out did your self!!!

      What a horrible experience for Tina and Shane and sadly it still happens in this world 😱😠 If i could i would kill Adele and Cooper myself. I hope that they get what they deserve.

      Bette is growing up through all this horrible and hard lessons in life, loved how she stood up against Sam and layed it out.

      I agree with the comments already written above.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • Hi Bibi28:

        Thanks for the comment!

        Indeed, it’s also hard to write that part, I knew it’s might be a bit unrealistic but I do believe these are the issue some people in the world need to face. I hate Adele in the movie also, she was a total bitch.

        Yes, I could feel that Bette is finally growing and become calmer and smarter than before, she was learning to handle the situation and finally able to use her smart brain to find a way to get through this mess.

        Thanks again for your replies, always waiting for you to show up. XDD I’m so glad to have you read the story.


        • I am always looking forward to the next chapter!!!!

          This time it took me a little longer due to impossible work hours and looking for a hotel in Paris so i can finally visit Laurel’s exhibition!!! I am so much looking forward to that, almost the same as waiting for the next chapter 😉

    5. Bette is the one that’s driving me bonkers!! For example, pages 13&14. She’s in tears bc Tina didn’t ask to see her 1st???!!! Y on earth would Justine ask for Bev??? Bette hasnt a clew that EVERYTHING isnt about her!!!!

      Shane is the one who has had Justine/Tina’s back and she’s the one that keeps finding Bev where she has NO business being!!! Bette doesnt give a hoot about respecting ANYONEs’ privacy, especially Tinas’!!!

      The only business Bev has in Justines’ room at midnight is IF he has been invited there. Bette is suppose to be a “top-notch” detective but she’s trifling!!! She cant fight nybody off and has been caught every time she’s been away from her appointed place.

      Not that I trust her, but like her or not, Sam is the one who has been Justines’ Caregiver (at least w/respect to bandaging her up aftr various beatings).

      I do believe she has feelings for Justine which is expted

      • Hi DumplinT:

        I believe Bette was too eager to see Tina, seeing the competitors going in first would have anyone come up a different thought.

        Shane, well, she’s the Yoda, she loves Tina and she doesn’t want her to be disappointed. She does know that Bette didn’t want to be out of the business either.

        Good point, Sam is the interesting part in the story, Tina needs her but she doesn’t love her, Sam loves Tina but how many things she did still can’t win her love, and Bette…well, she has to stuck in both.

        Happy to see your comment again!


      • Hi Angel1981:

        Yes, it’s a very good question. The answer will be in chapter 19, it needs to take a few more weeks but I will explain during that time. Please be patient (I know I said that all the time…

        Thanks for your comment!

      • ooooohh…. you may be on to something about y NO retaliation from Tina.

        But consider this: The LAST thing Tina would want to admit/reveal is that the WORDS from that a-hole FBI agent when she was 5, and the witch Adele when she was 17 or 18, that she would become a criminal had become a self-fufilling prophecy!!!

        WORDS are spiritual energy that bring life or death when spoken into the atmosphere. They even can penetrate into the soul of human beings….Selah…

    6. Hi DumplinT:

      I believe Bette was too eager to see Tina, seeing the competitors going in first would have anyone come up a different thought.

      Shane, well, she’s the Yoda, she loves Tina and she doesn’t want her to be disappointed. She does know that Bette didn’t want to be out of the business either.

      Good point, Sam is the interesting part in the story, Tina needs her but she doesn’t love her, Sam loves Tina but how many things she did still can’t win her love, and Bette…well, she has to stuck in both.

      Happy to see your comment again!


    7. I’m having to take some calming breaths and remember that our girls are only in their early 20s at this point of the saga,

      I dare say that I had the “maturity” of an adult who could have made life or death decisions at that age!!

      I’m 60+ now and wonder what I would ACTUALLY “do” in the most wretched of lifes’ aweful circumstances

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