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    The Most Distance Course


    Chapter 15 The boss


    Bette is stunned.

    “The Boss”, the man that controls the whole empire is nothing like Bette’s imagination.

    Sebastian Cooper is only 5 feet 8 tall, the blonde hair combs a slicked hairstyle and with the side part. Unlike other gang bosses, his deportment is elegant and solemn, wearing a costly suit matching a top hat, his leather shoes shine brightly, just like a college professor. He’s quite handsome, Tina has inherited from him, except for his eyes, his eyes are dark grey, he’s also wearing a round frame glasses.

    If it were not for all the servant bow to him, Bette wouldn’t believe that this person is the most wanted criminal of all time

    “Take a seat, please, make yourself comfortable.”

    “Thank you, sir.” Bette cautiously sits down on the couch.

    “Do you need anything? Wine? Whiskey?” Sebastian Cooper kindly asks.

    “Thank you very much, but I’m fine.”

    “Nonsense, every person who sits here must give it a try for my selection of The Macallan Single Malt Scotch Whisky.”

    He waves his hand, a servant immediately holds a tray with two glass of whiskey, Cooper takes one and passes it to Bette, the brunette has no choice but to take it.


    Cooper takes the glass and finishes it in one gulp. Bette looks at the clear brown color liquid, this tiny glass of alcohol worth over hundreds of dollar.

    “You smoke?” Cooper takes out a cigar from his front pocket and gesture to give Bette.

    Bette quickly denies with a polite smile. “Oh, no, I don’t, thank you.”

    “Very well.” Cooper says, while Bette patiently waiting for the servant to light up his smoke.

    “Do you live well here? Everything is comfortable? I hope that you enjoy being around this small community.”

    “I did, yes, I appreciate so much, sir, everything is perfect.” Bette says.

    Her bumping heart is slowly calming down, she’s not as nervous as before, the tone and the voice of him are so tender and patient, so slow and understanding, like the teacher who’s treating a student. Who would know that the king of the criminal will be so nice and kindly?

    “That’s good.” Cooper makes a genuine smile. “I want to make all my guests feel like home when they’re staying here, you know, the best environment makes the best men, I will never hesitate to turn this place better to reward every people working here.”

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    1. Crystal J.H says

      Author Notes:

      Hey guy, I believe some of you might find that this chapter is also hard to read, but some part of this chapter was base on the true story. One of my friends used to be in the underworld and he has witnessed the horrible scene. After listening to his story I really want to write it down and let the others know about it.

      As you can see in the teaser, this is the last chapter that carried the drama between Bette and Tina so far, which I believe it was the best timing to tell what happened to Tina years ago. I will fix it after today and yes I already finished the next chapter. So don’t worry, be patient and wait for them to get together. Chapter 16, revealing the missing 5 years.

    2. Bibi28 says

      Wow, that was a horrible scene, so cool blooded 😱.

      I wonder who set up the trap for Bette, must be Jodi or maybe L?

      Despite the horror, i had to laugh a little bit about Bette’s words of there was a reunion when Sam told her who she was.

      That Cooper bastard, to hurt his daughter like that, he is a evil, bloody bastard, what ever he did to Tina i hope she will survive.

      About the reasers, please update soon, can’t hardly wait!!!

      • Crystal J.H says

        Hi Bibi28:

        Indeed! But truly, the boss in the underground can do anything he wants to his people, even his children.

        My friend told me that even if his boss’s son did something wrong, he would still punish him just like others. To them, rules mean everything and they need to follow everything he said.

        This setup person will be very hard to be found, but who knows? Maybe Tina will figure it out.

        I sure will update as soon as possible, just need to make it better.

        Thanks for your comment, hope you like the new chapter!


    3. proteonomics says

      Hi CJ:

      Excellent chapter. Poor Tina, I think now every reader will understand why she could forgive Bette after what happened in high school, she has ‘thick skin’, as we said in my hometown’. Tina was always treated very badly either by her criminal father and by the authorities, as the FBI Aaron.

      Remembering when Tina asked Bette, five years ago, if she would chase her if Tina were a criminal, and Bette was perplexed with the question; then when it was Tina who suggested her to become a detective; now I think it’s clear to me that was what Tina really wanted since she was a teen.

    4. proteonomics says

      Hi CJ:

      Tina knew that her future was already ‘written in stone’, she knew that her father will come back for her, to make her part of her criminal empire, she knew she was bound to his criminal activity; she couldn’t escape, because her father will catch her anyway; she didn’t have the help outside the criminal world, because the ‘so-called good people’ hate her because of her father and her personal weirdness, only Bette was her hope, and deep down inside she wanted Bette to be the one to capture her, to stop all the crime, the pain, the cruelty of the criminal world in her life; to be her redeemer, her defender from the hands of her father and his organization; even when she couldn’t admit it. But, things turned a little different, with the participation of Adele 5 years ago, and Tina had to be strong and survive in her father’s world, making a plan to flee from it with the help of her friends Shane and Sam, and suddenly, her old and vivid flame, Bette Porter, came to her life again.

    5. proteonomics says

      Hi CJ

      I know Tina has been punished badly by her criminal father, but she will resist, and it’s time for Bette to ‘mature’, to be wiser; they have to find who is threatening Tina’s or Bette’s lives in the organization, who took the 50 k, and they have to speed up on their plan to flee away and come clean (so hard this part, but it may be possible in this story).

      My guess is, that Jody is behind of the lost money, she is not alone, but she is mad given that her source of drugs that was Tom, is gone, and because she hates Tina and probably wants to be the favorite of Sebastian Cooper and of course, perhaps she wants Bette too.

      Sorry, I’ve unleashed my imagination; but this was a pretty great chapter. Thanks again, waiting for the next one.


    6. DumplinT says

      Looks like Tina survives her punishment, but I figure she’ll need plastic surgery. Devil-dad will make sure everyone else can “see” the consequences of disobedience. Now she’ll have a scars on the outside to match those on the inside??? Uugh!!!!!

    7. DumplinT says

      Wondering who set Bette up with the mysterious ph call when Shane&Bette were riding in the vehi on way back to the compound???? Went back to chapter 14 and found on pg 3 that Sam gave Bette the phone that had only 2 numbers.

      whoever called knew that Bette wouldn’t know the Boss’ voice. I think that person also knew that Bette woudn’t follow Tina’s explicit warnings & instructions. Ol bette could be counted on to do her own thing.

      She was there what a day or 2 before she wandered out into the garden and got jumped by Jodi (who she couldn’t even fend off)? I think Shane had to rescue her.

      On pg 14 of same chptr when Tom,Shane, & Bette were talking w druglord Wang,Shane noticed that B was fooling with a device (believe this was a ph from her Informant contact named “L”)in her pocket. Shane gave B a glaring stare to cut it out.

      Wonder if the ph signal actually went to the “good” guys???

      Shane & Sam are the two closest ti Tina & they have been thru the fire with her. They are the ones who can’t be thrilled that clueless Bette showed up!!

    8. DumplinT says

      gosh i hope im wrong, but do the words of psychopath-dad on pg 14 of this chpter reveal that he’s been “touching” his daughter inappropriately??? Justine balled up her fists so tightly that her nails drew blood.

    9. Jane says

      I strongly believe I know who L is but I won’t reveal it cuz if your story leads to L’s identity I don’t want to spoil the story for you. I too believe that Sam set up Bette with the boss thinking Bette would be killed. However that didn’t work and Tina paid the price. I also liked when Bette tells an injured Tina that she loves her. Can’t wait for next chapter.

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