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    The Most Distance Course


    Chapter 17 Ocean


    Sebastian Cooper made an evening dinner for welcoming Bette, the new drug lord in Cooper industry, not only the other five crime heads, buyers, Italy mafias, Chinese gang and other organization from other places all dressed-up nicely, one following the other, heading to the Cooper mansion.

    Bette’s sense of delicacy was singular, her wisdom and humor pleased the attending guests. The boss is delight by the new drug lords, she handles people in a tender manner but maintains a lofty stance of Cooper Organization. The whole night, the charming Bette has shown how splendidly she could carry off the dinner, amazed every people by the superlative dinner and magnificent hospitality.

    “Bev Priston, what a pleasure.”

    A voice appears from behind when Bette is talking to some guests, the brunette turns around, finding a surprising figure standing behind her.

    “Carmen de la Pica Morales.” Bette makes a smile.

    The Latino walks to the new drug lord, two beautiful women shake hands, their mocha skins shine beyond the spotlight. It’s an unusual scene, seldom did the leader of the crime is a female, let alone two. Their exchange certainly will become the focal point of all the guest.

    “I believe we never talk before?”

    Carmen says as she picks a seat and sits down, Bette excuse herself, she follows the Latino’s move and chooses the chair next to her.

    “I’m afraid not.”

    “No worries, Jodie already mentioned to me lots about you.”

    Bette slightly frowns, but remains her smile.

    “Really? I hope Ms. Lerner didn’t say anything bad about me.”

    “All good, I can guarantee about it.” Carmen winks at Bette.

    To be honest, Bette actually has a great liking for Carmen. Aside from she’s the procuress of the whorehouse, there is a vast difference between her way of taking care of the prostitutes and other professions.

    She respects her girls, treated them nicely, make sure they were well paid and get enough food, giving them protection when difficult customers raise unreasonable requirements. Moreover, offering a shelter when some girls were driven into the corner, most girls in her territory either were being abandoned or endure great torture, over half of them had no choice to be a prostitute.

    In order to make sure that all the customers receive the best quality of service, their identities are highly secrecy, despite that she charges rather high, most of the whoremasters in high social standard still prefer to choose Carmen’s place than others.

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    1. Hi CJ,

      That was such a beautiful chapter!!

      They connected, heart, body and soul. And now my wish for them is to make the dream of Tina come true.

      Let them live their life, happy, full of love and with their future children, but i don’t think that will happen soon.

      I needed this chapter full of love and connecting between our girls!!!

      Thank you so much for the update!!!!

      • HI Bibi28:

        I love the interaction between Bette and Tina, I spent double times to finish it just to make it better. There were so many good bed scene in other writer’s story, I was so afraid I would ruin it.

        Yes, this chapter they finally clarify their feelings and came clean to each other, a good relationship always contains a good conversation, I like when they both able to listen and understand the others feeling.

        I will try to write more these kind of chapter but the story must go on, and I’m so sorry for letting you guys waited for so long, don’t worry the loving Tibette will continue for a while.

        Thanks for your reply, Bibi, again, I’m so glad you like this story and have you as a reader, hope to see you next week!


    2. Hi CJ:

      Wonderful chapter. As you said before, there is a turning point between this chapter and the former one.
      It’s not a coincidence that it comes along with the change in Bette’s strength and maturity, and with Tina’s softness when learning that Bette was at her side in her room while she was recovering.
      I’m not very sure what Carmen meant when she talked to Bette, about Tina and told her “Don’t trust Justine…She’s more…crafty and elusive, than you thought”; is it because Tina has involved Bette as one of the criminal heads in this organization? Is Tina trying to have more heads in the command to give the big blow? Certainly, Carmen knows something it’s being cooked in the criminal organization, but where are her loyalties?
      I like Tina’s dreams, whatever they could be possible or not, and I like that they talked and came clear about high school, about Bette’s remorse for the suicidal girl.
      This loving break in the story was very needed, and now we’ll see what it’ll come.
      The women bodies that were found buried and that will involve Cooper’s organization, are they related to human trafficking? This is a topic that I’m researching too.
      Great story CJ, I’ll be waiting for the next weekend for more.


      • Hi proteonomics:

        Just like you said, Tina didn’t know whether Bette had feelings to her or not, and Bette, I also think that she really want to change who she was, she did what she can do and stayed beside Tina. During Tina’s recovery, what she needed most was not any strong medicine, Bette’s accompany was what she needed the most.

        Just like I said in chapter 15, Tina is not the only candidate to inherit the company, the six heads also have the chance to become the boss, Carmen was a brilliant woman who could survive in the organization for so long, she must figure out something and want Bette to be careful, as one of the heads, Bette is on the same bridge with her. It’s not weird if Carmen guard against Tina.

        Among all the story, I think Bette’s biggest progress was to confirm what she had done, admit mistakes is the most difficult things after making something wrong.

        Sadly to say, no, it has nothing to do with the human traffic, but certainly has something to do with one of the six heads, I will slowly reveal it in the next two weeks.

        Thank you so much, proteonomics, your comment is always what I’ve been waiting for, make my story better every time. I’m also very looking forward to your next chapter! Again, Thanks for your comment!


    3. It’s a lovely chapter,it broke my heart learning how hard life for Tina after she left the school, wish everything didnt have to turn that way, but happy that she finally could have her Bette back in her life and love her back as she love her in return. Wondering why Tina’s body was fragile, why she is sick? What kind of illness does she has that might cost her her life?
      Anyway..well done CJ..tks for sharing your work :)

      • Hi Silentreader:

        So good to see you!

        Yes, Tina has been through a long hard life in these five years, Bette also didn’t live an easy life, I know the story has gone for a while, but there is still a long way to go for Tina and Bette’s settle life.

        Tina’s health is the saddest thing I’ve written, it’s in the next chapter, I really hope things didn’t need to go that way, but it’s the reason why Tina has to stay in the organization.

        Thanks for the waiting and the comment! Hope to see you next week.


    4. Thank you for this great Chapter which was just what was needed.

      I am still concerned about so many things in the story and look forward for the rest of the story to unfold and, I hope, put my concerns to rest! I can but hope I am in your talented hands.

      Please post soon.

      • Hi SassyGran:

        I’m sorry for letting you wait for so long, it’s a lovely chapter but tough to write,

        I will try my very best to give them both a good ending, but the rainbow after the rainstorm is always the most beautiful, there still are lots of quests they need to face.

        Be patient and wait for the smart Tina to start her plan! Thanks for your comment and hope to see you next week!


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