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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 24 Deathtraps


    Two weeks later.

    “This is bullshit!” Bette shouts into the phone.

    “You heard me, Porter, we’ve already locked down the Cooper mansion, we are going make an attack.”

    “Do you think attacking the head will help you found the downstream suppliers? You don’t even know who their buyer is, how did you plan to catch all of them tomorrow night if you act rashly and alert the enemy?!”

    Tomorrow night, the annual huge meeting of the Cooper organization. Every department will be heading to the mansion for the meeting. It’s more like a year celebration than the work conference, after finish discusses the work and the new plan of the year, all the Cooper staffs will be gathering around, drinking, dancing, getting high.

    During the time, there will be no shortage of drug and prostitutes, the entire mansion will be a mess, which is the best opportunity for the FBI to attack.

    “The whole action has carefully taken a whole year to plan, we’ve discussed the details of the mission several times. In order to ensure that nothing goes wrong, we’ve gone over the exact step and route.”

    “You have no idea what you are facing for! This mansion is like a fucking fortress, it’s impregnable! Do you really believe you can take it down within one night?” Bette is trying so hard to keep calm.

    “The SWAT team is gathering, all the related FBI agents are on their way back to the headquarter, ready for this mission, snipers are well-prepared, we can surely guarantee that we can catch Sebastian Cooper in this strike.”

    “Please give me few more days, sir, I promise that—”

    “You are out of your time, Porter, four heads were being substituted, the empire structure is not yet stable. According to your information, Sebastian Cooper will hold a monthly company meeting tomorrow night, all of the important crew members will be there, it’s the best opportunity to crush it.”

    “Sir, I—”

    “Enough, you got my message, just remember, don’t be in the mansion when the assault mission starts…and by the way, how come you didn’t use the phone L gave you?”

    Bette takes a deep breath, it’s not the right time to tell him she lost the cellphone. L…Carmen just died no more than two months, Bette has tried so many different ways to reach the FBI, calling in public is the last thing she wants to do.

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      But i must say – i don’t like what happen in it. We stiil have many questions – who the person with Tina spoke on the phone?
      And second – yeah, Tina don’t tell Bette all her plan, but Bette – did you tell Tina about FBI raid? You both still not trust each other completly.
      And if this fight between Tibette is not trick for Jodie’s ears, than Bette still very weak mentally who allow Jodie to get in her head.

    2. Hey, i forgot something – you really think Jodie is “beautiful”?

      Because one of the reason i hate this character (among with the others) – it’s because i think actress who played her is absolutly unattractive. For me it was very bad actress choise from IC (and of cousre from JB, who seems wants all her friends played in TLW)

    3. Hi CJ:

      I saw this coming; yes a little hard, but interesting, a turning point.

      Bette is a bit naive, how could she believe in Jodie.

      However, I may understand her immature behavior, because of her jealousy. I don’t think there is a standard way for people, to react in similar circumstances.

      Of course, this situation will destabilize Tina, she is in recovery from her addiction.

      Well, I hope Bette could cool down her head and think calmly and with maturity about her conversations with Jodie and Tina and realize what is going on.

      Bette needs to tell Tina about the FBI and they both need to leave the place ASAP.

      Well, and if Bette doesn’t tell her, I hope Tina’s other source of information (the person who spoke with her) will tell her.

      Now, the question is: Is Eric really dead? Or is this something like Carmen, whom I believe is alive far away.

      Does Henry know what Jodie has done?

      Okay, I think we have to wait until the next chapter.

      Thanks for this great story CN.


    4. Hi CJ,

      What a fucking mess, the secrets,the lies, the games and Bette is the one who will end up hurt and destroyed.

      She is in the middle of it and feels used, hurt and betrayed. Jodi played it smart and how ugly and how i despise her, she has planted the seed very well and now she overheard the whole conversation between Bette & Tina and know their true identity.

      In the end i can only hope and pray Bette & Tina will find their happiness together, but for now i have to sit out this deathly game.

    5. So, i hope Tibette fight was just ruse, because if not – than Bette not grew up since high school. She still allow another person manipulate himself. Than it was Adele, now it was Jodie

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