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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 23 A storm is coming


    ”Henry, welcome.”

    Henry Young, the handsome expert of Scam gang, the look on his face is dignified. The leaders did not often meet privately unless the business is critical or extremely important. In addition to avoiding unnecessary suspicions, also reserved for a little buffer between each other.

    However, Henry’s sudden visit today gives no surprise for the head person of the Cooper mansion, she has sensed something not right when Mark and Cutis’s execution, Carmen’s death finally let her notice someone is targeting the six heads. Seeing how serious the guest is, Jodi Lerner realizes how important this visit will be.

    “Please, come in my friend.”

    Jodi leads Henry in the huge mansion while she let the servants bring some beverage and snacks to the living room. Two people sit in the cozy couch, but none of them feel at ease.

    “I bet you are not here to concern about how I am doing recently.” Jodi says while the servant brings her the wine.

    “Jodi, you know why I am here.”

    Jodi shakes her head. “To be honest, I don’t, the heads of Cooper company seldom meet privately, if it’s really necessary. So…I’m guessing you were either having get in trouble…or you want something from me.”

    Henry takes a deep breath, he nods unwillingly.

    “Yes, I do need to ask you for a favor.”

    Jodi sneers. “Well, well, well…never thought of that one day you need to come to me…”

    “Come on, Jodi, I promise, you will like what I’m going to say.”

    Jodi laughs, she walks to the table.

    “Save it, Henry, you are the professional liar, I don’t want to listen to anything you want to say—”

    “It about the end of the time of the Justine Cooper.”

    Jodi’s body frozen, her hand stops from the next move.

    “What did you say?”

    Jodi gives Henry an angry stare, she quickly sends the servant away. Henry checks that there are no people around, he walks next to Jodi, whispers something in the stepdaughter of the boss.

    “Justine Cooper? She is the head strategist of the organization, what conflict do you have with her expect the throne position? You want me to join hands with you to break my ‘beloved’ sister’s barriers, what exact do you want to do?”

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    1. Hi!

      So, Carmen was L. And It was Henry who tried to set up Bette. But who gave him her number?

      And i like how Bette calm down Tina in the end of the chapter)

      Thank you and waiting for the next!

      • Hi Zhenya:

        Yes, Carmen is L, and I believe that I’ve answer the question about “who set Bette up”.
        As for the one who gave him the number, you will know in chapter 25.
        I’m glad you like it, there is never enough Bette and Tina sex scene. ;)
        Thank you for the comment!


    2. Hi CJ,

      Carmen was L?! Never expected her to be it.

      A storm is certainly coming and they are after Bette. Henry and Jodi, they are scum and i do hope their plan will backfire with a loud bang!

      Loved how Bette took care of Tina and showed her the love, support, trust and strenght she has in her.

      Looking forward to the end of the game!

      • Hi Bibi28:

        Yep, she was the other spy and I hope that you like this setting. I like Carmen in TLW really much (no more than Tibette of course.)

        They’re going to do some very awful things, it’s going to be tough chapters later on, you will never believe what these two can do.

        Thank you for your support and comment. Bibi.


    3. Tks for the update
      The story has so many intrigues, so many many revelations..
      i guess if Carmen is L, then it was one of her planned to set up Bev in order to help her gaining her place.after all, the mysterious person who sent message to Henry using the same way sending messages to Justine. The possibility, it was the same person, Carmen/L, and she could asked Shane to help her get the phone.
      Why Justine felt guilty? I thought she didnt killed Carmen? She put the gun on her left side and took the gun from the right side..which mean she messed up the right side gun and let the left side gun being checked but used the other to shoot..
      And dont u think that Justine and Bev spent too much time together? They are living in the criminal world where the wall was too thin and suspicions were all over the place. Hard to spend lot of time together without raising suspicions from the rest of the criminal, wasnt it? They need to be careful cos one of the leader has smell something on the air.
      Cant wait for the next chapter
      Anyway, good story Crystal, tks for sharing :)

      • Silentreader:

        That’s very good guessing! But unfortunately, Shane was not the person who took the phone, and nor was Carmen gave Henry the number.

        There is a reason Tina felt guilty about Carmen, I will explain in the future chapter. I thought that Tina’s trick wouldn’t be that obvious, but certainly, you guys are very good observing reader! And yes, Carmen is still alive.

        As for your question about that Tibette spending too many times together…I have to apologize for that if that confused you. My native language is not English and it had to spend more than a week to type out 8000 words (I know my grammar was a mess.) I was trying very hard to tell a perfect story but there are too many things that need to be mention and there’s only limited length. Moreover, I really like Tibette get together part…so as you can see, seems like they have plenty of times together but actually, they didn’t. I hope this reason explain your quetions. :)

        Thank you for your comment, and thank you for all the questions, I will keep trying for perform the story in a better way.


    4. So, it’s no Sam but Henry tried to set up Bette.
      And don’t worry we love all parts were Tibette together too.
      Waiting next chapter to find up how Tibette would fight against Henry and Jodie plan!

      • Hi Angel1981:

        Thank you for your comments,

        The future chapters will be tough and not so pleasant, although I love Tibette together scene but the show must go on.

        Hope you support the story till the end!


    5. Hi CJ

      Excellent chapter, now things are clear. Carmen is wallit, who of course is L and Tina made good use of her modified gun; Henry tricked Bette with the money, I wonder if Tina knows he fooled her lover taking the money of the Chinese drug gang.

      The situation now is that Tina won’t count with Shane at her side, because she won’t come back; Henry is trying to expose Bette with Tina’s father and I believe that there will come not a storm but a tsunami, and Tina will need to use all her power to defend her lover.

      Who took the cell phone? Well, that you will tell us soon I hope.

      Tina needs to establish where the loyalties of each of the six heads lie, and also which other pawns are playing the game and whom they are working for.

      Great chapter as always, I guess the next chapter will be hell, I’ll wear a shield to read the that.

      Thank you so much for the amazing chapter.


      • Hi proteonomics:

        Your comments are always worth waiting.

        I know it’s almost in the final and it’s better not to let too many good characters interfere, Shane of course, should not be involved in such a mess. Tina gave a great help for Carmen, she will surely do the same favor for Shane.

        As for the current situation…well, there will be a great mess in the next chapter, some are going to die, some are going to be blamed, and more secret about Tina’s time in the brothel will be dug out.

        There’s a long way to go to get this crime world ended, I also hope I can last till then.

        Thank you for your comment and support my friend.


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