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    The Most Distance Course


    Chapter 8 Yoda

    “Okay, relax, Tina, relax, it’s not a crime.” Tina looks at the school’s bathroom mirror, she says to herself.

    “You will be alright, it’s just like normal talking, right, it’s no big deal.”

    She inhales and exhale, a little too hard, makes her lungs hurt a bit.

    “Bette, I…I…god damn it! Again…Bette, um… I want to tell you something…I, um…shit shit shit!”

    This is not what I thought. Tina frustrated scratches her hair.


    Tina’s eyes wide open, she quickly turns around and sighs.

    “Jesus, Shane, you scared me.”

    “Sorry, I couldn’t find you in the classroom, so I came…hey, are you alright, what happened to your hair?”

    “I feel like a mess,” Tina says, without stop rubbing her head, she looks into the mirror, scared by her hair, it’s worse than a mess. “Oh…it’s, um…it’s…my new hairstyle?”

    “New hairstyle my ass, come here.”

    Shane says as Tina walks to her, she starts to help Tina reset her short blonde hair.

    “It’s Porter, right?”

    Tina turns her head and shots her a how-can-you-read-my-mind look, Shane rolls her eyes and turns Tina’s head back.

    “It’s all written on your face, no need to be a Yoda to see it.”

    “Fuck…” Tina tries to rub her hair again but Shane subconsciously slaps her hand away. “I’m so screwed right?”

    “No, you are not, and don’t ever think yourself that way.”

    Tina sighs. “What am I going to do?”

    “Be yourself, trust your own feeling, just…don’t do anything stupid that will make you hurt, but…whatever, they’re all too dumb to hurt you.”

    Tina chuckles a bit but remains nervous appearance. Shane pats Tina’s shoulder.


    “Thank.” Tina says as she looks in the mirror. “Wow, you are really good at this.”

    Shane shrugs, she pulls out a cigarette and lights it.

    “Want one?”

    “No, thanks.”

    Tina watches Shane close the cigarette box and tugs it into her pocket.

    “What if the thing I’m going to do is really stupid?”

    “Really? Such as?”

    “Something like…no, no, it’s too embarrass and stupid.”

    “Tina, my lips are sealed, you can trust me.”

    Tina bits her lower lip, she looks at Shane’s sincere eyes, sighs.

    That’s true, among all her friends, Tina trusts this brunette the most. She minds her own business, never pry unless she thinks it’s really important, Shane’s instinct never went wrong before, even this time.

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    1. CJ

      Thanks for posting another Chapter before year end. I am also a late L word and Tibette lover and am pleased that I get to read most stories I find without having the long waits between the postings. So, thank you for writing and for posting regularly. All I ask is that you do not leave us too long between postings and that you finish the Story. The saddest stories on Les fan are the unfinished ones.

      Loved this Chapter.
      Love this Story.
      I hope you have a happy 2019.


    2. Ok. i read and ready to comment, but first i want to ask something:

      Why Shane always needs to be Yoda? I understand that stories needs person, who always can give good advise, but why is almost always Shane? Because what can we say about this character in TLW? Without education, without proper job, obviously not super smart, person who never had long-term relationship (longest was with Carmen, less that one year term, and even during this time they cheated one another). So how this person can gives advices to other about relationship i just don’t understand.

      I’m not say this to criticize your story, no – the story is great and i like it.

      So, about chapter:

      1) Alice, as always, has worst timing ever
      2) I’m glad that Bette start stand and protect Tina.
      3) I’m hope misunderstanding abot Tina’s word “friendship with Bette” will be solved (maybe when Bette’ll see the painting)
      4) Seems Adele is up for something

      Thanks again for the update and waiting for the next!

    3. CJ, i am a fan of Tibette from the moment i knew about The L word and i am so happy that there are many more people who loves them after all these years!!!

      And i am really happy that there are still people who likes to write stories with them as main couple.

      So, i am very grateful that you and others are still writing about this beautiful couple.

      I wish you a Happy, Healthy and fantastic 2019!!!

    4. Hi CJ
      Nice chapter, we knew Tina is in love with Bette, but now we read that Bette is also falling for Tina, and she wants to be much more than friends.
      I hope there won’t be any misunderstanding between them due to the presence of Alice.
      Well, now that everybody is mentioning, I am also a late Tibetter, I watched TLW for the first time in 2015, (re-run) in SHOW – women, it was amazing and it still is for me.
      For lesbians and bi sex in the closet, it was not only hope but the courage to being themselves with pride.
      I guess that made us write stories with them as the main couple.
      Thanks for the update.
      Happy new year

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