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    The Most Distance Course


    Chapter 7 The bond

    “Hey, T.”


    “Have you ever thought about your dream?”

    Tina opens her one eye, my arms cross between her legs, the cutest scene I’ve ever seen. We are on the school roof, leaning on the brick wall and enjoying the sunlight.

    This is where Tina used to spend her lunchtime, it’s really a good place, quiet and warm, despite the fact that she’s hiding for the mob, she actually enjoys being in this place.

    “What kind of dream?”

    “You know, future job or something you want to work on.”

    “Hmm…movie producer I assume.”

    “Really? Not an artist?”

    “Am I not now?”

    I’m taken aback from her word, god, how can she always make me speechless? But fair enough.

    “So why movie producer? Any particular reason?”

    “To escape, maybe.”

    “You can describe it more abstractly, great artist.” I say sarcastically. Wait, is she mocking my IQ?

    Tina smiles at my confusion, I feel like she hardly gets angry, so patient and calm.

    “A movie can make people escape from the reality, it’s sad but it’s true, I want to help those kids who’ve been abandoned, bullied or abused, although the world cannot offer them a nice childhood, they still allow to enjoy even tiny a good part of life.”

    I remain silent, for a girl who born in the silver spoon, this is not what I will think about. The dream seems so small, I mean, I am the one who is going to be a successful journalist and win the Pulitzer Prize, but Tina…the poor girl with ugly clothes, her dream is not only about herself but to give hope to children.

    “That’s…um…that’s really nice of you.” I say, she smiles at me, makes me blush.

    A thought hits me, I finally remember something.

    “Hey, you want to read my work?” I say, Tina’s eyes suddenly lit up.

    “Of course!”

    I grab out a paper from my bag and hand it to her. “I like to write, here.”

    Tina excitedly takes it. “Wow, is this…?”

    “One of the poem I wrote, this time I tried to write in freestyle, so…yeah, check it out, but I only wrote the first paragraph, still working on it, take a look.”


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    1. SassyGran says


      What a great Chapter. Not easy to read of Chrissy’s back story.

      Thank you for this Christmas present.

      Odd to say I ‘enjoyed’ the read but I did. It certainly left me wanting more!

      Have a great Christmas. Thank you again for this post.

      I look forward to my New Year Chapter:-).

      Well done,

    2. Zhenya says

      Hi! Merry Christmas and thanks for the chapter!

      I was little confused on first pages until i read it was Bette dream.
      Very sad story about Tina past and compare to it i don’t feel sorry for Bette’s past – because i still only see her like little spoiled rich girl. Of course we can blame her father, but i think it’s not his fault that his daughter choose to become a friends with Adele and Kelly. It’s only was Betty’s choice not only do nothing when her “friends” hurting another kids, but and actually be a part of this bullying.. Yeah, Melvin might not play attention about his daughter, but i don’t buy it like excuse for Bette, because Tina grew up in much worse conditions, but she became very nice and lovely woman, not like this Bette.

      So for now i still think that Tina to good for this Bette

      Thanks again for the chapter and waiting for the next!

    3. Zhenya says

      I forget to add –

      1) Tina working in a Planet owned by Kit? It’s good, maybe Kit can help her little sister to find backbone, because obviously Bette can find it by her own.

      2) Who is Tina’s mother and did Adele use this info to hurt Tina?

      3) Why in Bette’s dream Tina talking about become criminal?

      I hope we can find answers on it in the future.

    4. Bibi28 says

      Hi CJ,

      That was a really intense chapter to read!

      The background on Tina’s early youth was truly sad, she is a strong woman and a fighter and despite her awfull youth she is so kind and warm.

      For Bette’s background, it is always sad when your mother walks away and your father is a cold man, but she had a kind woman in her life and it must have been very hard when she died.

      Both Tina & Bette endured lost, but it is interesting to read how they deal with it in different ways.

      Loved the way how you explained the title of your story via Tina’s thoughts about Bette’s poem.

      You have me curious about Bette’s dream, will Tina do something that make her a bad person?

      Kit owns the Planet and Tina works there, maybe she will bring Bette & Kit close as sisters.

      Hmm, Peggy Peabody and Tina’s mother are making me curious also.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      I wish you a wonderfull Christmas CJ and a fantastic 2019!!!

    5. proteonomics says

      Hi CJ
      Excellent chapter, I’m very sorry for Tina’s past, she suffered a lot, poor Bette too, It is sad, both cases you can’t compare how they feel and who suffered more or less because it is a very personal experience and feeling, Bette could think her suffering is nothing related to Tina’s, but everything is relative, perhaps Tina has some deep secret and Bette in her dreams is foresight it.
      Well, we will have more explanation later from your next post, well done CJ.
      Thanks for the amazing chapter, waiting for the next one.

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