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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 30 Remaining Cards



    FBI Headquarters. Washington D.C

    Aaron Kornbluth stares at the deck of cards and a small note, which is both lying neatly on his huge desk. The paper of the note has already turned yellow by the time, yet the handwriting on it remains clear and obvious as if it is going to stay there forever, make the receiver to remember that there’s an undone business. 

    The FBI commander’s brows furrowed tightly. his lips pressed together, arms folded in front of his chest, wandering in deep thought.



    J.C, Justine Cooper.

    There is a huge pile of documents, all written about the crime Justine Cooper has done…Negotiated with Chinese gangster, the master brain of monopolizing the drug and gun market, set up traps for expanding the organization…uncountable cases and crimes.

    If this woman were caught, there would be no way she could escape capital punishment.

    But here is the main question…Where is Justine Cooper?

    Is she dead? Is she still alive? Hiding? No one knows, the only person who claimed that she knew who Justine Cooper was and held the picture of her is Bette Porter, the famous young detective, who has been a  hero these last three years. By her great talent of case solving, she is one of the most well-known detectives in the whole country.

    Bette Porter not only provided the picture of ‘Justine Cooper’, but she also gave out the real name and the details of this woman. 

    Jodi Lerner, blonde, only 26 years old when she was dead, with high intelligence, she killed the high manager of the Cooper casino, Eric Cassie, and successfully kicked out of Henry Young the Cooper organization’s fraud master. When she thought she can overthrow her father’s place, she was being shot to death.

    This was just summary provided by detective Bette Porter, she has given every detail of how Jodi Lerner had committed these crimes, there was even footage of the blonde and her bodyguard sneaking into the casino. Using the high technology equipment of the FBI, knowing the person’s height and the body size, they’ve confirmed that the blonde woman was Jodi Lerner.

    First Aaron thought that Bette was just making up this woman, but when the police retrieve the files, turned out there was a Jodi Lerner, and before she joined the Cooper organization, she had already committed several crimes and left her IDs and personal information was in the police archives, making  what Bette had said even more authentic.

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    1. Hi CJ:

      Great chapter, I think Tina has her hardest card to play.

      Though Bette is very nice to Tina and Noah, I think she really uses these opportunities of bringing food, just to see Tina. I like the relationship between her and Noah.

      Is very concerning Bette- Candace relationship, I believe that Bette should break with Candace, at least telling her that she needs time and space to meditate whatever, but I think it is dangerous that she is still living in Candace house, anytime Candace could follow her or worst find who is Bette visiting and Tina will be in danger.

      James is Tina’s guardian angel, and I’m sure he will alert her about Aaron checking on the dead es-sheriff and find some relationship with the previous visit of Tina before the suicide of the sheriff.

      The panorama is not easy for every point of view.

      Thanks for the chapter CJ and PPS.


    2. Hi CJ,

      Great chapter!!!

      I want my two favourite woman together and build a life together with Noah, he is such a incredible child.

      But not all the cards are played and the most important one is the one who represent Aaron.

      James is his loyal assistent but also the guy who helps Tina. It is going to be very interesting how that card will be played out.

      Candace is no fool and Bette must be very careful before she leads the FBI to Tina. Candace has the power and people to let Bette be followed in what she does and to discover who the unknown old friend is.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

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