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    The Most Distant Course

    Chapter 29 Surprises, surprises


    “Hello, Bette.”

    The soft voice appears behind her, Bette’s eyes shot wide open.

    Am I hearing right? Is it really…

    Bette wouldn’t dare to turn around, she gulps back her tears and tries to force a smile, but the unstoppable tears are like a faucet continuously pouring out of her eyes.  

    No, it couldn’t be real.

    “Bette…turn around.”

    The brunette slowly and carefully turns her body around, she cannot accept a second heartbreak. During the short while, thousands of thoughts flashed through her mind. What will Tina look like? An overdose stoner? Still astonishing as always? What should she say? What should she tell her? Should she tell her about Candace? About the promises she couldn’t keep?

    Although she turns, Bette remains her head low, her heartbeat raises dramatically as if she was going through a short distance race. She is so afraid that when she looks up, she will again be disappointed.

    Two years, she has been living like this; for two years, no feelings, no emotions, no desire…

    She missed Tina, she missed her so much, at the point that almost killed her. And now the person she’s been thinking about every day, suddenly appears in front of her, she thinks she will die if this is another illusion…

    “Raise your head, Bette.”

    Bette shakes her head vigorously, her lips trembling, tears trickle down, hands unable to stop shaking so she clenches them into fists.


    “What? Sweetie?”

    “No…you are not…you cannot be…you are not…”

    The woman in front of her says nothing, instead, she slowly takes Bette’s clenching fist into her hand, the woman’s thumb gently rubs the back of Bette’s hand.

    “And why is that?”

    “You…you left me, you are supposed to be dead…I saw you run back to the mansion…how could you…how could you…”

    “Bette, darling, will you look at me…please?”

    The detective finally gives up, little by little she raises her head but keeps her eyes close, afraid that once when she opens her eyes, that the blonde who’s been occupied her mind the entire time will vanish like what happened in her dream.

    “Open your eyes, Bette.”

    She cannot cope with another disappointment, her heart is not as strong as usual after all the mess.

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    1. Hi CJ,

      What a great way to start my weekend! A new chapter from you!

      Finally after three years they are back in each other arms!

      I will hold you to this last words:

      “This time no doubt they don’t want to be parted again, holding each other, they are ready to face any upcoming obstacles.”

      Quite a surprise that Tina adopted a son, and what a beautiful name: Noah.

      Tina has a heart of gold and the choice she made shows that, but i wish she could have told Bette about it and let her know she was still alive. Bette would still be heartbroken, but would know that she was allright.

      Hmm, didn’t Bette have a postcard or something else that gave a clue how to find her?

      I am ready for both to team up again and bring justice and nail those bastards who are still alive and hiding and it would be a joy when they expose Aaron’s part in it all.

      Looking forward to the next chapter! Have a wonderful weekend!

    2. Thank you for posting this story. Been missing this story these last past 2 weeks. So glad that our heroines are back together.
      I really want to know what’s up with Adele. I know that her father is dead but still I have no clue of her well being. Hope that u can share some stories of her in the near future.
      And lets kick Aaron’s ass next!

    3. Hi, CJ
      Very nice chapter, finally Bette and Tina see each other after three years.

      Nice to know that they both still love each other, even when Bette has a girlfriend and Tina has been taking care of her adopted son.

      Tina still has a bit long way to finish her work (vendetta) and who knows what other problems they both will face in the future.

      But now, for me is clear that Aaron was an accomplice of Sebastian Cooper and maybe there are more bad guys infiltrated in the side of the law.

      Well, I hope that you’ll post soon the next chapter, we are anxious to know what else will happen.

      Thank you for the marvelous update and pps.


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