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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 32 As virtue rises one foot, vice rises ten


    California, Senator Buckley’s central quarter.

    A man gingerly walks into the office which is way bigger than his own, larger, and more luxury.

    “It’s been a long while, Aaron, my friend.”

    “Thank you for agreeing with me, Senator Buckley.”

    “Call me Faye.”

    Two people sit down on the luxury armchair, facing each other. Outside the French window of the Senator Faye Buckley’s office, is the sight of the beautiful Pacific Ocean with the Golden Gate Bridge.

    “So…” Faye Buckley adjusts her seat to the most comfortable position, she takes out a beautiful whiskey bottle from her drawer, pouring the brown liquid in two glasses, and she hands one to the high FBI commander. After that, she folds her hands in front of her stomach. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

    Aaron’s face looks stern; he doesn’t even bother to touch the glass of whiskey. 

    “You do know the reason, Ms. Senator.” 

    “Doesn’t bother to enlighten me again, does it? I do have all day, but do you? Mr. Kornbluth?”

    Aaron exhales a huge sigh, slowly, he takes out the deck of card from his side pocket, putting it on the senator’s huge mahogany desk, it was the same deck of the card he took out from the mansion.

    The elder woman sees what has been bothering the great FBI commander; it was surprisingly a small deck of card, she slightly raises her eyebrow.

    “You do remember the Criminal organization control by Sebastian Cooper, don’t you?”

    Hearing the name Cooper, the proud look on the senator’s face slightly twists a bit.

    “Of course, how couldn’t I know? A few years ago it was a tough group for the police force.” The woman adjusts a pen on her desk. “Why did you ask?”

    “It was the only key evidence that leads us to the infamous Justine Cooper, other than that, nothing could help us to find or understand more details about her.”

    A smirk appears on the senators’ face she folds her hands on her thigh.

    “And why should it be my business? Shouldn’t it be the FBI’s’ problem?”

    “It was our problem.” Aaron says coldly. “one more day without her being arrested, it means another night without being able to sleep peacefully; Senator, don’t tell me you’ve forgotten what you were responsible for what happened 21 years ago.”

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    1. Hi! Thank you for the chapter!

      I think i need some more time after this fucking promo to be able to concetrate on something else. So i comment again when i read this part propertly.

    2. Hi CJ,

      Let the games begin!!!

      Faye Buckley, how i hate and despise this woman, just like Aaron. She is in for a interesting fight and goes down big. At least that is what i hope you will do.

      After all Tibette endured i hope they are able to live a happy family life. I trust you to give me that. I need it after seeing the promo for the new show.

      You are a incredible talented author and i am so happy that you share it with us Tibette fans.

      Thank you so much!!! I wish you a fantastic weekend!

    3. Wow, i love how u weave this tale. And i just love how u reverse the scene between Bette and Candace!

      No wonder u give Tina different names. I hope they will not be able to connect Randy Dean, Tina Kennard and Justine Cooper to one person.

      This story is getting interesting and I cant wait to find what will happen next. So please dont stop writing till the end.

      Regarding the new LWord promo, i just pretend that this new series is happening in the other Planet where its a totally new stories where we will not be seeing Tina, Angie, Kit and etcetera. And this Bette Porter is a different Bette Porter. So that it will minimize my heartbreak. But still, Bette is so hot in that suit.

      Phew, i never thought i can write this long.

    4. Like i said earlier it was bad idea for Bette in first place to be involved with Candace. And now she has her mother who wants revenge and info from her.
      But i hope Bette with Tina’s help they could win this battle.

    5. Hi CJ:

      Again an excellent chapter, I’m thrilled, finally, Bette broke with Candace.

      The good thing is that she is now free to be with Tina.

      The bad thing is that Buckley is after both, Bette and Tina.

      That woman, Buckley is really a demon, she’s a wolf disguise with lambskin, the appearance of a religious and conservative senator, but a criminal and hypocrite behind her mask; she is dangerous and unlikely Aaron, she is smart and powerful.

      I hope that James could warn the girls about this new Aaron’s allied

      I hope that Tina punishes soon all the bad guys and gals.

      Thank you for the wonderful chapter and please post soon.


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