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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 33 Life slowly back on track 



    “Tina? Can you come to my office for a sec?”

    “Right away.”

    Tina puts down the phone and gathers her pen and notebook, she walks into a huge office, a brunette with a black power suit is sitting in the middle of the room, burying herself in the work, busy reading loads of documents.

    “You called me? Ma’am?”

    “Ah, yes, Tina.” The woman says while she takes off her glasses and puts it on her desk, she rubs her nose. “Please send the police chief a message that I’ve decided to do a series of special episodes about the criminal issue in LA, including the recent cases that happened between Chinese and the Italian Mafias, and most importantly, the Cooper case that has closed years ago, I would also like to do an in-depth report about it.” 

    Tina smiles.

    “I’ve already done it, the police chief said that he will be very happy to do so, and he’s very happy to cooperate with us.” 

    The brunette looks impressed.

    “Oh…and can you also confirm the staff of LAPD who are willing to do the interview that we will give them the footage shooting agenda and the list of questions we’re going to ask?”

    Tina doesn’t even need to check on her note, she withdraws a piece of paper from her notebook and hangs it to her boss, the woman puts on her glasses again and playing with the pen while thinking.

    “Yes, the chief also provided the staff’ name to me that will not be in the duty on the days we indicated, and if we needed other people, he can arrange those who are on duty to get a short break.”

    “What about other resources? Do we need a backup plan or should we pick the one that’s more reliable? The shooting is tomorrow I don’t want anything to go wrong.”

    “It’s fine, I’ve just made the call to the main interviewee, he said he will be here on time tomorrow morning, but to have more guarantee, our backup resources will also be here at the same time, if we had enough time maybe we can interview both of them or let them discuss the topic with each other.”

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    1. Hi CJ,

      That was a incredible update!!!!

      Bette is so cute and so happy that she has Tina back!!!

      I had to laugh very hard when i read this:

      “Wiping her last tear away, Kit returns back to her stern face to the detective and smack hard on the back of Bette’s head.

      “Aw! What the fuck, Kit?”

      “What are you doing, baby sis, look at her, she’s become even thinner than the last time I saw her! Her face is so pale! Did you ever treat Tina with a proper meal or did you just satisfied her in bed like other women in the old times?”

      “Wait…” Bette nervously looks at Tina who’s now raising her eyebrows; she opens her mouth, stunned. “Wha…?”

      So funny, i love Kit and how she hugged and greeted Tina!

      Tina need and deserve to have a family who love and care about her.

      You use all the characters from the original show, Kate Arden as Tina’s boss who has a crush on her, and Kit’s former boyfriend as FBI agent. You had me worried for a moment.

      The man in black who left Tina the message, she felt a danger, but he only left her the message that Faye Buckley joined the game. Who is he and how does the person who wrote the message the way Tina and Carmen communicated in the past?

      I am worried about the side effect that the drugs left Tina, she needs her brain and quick thinking but if she shared her master game with Bette i have to trust that together they will win this game.

      The game is on!!!

      Thank you so much for the shout out and this incredible journey you take us on!!!

    2. I hope Alice not recognizing Tina, when they meet, because if she do – it will be a problem.

      Ok, so Backey and Aaron only one who’s left – interesting will be read how Tibette handling with them

    3. Hi CJ:

      Happy birthday again, my friend. 🎂🎂🎂🎈🎈🎈🎁🎁🎁

      The picture you put here is not only a gift to yourself but for many of us; happy times that perhaps won’t come back. 😥😥😔😔

      Excellent chapter, Tina and Bette are a wonderful couple again. I like very much how protective is Bette for her girlfriend and lover.

      Tina is in a hard place, her boss Kate is interested in her and of course, she is not, but who knows how Kate could react.

      Buckley and Aaron, that is a dangerous alliance against Tina, and Bette; because Buckley may have more than one reason to hurt Bette and even being a stupid, Aaron will want to do anything in his power to smash Tina and his former undercovered spy in the Cooper empire. I’m wondering if James is doing something to help Tina.

      Nice story, CJ, it is getting exciting.

      Thanks for this wonderful chapter again.


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