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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 39 Entrapment 



    These people chose you to be the senator of California, they trusted you that you could make something different for the society, they listened to you, worked for you, regarded you as the leader. But when you’d press the button, you’d care about nothing for where those officers are! You simply care about nothing…that most police officers may be standing by the door at that moment!”


    “Mother…my colleagues…”

    “Shut up, you are very much likely to become the next chief of police, do not behave like a married woman, you must look through the big picture.” Faye Buckley says angrily. “Max Sweeney as an FBI agent has betrayed us to saved a criminal, according to the law, he doesn’t have a way out.”

    “But those police officers…”

    “No all of them are innocent! If they survive this I will not pursue them in the future, you have to look at the big picture.”

    Peggy Peabody let out a sigh of contempt, she slightly shakes her head.

    What happened to her old friend? Who was so nice to everyone, who was so innocent and so thoughtful, never thought about using, setting and cheating just for personal benefit.

    “Deceiving, exploiting…exploit again. Destroying her only when there is no further us, it’s a pity that people think you will be the one to change this country and are not able to see your true colors on time.”

    “Max Sweeney turned his back on justice and supported rebel forces, how could I leave this kind of person to continue serving the public!”

    “I have always been clear about your methods, Senator,” Peggy stares at the woman with no emotion on her face. “It seems that this time, Bette and Tina won’t be able to save Shane McCutcheon.”

    Faye Buckley chuckles proudly, a side of her lips curls up with the satisfaction of her own plan.

    “At this moment, Madam Peabody, can you still be calm? Isn’t it because the people who are attacking the Police Department, no matter dead or alive, would neither be linked to Bette Porter nor Tina Kennard?”
    “Bette and Tina did not participate at all, how do you intend on making that claim true?”

    “It’s true that there’ll be nothing before the bomb blows up, but how about after the bomb blows up? Think about it carefully Madam Peabody? Please, use your smart brain and think about it. With flesh and blood over the place, dead bodies everywhere, the news will spread quickly. There are so many police officers surrounding the SDPD, all of which are led by Detective Bette Porter’s closest confidants. Are they going to be able to bear to just watch it and do nothing?” 

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    1. Wow….So sweet! Get a doctor Bette!!! Why is it so hard for Bette to see that she fucked up? Is she so self absorbed that she cannot see how wrong she was and how sick Tina is? I love that Tina is so forgiving and that they truly want to be with each other. So now get her covered up and then go get one of the others, possibly Tasha, to get a Tina a doctor. Then stay by Tina’s side until she gets better. Surely there is something that can be done to relieve the fever and other symptoms. To complete this mission, they need a healthy Tina.

      Wonderful maneuvers by the rescue squad…..I may have bonked Candace on the head as well before leaving.

      Great story…..

      • Martha3128:

        I’m flattered, thank you for the comments. There will be more chapters coming up and I’m looking forward for them.
        Tina is surely smart, but weak, while Bette is somehow an idiot but strong enough to protect her, they are like two different people but suitable for each other. Tina cannot saved Shane without Bette’s team and Bette cannot beat Faye on her own. Some might think I treat Bette too harsh, but i believe without the comparison, the story will not be interesting.
        Thanks again for your comments, hope to see you next time.


    2. Hi CJ,

      It is always such a pleasure to read this story!

      Love how they won the first round and saved Shane!

      And so good that the gang let Bette see sense and apologize to Tina and they are going to marry, yes!!!

      Now let Bette use her fine brains and not doing something stupid like going after that bitch alone. She thinks to much with her emotions.

      Looking forward to the next chapter!!!

      • Bibi28:

        It’s really not an easy chapter to read, I was so afraid that some of the readers would be bored by it or even think it’s to complicated. So glad that you think it’s good.
        Tina and Bette engaged was the biggest dream among all the Tibette, people might want to see their wedding in the new show but since the trailer coming out it’s disappointed us. I was hoping I can make this possible.
        Anyway, thanks for your comments, Bibi, always.


    3. Hi CJ:

      Wonderful chapter, finally Shane is free, No doubt, Tina was very smart.

      The rescue team did what it was the best, escaping from the trap and going to the right place.

      Bette is correct on being ashamed of her behavior with Tina, really Bette, don’t say ‘i didn’t mean it, it wasn’t me’ if it wasn’t you, who the hell was, damn, Bette.

      The question now is how they are going to explain that Shane was rescued from a place she wasn’t supposed to be, how Candace and Buckley will explain that Shane was somewhere else, not even Aaron knew.

      Great chapter, my friend, please post soon the new one.


      • proteomics:

        Well, Bette was a smart idiot I have to say, she’s been spoiled since her childhood and it’s not easy to change of the personality we’ve built when we’re young. I don’t blame Bette, but I will hate her if the new show comes out if she betrayed Tina.
        The next chapter will be even more complicated, just like you’ve said, how should they explain Shane’s rescued by others? Do have faith in her, Bette might be an asshole sometimes but she’s also smart, beside, she has Tina by her side.
        Thank you for your support, my friend, I will be looking forward for your new chapter.


    4. What a chapter! I am so relieved that Shane and Tina’s people didn’t get blown up or captured. Faye Buckley and Aaron is still plotting against them and I really like to see Bette use her brains and training to work with Tina to come up with a foolproof plan to get Faye and Aaron put in jail forever.

      Wonderful to see Bette and Tina are engaged. I hope Tina gets well and they get some couple time.

      • Jordan Springs:

        Tina is indeed very smart and always come up with a best plan for her team, I’m glad that you like this chapter, it might not be easy for most people to read cause rely a lot of thinking. And you’re right, the next chapter is for Bette, about how she deal with the senator, I’m afraid Tina and she won’t have lots of time of their own.
        Thanks for the comments and for liking this story, hope to see you next time.


      • SassyGran:

        It’s been a long time to see you! Thank you so much for the comment. And don’t worry a tiny bit I will never let Tina die.
        There were lots of things happened in the recent chapter, and surely more to come out, hope to see you next time, thanks again!


        • I have had some health issues to deal with but hope they are dealt with.

          My main problem was my moving home and being without Internet Access for a few weeks! Didn’t realise how much I would miss it!


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