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    The Most Distant Course

    Chapter 3 Game on

    Four girls all look at the classroom front door, Bette tilts her head, eyebrows curiously lift up. Except for them, all the students have been worn not to make any noise or do anything, or they will be totally regretted about it.

    “Are you sure this thing will work?” Alice says with an unsure tone, she looks at Kelly, who grins from ears to ears. “I can’t believe we have to get up early for that…”

    “Of course, this is the most simple and easiest idea, but always works.”

    Bette clears her throat. “Kelly…simple and easy are the same meaning.”

    “Oh, don’t tangle in meaning,” Kelly waves her hand. “Trust me, she won’t know.”

    Adele closes her phone and put it on the table.

    “The eagle just lands on the Wallace high” She smiles.

    Bette slightly turns her head, Tina Kennard’s sit is still empty. This is normal, she has heard that the blonde lives far away from school, for that, she was always the last person to step in the classroom, which gives “The Golden Circle” the best opportunity to make their trap. All four of them woke up an hour earlier to get to the school first, just wanted to make sure that they treat the Kennard girl well.

    “I have a wrong feeling about it…” Bette says.

    “What, Porter? You get cold feet?” Adele laughs in contempt.

    “Nope, but through my observation, Tina Kennard is not easy to take control.”

    “Don’t be so cynical, great detective,” Adele says lazily, she puts a bubble gum in her mouth. “This is not the first time we do this kind of things.”


    The bell rings, except “The Golden Circle”, all the students nervously move their vision at the door, the only missing student, Tina Kennard will be here any second…

    Time is ticking, the longer they wait, the anxiety they have grown bigger.

    Loud footsteps come out from the outside of the corridor, someone is certainly running.

    “That the show begins…” Adele says as she pops out the gum.

    Tina Kennard is so doomed. Since yesterday this girl humiliated the chief’s daughter in front of all the students, she crossed the very line. Even she didn’t do anything wrong except stand up for herself, still wasn’t allowed in this school. She will be haunted down by a simple order until the day she leaves this school.

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    1. Omg, this is so funny to read!!!

      Tina knows all tricks and fights back!

      The Golden Cirle doesn’t know what they got them self in.

      On a serious note, it is truly sad that some children can bully other children with such cruelness, just because they are different in their opinion and that gives them a right to treat them as shit. Sadly that grown up people do the same still.

      Thanks for the update!

    2. Thanks for the great chapter!

      Kelly so dumb, sometimes it’s just pity. And zipper – it’s just hilarious)

      Tina like superwoman in this chapter, i love her. Bette – for now just only disappoint

      Waiting for the next!

    3. Hi, great chapter!

      Tina seems know everything about bulling – it’s sad. And Bette needs start thinking own head and not doing everything what Adele telling

    4. Great story just started reading it.. just wanted to say gasoline burns the skin and if it went over head into eyes and inhaling the fumes from it would have caused all to be sick. school would have been evacuated. Criminal charges would have been brought. Im just saying.. i know its not the real world story. But i still love your story. Lol

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