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    The Most Distant Course 2


    “Psss, Porter…”


    “The freak is checking on you again.”

    Alice points to her back, Bette slightly turns her head.

    Christina Kennard sits in the last roll of the seat, right next to the window. She holds a pencil in her hand, wandering in her deep thought, the hazel eyes are so clear that Bette can see the dark pupils.

    “You are crazy, Al, she is not.” Bette rolls her eyes. “Maybe it is you have a crush on her.”

    “Me? To that tomboy? You must be kidding me, I’m not a dyke like her.”

    “Well, you just observed her.”

    “If I have to sleep with her, I would rather sleep with a chimpanzee.” Alice.

    “Careful for your wish.” Bette smirks.

    “Very funny” Alice gives her a dead look. “Who will be willing to go out with her, I mean, does she even change her clothes?”

    “You called that clothes?” Kelly says. “The best noun I will use is a rag.”

    “Don’t force me to remind you, Porter, I remember the first day of the school someone just said that we found our new target and so going to have fun, it’s been weeks now.” Adele joins in.

    “Agree.” Kelly. “I’m freaking boring, Alice’s annoying ideas are no help at all.”

    “Hey, at least someone’s brain is working.”

    “You need to use your brain to come up those ideas? Al, I so disappointed of you.”

    “Glad I have one instead of leaving nothing inside of the skull like you, I can count that it is empty inside.”

    While they are arguing, Bette slowly turns her head. Then she sees her, the mystery Tina Kennard checking on her. Their eyes meet, Tina quickly lower her head, pretend nothing happened.

    “Bette, Bette, Bette Porter!”

    “Huh? What?” Being pulled back to the reality, Bette replied numbly.

    “Jesus, where have you been?”

    “Nothing.” Bette shrug. “

    “So, what are we waiting for?” Kelly excitedly claps her hands.


    Bette sighs. “Fine, what do you want to do?”

    “Any ideas?” Kelly is really excited.

    “Nope.” Bette says.

    “You are a party blooper, Porter.” Alice says.

    “Come on, Bette, don’t be selfish, let the girls have some fun.” Adele says with a warning tone. Bette frowns, this is not going to end up well.

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    1. Take all the time you need, this story is amazing.

      Tina is a very brave woman to speak to the Golden Circle like that. Applause for her.

      It does make me wonder what she endured in her life so far. She is strong.

      Thanks for the update.

    2. Thanks for this part!

      Tina very brave and Bette seems don’t have guts and own opinion for now, but maybe in the future she can change.

      Ok, waiting for the next and of course post when you can, we not rushing you

    3. Hey CJ:

      You just made my day. That was pretty good, I’ll rather say excellent; I like it very much, confrontation in all sense is good for my point of view.

      I think Bette found her match, both smart girls, both bold; maybe Tina could rescue Bette from that ‘vicious circle’ of bullies, maybe Bette may rescue Tina from her loneliness and that shadow of sadness in her inner world.

      This story is getting better each time. Thank you so much for the update. I would like longer chapters but is okay whatever you can give us. Waiting eagerly for the next chapter.


      • I’m really glad my story can make somebody happy, it’s also made my day when I saw all the comments! Really brought me lots of confidence.

        Exactly, they both have something the other doesn’t have, I like the saying “The more you know about your enemy, the more you love them.” Thank you for your comment, gives me strength to keep writing,

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