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    The Most Distant Course


    Chapter 19 Eleven



    “I’m here.”

    Bette rubs her tired eyes, she yawns and puts on her robe. She pours herself and Tina a cup of coffee, then lazily walks into Tina’s study room.

    “What are you doing? Baby? It’s Saturday, I thought we agreed not to work on the weekend.”

    “I’m sorry, baby, mm…” Tina says as she allows Bette’s soft lips on hers. ”I just saw the news and can’t help it.”

    “Someday I will take that over luxurious…unbelievably expensive television down.”

    “But I like to watch the news.” Tina protests.

    “Fine…but not in the weekend, okay? I want you to have proper rest, you worked almost fourteen hours every day, you need to sleep.”

    Bette’s face shows concern, Tina smiles at the brunette’s protective instinct, making her feel so special.

    “Whatever you say, baby.”

    “That’s my girl.” Bette gives Tina a long kiss. “So why don’t you join the bed with me? I feel kind of lonely out there, and…some parts of my body feels a bit itchy, I was hoping that you can help me with it.”

    Tina makes a skeptical face. “Using the evil trick now, huh?”

    “What?” Bette pretends innocent, her big puppy dog eyes look sadly at her lover. “I have no idea what you are talking about.”

    “Of course, you don’t.” Tina playfully punches Bette’s nose, looking at those pitiful big brown eyes, she gives up almost promptly. “But, seriously, sweetie, there is something I want to finish first, I am guessing that someone will come for a visit later, and I want to be sure everything is well ordered.”

    “Who’s coming in the weekend?” Bette makes a wry face.

    “Who knows? can be anybody.” Tina shrugs, Bette pouts even more. “Oh…come on, baby, I promise, it won’t last too long.”

    Tina pulls Bette closer to her, pressing several kisses on her face, neck and exposed chest, makes Bette giggles. The blonde takes advantage of the occasion, grabbing the brunette’s leg with her hand and opens a space enough for her hand to put in.

    “And what do you think you are doing?”

    “Attacking you, apparently.” Tina smirks.

    “Are you implying that we are going to have sex right here? On your desk?”

    “I can’t see the reason not.”

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    1. Very good start for the weekend!!!!

      Tina hold the cards and is so brilliant and smart, with help from Bette i have no doubt she will win this game!

      But will the win cost them their lifes? Please don’t let that happen!

      Love how Bette is there for Tina to help and care for her while she deals with her addiction!

      Looking forward to the next chapter!

    2. Hi CJ:

      Wonderful chapter, Tina is very smart, I understand that she is going to take down all the heads, one by one. I saw her hand in the case of Tom; I’m not quite sure how she will do with Mark and the sheriff, but I’m waiting to read it.

      The thing is that she will need to put a replacement for each head as she did with Tom, she put Bette in his place, how is going to be with the other heads, I guess Shane is going to be one of those replacements, but who else.

      Very nice the love scene at the beginning of the chapter, they are really in love.

      I’m still worried about Tina’s addiction, but trust Bette will help her to overcome the need for drugs with another type of needs.

      I guess Tina has the plan to take the organization down in two years, I’m not sure how she’ll do with his father, but I hope he will get the worse fall down, he must be punished without mercy.

      Great chapter CJ, waiting for the next one.



    3. Hi CJ
      What a wonderful chapter..
      The story was so smart, complicated, confusing yet addicting :)
      Tina was so clever that she could make a complex scenario to bring down all of her to see how tina was so powerful that she could bring down the empire but also fragile and needed bette on her side to be her rock…
      Can’t wait for the next chapter :) the way..i think i could give a guess of the persons that was presented as the other 2 cards.. :)

    4. I almost missed this story. So glad I decided to read and now I’m hooked. Very heartbreaking but hopeful at the same time. I hope it doesn’t take two years to bring the empire down, and that Bette and Tina will have many years together and have their dreams. Looking forward to the next update.

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