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    The Most Distant Course

    Chapter 20 A heart of revenge


    “You’re saying Mark Wayland is already working again?” The woman with blonde hair asks, the brunette stands next to her nods her head.

    It’s almost the end of the year, every place rang with the joy of Christmas, even the Cooper mansion.

    However, on the west coast, police and the populace don’t really care about the incoming Christmas.

    The corpse case waves have continued over weeks, can’t see the end of it. Every day there was a new family jumped out claiming that their daughter was missing a few years ago and might have been murdered in this case. The street is bustling with protest people, shouting for the truth and justice for those dying souls.

    For most people, they believe that the case revealed was a miracle, must be the deceased spirits trying to get justice. They don’t know that behind the entire case, involving a weak, but amazingly beautiful woman who was controlling the whole situation.

    “A few days ago, he was still bedridden, thinking of the solution of this mess, completely ignored the main business, the suddenly his up and running.”

    Bette says to Tina, who is rubbing her fingers, thinking.

    “He has to, at the end of each year, the gun trading is the busiest among all.”

    Bette nods with an agreement.

    “Yeah, The FBI has mentioned before, November and December are usually the peaks of the background check for gun buyers, they have to do lots of works to cover for their customers…Probably Mr. Cooper bailed him out.”

    “This problem is as big as you thought, to bail him out, you’ll need a perfect reason and strong background, or the society won’t accept…Sebastian Cooper won’t stupidly get into this muddy water only for one of his staff. So, unless he withdrew the case, he won’t have a chance, he will need a remedy.”

    Bette chuckles. “Remedy? Like what?”

    Tina thinks for a short while.

    “In such a short time, he can’t find someone trustworthy to take over his position, perhaps out of desperation, he may have let someone do something for him.”

    “How? Did they put in a fake, and swap out the real Mark Wayland from the custody?”

    A smile barely touched Tina’s hazel eyes, she looks at the brunette, Bette’s eyes slowly wide open, an idea flashes across her mind.

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      • Hi Zhenya:

        Thanks for the comment, I’m afraid not, I think it will be too obvious that someone is against them if the next target is Adele. Just for warning, the chapters later on won’t be easy to read.

    1. Hi CJ,

      Sorry to hear you had a tough month! I will 🙏 april brings you much joy and positive things!

      Impressing how Tina handled the chief!!! He is down and played his card.

      I think they are going back to town and visit her aunts grave.

      Marveleous story!!!

      • Hi Bibi28:

        Thank you, I hope so too, I really need some positive thoughts now, lots of things happened in March.

        I’m happy for Tina that she finally put Adele’s father in jail, which means the story is already halfway left to go.

        Just like I’ve said before, the story later on will be hard to read, welcome to give me any opinion if you have.

        Thanks for the comment! Bibi28!


    2. Hi CJ:

      Wow, that was very interesting and very good. So Tina is taking revenge and I don’t think it is only personal, I think she is making justice, that chief police is the worse that could happen to the Law enforcement, a corrupted, chauvinist, criminal, he and the others deserve the punishment, as they say, karma is a bitch.

      The question is who is going to take his place in Cooper’s organization? Tina only has Shane, I don’t think she could trust Sam.

      I hope your hard time will end soon, and we could enjoy more of this story.
      I will be waiting eagerly for the update.

      Thanks for the chapter, it is excellent.


      • Hi proteonomics:

        Tina is not a heartless person, I believe she won’t kill anyone without any reason. Sending Adele’s father into prison was what she does to revenge, which is the best way to punish him and let him taste the consequences of what he’s done.

        I think Tina has no choice, she has to trust Sam, she’s reliable, talented and smart, despite the fact that she dislikes Bette, I think she will be Tina’s best and only choice.

        Thank you for the support and comments, my friend, I hope the following days will be better.


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