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    The Real Tibette – Christmas Special

    ‘But I like museums.’

    ‘I know,’ said Bette, ‘but remember you’re going to the big aquarium in Boston.’ She pointed to the tickets Sasha had been given, which clearly were now about as alluring as a dental appointment. Luckily, Shane came to the rescue with an offer to go play Sasha’s new video game with her.

    As they left the room, Bette looked at Tina and said, ‘That’s a love connection.’

    ‘Looks that way,’ Tina smiled.

    Then Bette reached down under the tree and picked up a small oblong package, which she handed to Tina.

    ‘For me?’ Tina asked coquettishly.

    Bette just laughed. She looked so relaxed this morning, kneeling beside the tree in her copper-coloured robe with her hair loose around her shoulders. The little golden bee hung around her slim neck. In the bright, snowy light from the window strands of grey and white seemed more pronounced at her hairline. The crow’s feet deepening around her eyes. Tina had never seen anyone more beautiful.

    Tina unpicked the tape on the package. She was always so careful. It used to drive Bette crazy but now she loved it as another little part of who her wife was.

    Inside the package was a bubblewrapped photo frame, and in the frame . . .

    ‘Oh, Bette.’

    Tina’s voice fractured with emotion. She put her hand to her mouth and looked up, tears falling from her eyes and splashing on the photo. Bette laughed, kindly, at how completely dismantled Tina was by such a simple thing: a photo of Tina and Solly sitting together at the cabin. Tina was reading The New Yorker, the neckline of her red tartan jammies just a tiny bit erotic as it dipped into a shadowy ‘v’ between her breasts. Her hair was smooth and glossy, a few strands curling around her exquisite cheekbone. The downward curve of her eyelashes, seen so often in both sleep and pleasure, and so well beloved to Bette. And beside her in the photo was the non-human soul whom she loved like no other: Solly. With his head on her lap, his eyes closed and – you would swear – a completely happy smile on his face.

    ‘Shane took it,’ Bette said. ‘I loved it, but she said she’d try and get a better one – that’s why she’s been snapping everything the past two weeks – but we couldn’t beat that.’

    Tina chewed her lip, tasting tears, then got up and hugged Bette. A long hug. Very, very long. And when Tina spoke, her voice was as soft as the falling snow.

    ‘I got all the luck in my life when I met you,’ she said.

    Bette had no reply to that. But it didn’t need one when she could just hold Tina, as she always did, with infinite gladness and tender care. And then Solly got up from where he’d been lying watching them, and nudged her elbow.

    ‘Oh hello,’ Bette said, turning to look at him.

    Solly gazed at her, then looked at Tina and barked. Bette jumped. Tina laughed. And then Solly flopped onto his back, ready for a tummy rub.


    And so, dear reader, we arrive at the end of this Christmas story. And the song that Angie liked that was playing in the kitchen way back on Christmas Eve morning – ‘I Believe In Father Christmas’ by Greg Lake – has the lines I want to leave you with:

    I wish you a hopeful Christmas
    I wish you a brave new year
    All anguish, pain and sadness
    Leave your heart and let your road be clear


    Happy Christmas, Tibetters!


    1. Largo
      This is a masterpiece. I will comment more after I read it again – but I wanted you know that you have 100% delivered. We must have all been good TiBetters to get this marvelous present. Thank you. More to come BK

    2. L

      Love Holiday stories. This versions of our girls is so pleasant to read. Above all else family.

      Loved the vision of Santa hanging out at a Lesbian Bar. Made me laugh.

      Merry Christmas and a safe New Year


    3. Humor…. we all need humor… and Shane and Sasha provide that for us don’t they…. how do you respond to a four year old when she ask if she can go to a bar? That was just too funny. Poor Sasha…. still in search for that personal relationship with Santa…. I am sure that Shane will get more imaginative in her explanations with some more experience with Sasha.

      I love Bette’s gift of the bee. So reflective of who she is….

      Nice story… thank you…. Happy Holidays….

      • Hey Martha! Thanks for taking the time to read this and to comment. I loved writing Shane and Sasha in this story – and the bee was something I found online when I was looking for a present for my sister, but my fanfic spider sense went PING!!

        Happy holidays to you too!

    4. Largo,

      “There was so much to do, always so much to do, and yet it was so important sometimes to stop for a minute. To look at what was in front of you.” If there is no other message in this story – this is the one for me.

      I agree with the other comments but I must say I love Ben and the drums. Their very own little not so quiet drummer boy. My favorite image is Bette watching as Ben stopped what he was doing and helped Sasha put the antlers on Solly. So sweet. So he is going to be a great big brother: Already is. This is the life Bette dreamed of – and Tina as well. A family that as you say will run through walls for each other. And then there is also Shane and Sasha. Sasha who wants to understand it all and be friends with Santa. And Shane? Sniff: “Well, y’know,’ Shane said, when she could trust her voice not to wobble, ‘Santa’s a great guy, and I love him, but he’s so busy, he’s not around a lot. So I think it’s better to have friends who’re around a lot. Like your moms are for me, y’know?’ And trying to figure out what to leave for Santa: “But in the end it wasn’t too bad. Tina intervened and made Sasha settle for anchovies, yogurt and pineapple juice, to which Ben added a couple of carrots for Rudolph and Angie added a lip balm, because it’s really windy up in the sky.” These are such great moments. So real. Can’t forget Rudolph. I used to have to leave an oatmeal mixture outside. And Tina? The epitome of calm, cool and collected. A great mom. And friend. They both are.

      Really love the interaction between Shane and Sasha. So many moments. These are great kids and you describe them so well – each one unique but as you say willing to do anything for one another. Shane is a very good addition to the crew. Out of her element a touch but certainly willing to give it a go. Family really is everything to this group. So glad Kit is alive!!!! You know how to give the readers exactly what they want. Thanks for this very special holiday gift. Beautifully written. You have a great talent. Happy holidays!!!

      P. S. Can I just add – Excellent humor. As in: “It almost killed me getting these tights on so if it’s all the same to you I’m just gonna wear them for the rest of my life,’ she said.”

      P. S. S. And the incident of the discovered presents and Shane’s so called explanation. Wrapping paper? Kids totally do remember. I’ve been there. I just love how Bette and Tina love each other so much, work as a team and just go with the flow: “Bette pursed her lips. ‘Personally, I’m more concerned about this Santa who frequents lesbian bars.’” I laughed out loud. Okay, now I’m done.

      P. S. S. S. Just one more thing. Memo to Marja: See! It really can be done.

      • Hiya Billy! *waves* Thank you so much for reading this story and for the great comments. I’m so truly delighted that you found this an entertaining story and that it made you laugh – that was the goal – to let us all enjoy a wee chapter of warm and fuzzy Tibette family Christmas. I’m also thrilled you highlighted the teamwork and the way B&T have surrendered to the madness in a loving way. Bette’s mini breakdown on the stairs had me laughing when I wrote it (and would love to see JB do that, she’d be great).

        But yeah – thank you! And thank you also for your writing. This site is so blessed and keeps the flame alive!

        Happy holidays!

    5. Hey Largo,

      Happy Christmas to you, your family and all of the Tibetters!

      What a delight to read this story, it warmed my heart and made me laugh!

      I love reading about your Tibette and their family and of course their dog Solly! You show us a loving Tibette, their love for each other and their family clearly to see, mixed with humor! I really hope you will never stop to give us these glimps in their life!

    6. What all the prior posters said! This was wonderful!! I didn’t think you could outdo the Thanksgiving post!!!

      BUT YOU DID!!!!

      Thank you

      This isn’t one of my holidays but you can take all the Christmas references out and you still have a loving family story! Which really is (or should be) the crux of this season.

      • Hi Annie! Thank you so much for reading this story. I’m really delighted you enjoyed the story despite Christmas not being one of your holidays – as you say, there’s always a lot to relate to in family stuff whatever our backgrounds.

        Very much appreciate your time and comment and wish you all the best for 2022!

    7. Humor is so hard to write and yet you do it effortlessly here. A well placed reference that the reader casually reads over, only to have it spring back up later in the story at the most inopportune of times. Such is the case with Santa at the lesbian bar with Shane and Sasha, ever observant and at that age where the magic is losing it’s luster, Bette desperate to keep it alive. The first part I laughed at was Bette’s referring to her child as “our sweet little ice bucket of water”… lovely description of how children can descend unexpectedly to ruin a moment between parents.

      You write the chaos of a large family so well, the action non stop but Bette and Tina are so well connected in this story, so in tune. And not afraid to get help where they can – from their own children (sweet Ben) to Shane to Kit and especially each other. I just knew Bette was going to want to change the wrapping paper (I had the same thought the moment I read that Sasha saw the presents) and of course Tina would create time and space for Bette to do that.

      Well done Largo, this was a real pleasure to read!

      • BK, our queen…. Thank you so much for reading this story (twice????) and for commenting. You are so right that writing humour is tricky and if you suspect that this story went through many drafts and took quite a long time, you’d be correct. You’re spot on as well about who the magic matters most to. I love imagining how soft Bette is with her kids. We never got to see in any meaningful way B&T parenting a young child, so I really enjoy that aspect of this non-canon fantasy.

        Thanks again and hope you have happy holidays – and are working on that third ‘Can I Come In’ chappie???

        All my very best

    8. Largo,

      A great story! I love this family, the Porter-Kennard-Benson-McCutcheon family including Solly, who I’m crazy about.

      So many memorable moments: Shane and Sasha are irresistible; Kit with Sunny when he surprised her; granma Peggy; and the Lovehoney advent calendar – got to love Joyce and Phyllis…
      And I love Bette & Tina’s gifts to each other. The bee and the photo – both so meaningful and thoughtful.

      My favorite part:
      “And, as had happened on that first night in the Bette Porter Gallery, she felt like they were the only two people in the world.” And
      “She reminded herself to look at Alan but in truth his voice drifted in and out of her hearing as her mind was seized with wonder and gratitude for the journey that she and Bette were on in this life.”

      Thank you for this story. I loved it. What a lovely way for me to spend this Christmas night by reading this. Great writing, Largo.

      • I liked the part with Alan too. None of the accolades he was sending her way mattered, all that mattered was Bette. Very well written, I could totally picture it. The journey that she and Bette were on in this life. Beautiful!

      • Hiya Westy! *waves* Thank you very much for reading this story and taking the time to comment. I”m beyond delighted that it was part of your Christmas enjoyment!

        I agree that Shane and Sasha are irresistible, which is why they have two scenes together, lol. Shane is wonderful with kids and it’s so easy for me to imagine what she’d say. I’d love to see Kate M acting anything like this.

        Glad you enjoyed B&T’s gifts to one another. I admit I felt a bit verklempt at the photo! And yes, of course, Tina’s thoughts when Alan is talking were about Bette and her marriage. AS IT SHOULD BE, lol

        Thanks again, Westy. All the best for the new year to you

    9. Merry Christmas to you. Thank you for bringing the joy of the Porter-Kennard family got the holidays. During this time of isolation and angst humor is the perfect medicine. Thank you Largo. To all the readers of this site, Seasons Greetings! Please donate so that we can continue to enjoy these wonderful stories.

      PS: Are there New Years plans for Tina and Bette? ;)

      • Hello majicspider60! How lovely to hear from you and thank you for reading this story. I’m so very pleased you enjoyed it and found it uplifting – that was my goal and definitely how I found the experience of writing it. So much fun imagining their lovely family!

        I donate regularly to LesFan and you’re absolutely right – every little bit helps to keep the site going and is a gesture of appreciation for all the work jacky and others have put in over all these years. Well said.

        I am going to be very busy with work over the next few days, but you have now made me wonder about a New Year’s story, lol. Maybe a wee one??? haha

        Thanks again! All best to you for 2022

    10. Largo,
      That was the best Christmas story so far and should have been the journey we shared with Tibette when Gen Q arrived. Thank you for your brilliance in writing this heartfelt story of our favorite characters! Blessings to you for the New Year!

      • Hey bumsue! Thanks so much for reading this story and for leaving a comment. I’m really pleaded you enjoyed it and, yes, it would have been great to see something like this from GenQ, wouldn’t it? Thankfully we have LesFan and can spend some time in a happy Tibette place

        Happy new year to you too :-)

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