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    The Real Tibette Watch Gen Q – Episode 10 (finale)

    On Monday afternoon, Tina and her PA went for a long lunch and then Tina took the bus down to Broadway to go hang out at the Strand Bookstore. When you’re stuck or overwhelmed or need to jump the rails creatively, Tina, connect with the world. Listen to people talking, watch their mannerisms. Remember who we tell stories for. Those were the words of her first boss in the film industry. And now, as Tina wandered the stacks, she felt that advice working its magic again . . .

    The smell of books pinched Tina’s nose; that dense, dusty, woody scent. The Strand was one of the reasons they’d bought their house on East 12th Street. Bette came down at least once a week. They knew the staff. They got invited to private events. A home from home, really.

    Nineteenth-century fiction was where she’d wandered today: the birth of the novel, books she’d studied in high school, in college. Some of these titles had been reappearing in her house the past year or so, as Angie read deeper and deeper, her appetite ever-sharpening. Tina looked up, at edition after edition after edition of Dickens, Whitman, Thackeray, Beecher Stowe, Austen, Eliot . . .

    She picked up an old hardback and opened it randomly.

    Dorothea had gathered emotion as she went on, and had forgotten everything except the relief of pouring forth her feelings unchecked: an experience once habitual with her, but hardly ever present since her marriage, which had been a perpetual struggle of energy with fear.

    She stared at the black typeface. Ran her fingers over the page. The paper – thin, almost translucent – debossed from the force of the metal type being struck against it. It was violent, but also sensual. Romantic. She smiled as she imagined all these men, filthy and sweating, composing page after page of type by hand in the service of stories about women feeling some kind of way, as the kids said nowadays.

    Tina closed the book gently, gave it a little squeeze and placed it back on the shelf. The phone call she’d received earlier that morning had set her mind awhirr, but now she had a mission. Get a book for Angie, maybe something for Bette . . . But probably not another copy of Middlemarch.

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    1. Hey Largo,

      My god i loved this recap of the last episode, you had me laughing out so loud sometimes that my dear wife looked at me like i was crazy! It was such a pleasure to read your side and real Bette and Tina thoughts on this show.

      The end together with the song gave me a very little hope for another Tibette reconcilation but i am so done with all the retelling storylines already told in the OG. This was rightfully an even worse season than the first and that is a huge achievement. The storylines jumped back and forth and were so incredibly hard to follow at times.

      I have a few bits in your story that I’d like to bring to your attention, they were so funny or accurate.

      First off, I was laughing my ass off how you got Solly involved in this chapter in particular, really so good.

      1. This part, i really thought the same, u major red flag: ” ‘You know what the major red flag was in that scene?’ she said.

      ‘Standing away from the bed,’ Bette replied.

      Tina nodded. ‘She didn’t want Fake Tina to hear any sounds. No sheets rustling, no soft pillow sounds, no breaths, no mattress springs.’

      ‘Hiding all that from her.’


      Bette gave a little shrug. ‘Because Pippa is right.’

      The second part, such dry humor, really made me laugh!!!

      2. ‘One other thing – why isn’t she talking to her moms about this?’

      ‘They’re busy with their girlfriends.’



      The third part, showed Bette trying to see through Tina’s eyes. It shows how much she has changed and the last bit shows that Bette always remains Bette with how she can react immediately. Love how you describe that!!! End Tina’s reaction, priceless!

      3. Bette looked back at the screen, trying, as she often did, to see the show through Tina’s eyes, with all the layers of technique and emotion and subtlety that she saw. But then a court official told Dani she had to take the stand or face a contempt charge and Gigi told the court official to go fuck themselves, which snapped Bette back to her usual shoot-from-the-hip self.


      Tina laughed in disbelief. ‘That is exactly what you would do!’

      ‘Tee, I would never get you into trouble like that.’ Tina just stared at her. Bette’s eyelid flickered. ‘Okay, I would.’ She rolled her eyes. ‘Yay, Gigi . . .’

      Tina shook her head and gave thanks for reckless, chivalrous women.

      About this part, I still don’t get Carrie’s reaction to Tina’s answer, maybe I missed the tone in which Tina said it? And Solly reaction, priceless!

      4. “Carrie asked Fake Tina if she had any idea what it was like trying to measure up to ‘that woman’, to which Fake Tina replied I don’t expect you to measure up to her.

      ‘Oh my God!’ Tina gasped.

      Bette’s mouth fell open.

      Solly shuffled in his seat. ”

      Part four, A very interesting question and discussion piece, what would have been discussed between them if Carrie hadn’t intervened. I think what you’re describing is spot on. That’s the annoying thing about these writers, they constantly interrupt the conversations between Bette and Tina. What I did like is that Bette came back to it instead of letting it slide off her. And how real Bette and Tina fixed their problems and have a happy and healthy relationship. It took time but they did it together because they couldn’t walk away from each other.

      4. ‘What do you think she was about to say?’

      ‘Fake Bette?’


      Bette sighed and took some popcorn. ‘The last thing she says is “if you did really try”.’ Solly watched Bette like a hawk, his little black nose twitching. She threw him a piece of popcorn, which he caught easily. ‘So that’s like “if you did really try” what? “To get me back”? “To work on your issues”? The way she reacts to Pippa kind of suggests she was gonna say something like she realised they’re better off apart, but she thinks Tina’s still getting married, so . . .’

      Bette drifted off, somewhat at a loss. There was a long silence, each lost in their own thoughts, their own memories. And then Tina spoke.

      ‘The test is whether Fake Tina can ever stop hiding from her,’ she said. ‘Whether she can ever show up.’ She stroked Solly’s head, still thinking, and then she looked up. ‘That was what fixed us, right?’

      She looked squarely at Bette. Bette looked squarely back. Between them a perfect clarity of purpose: to love and accept one another as they were. To be each other’s friend, and guardian, and champion. It had not been an easy road at times, but the more they committed to it, the easier it got.

      ‘I think that’s what hurts Fake Bette the most, y’know,’ said Bette. ‘In that scene. When Fake Tina tells her to go. It’s not that she’s choosing Carrie, it’s that she’s choosing to keep hiding.’ She caressed Tina hand. Ran her fingers along Tina’s. ‘Fake Bette is trying to do better and Fake Tina just . . .’

      Part five, I wanted to highlight this one purely because of the incredible talent Jennifer Beals has in making her face and eyes speak. You have translated that so well into words!

      5. And then Fake Bette did another of her amazing four-second cycles through half a dozen emotions. Disbelief. Impatience. Weariness. Excitement. Confusion. Fear. All as clear as the next, but it was the last one that mattered, and not just because it was last. It mattered because it was appropriate, and was appropriate because it was obvious to both Bette and Tina that Fake Bette should be scared. Because Fake Tina had just made the biggest of big moves. The question was now whether Fake Bette would make hers.

      Largo, again, you have done wonders telling this whole story, 10 episodes described for us through the eyes of the real Bette and Tina. A big round of applause for you!!!!

      I look forward to a sequel and any other stories you want to share with us! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, you made this season more bearable for me!

          • Bibi, thank you so much for these wonderful comments. I am on holiday this week so I don’t have my usual internet access and am sorry for the delay in replying, but please know that I could not be more pleased or humbled by how much you enjoyed this story! :-)

            The parts you highlighted are very interesting. There is always so much any of us can say about how Gen Q gets B&T wrong, but there is often something we can pick out of the dialogue or the acting that illuminates. In the party scene when Bette tries to put Tina on the spot, BK’s observation in an earlier chapter that Tina is always hiding just leapt out at me and I realised that that is the best description of what needed to happen – that if, as you said, they couldn’t walk away, then in order to be healthy they needed to both show up.

            The part when Tina told Carrie she didn’t expect her to measure up… My take on why Carrie was floored by that remark was that it implied that Tina didn’t EXPECT it because it was impossible. She’d already written off the possibility. It was like she might as well have said, ‘Oh don’t worry, I’ve already decided to settle.’ That was why I thought she was so hurt by it. It was very revealing of the very thing Tina was denying.

            I’m delighted you enjoyed Solly! I love him and I love how much he loves Tina. It is so much fun to write that.

            So thank you, Bibi. Many of us have found this season all but impossible to stomach, but at least we have LesFan, which is nothing without its wonderful supportive readers.

            Take care and thanks again

      • Bibi,
        You’ve thoroughly covered the final chapter of Largo’s screenplay of season2 GenQ, so I’ll mention the literary phrases that stuck with me. . .”on screen the Titanic set a course for the iceberg” . . .

        Bette: “I wouldn’t give a shit . . . If I thought there was any chance whatsoever someone humiliating you the way Carmen was humiliated I’d kick the living crap out of them and take the heat later”. Tina laughed, you would. Damn right”. The INSTINCT to PROTECT was STRONG in Bette, ALWAYS HAD BEEN, ***and TINA COULD SEE IT NOW*** burning in her gaze.

        The “instinct to protect”. Is at the heart of how Bette has gotten crossways with Tina and pretty much everybody else in some form or fashion.

        And then Tina spoke.
        “The TEST is whether Fake Tina can ever STOP H I D I N G from her (Bette), she said. Whether she can ever
        SHOW UP . . . THAT IS what FIXED us, right?

        Will Tina CHOOSE, once & for all to accept Bette in her attempts to PROTECT??? Help Bette with the “timing” on when to speak, how & when to “protect”???

        Anyway, also liked this tidbit: Bette rubbed Tina’s back, the “tiniest hint of loving impatience” . . . “Before either of them “gave in to school-night common sense” . . . Nice . . .

        Tina smiles, “Our story is better”, Yes said Bette. The slightly sibilants made Tina’s skin prickle w/arousal . . .
        “ IT WAS THE WAY THEY WERE. This is why Tibette will always be #TheEndGame!!!!

        Finally. “Solly stood at the bottom of the stairs, W A I T I N G, like we all do, for the NEXT CHAPTER.

          • Hey Dumplin! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this one. :-)

            You’re right, Bibi’s comment is fantastic. Thank you for highlighting the parts you especially liked too. Interesting what you say about Tina helping Bette with her instincts and timing… I agree that Fake Tibette need to do some major work on why they get into these situations. I don’t think even they are beyond fixing but I doubt they can do it without help! Maybe not Foxworthy, but dear God get them a good therapist! lol

            Thanks, Dumplin, for all your wonderful comments and support during these past ten weeks. It’s great fun having great readers like you. :-)

            Take care

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      Well, i must say i’m not like the finale – i hoped for something more significant for Tibette. Because you know – this cliff could go in different ways – Bette would allow to Tina to come in because she late on gala with Pippa, or Tina come only to say that Bette need to stay away from her and Carrie life. I’m trully believe that Marja hate Tibette and don’t expect nothing good from her.
      And other words for IC – relly Illene – thrilling journey? Two scenes alone together in all season?

      Waiting for you version what could happen after 210!

      • Hiya Zhenya! Thank you so much for reading and commenting on this chapter. :-)

        I totally agree that the cliffhanger has the potential to go either way, and that it would have been better for us if we’d seen a clearer path. But I guess there’s just so many variables that they had to do it like this? And if there isn’t a third season, at least it’s open to a Tibette reunion.

        Agree as well about IC… Does ‘thrilling’ now mean ‘implausible’??? I must have not got that memo. And yes, it was risible how little screen time Tibette had with each other in the lead up to a potential reunion after divorce. WHY did they write Tina so bitchy and pass-agg to Bette in Ep9??? No one in their right mind would want Bette to ditch Pippa for that woman. Poor Laurel, having to act that.

        Thanks, as ever, for all your comments and support. It means a lot.

        Take care

      • Hey SG! I am currently in North Yorkshire – not exactly on your doorstep, but a bit nearer than usual, lol

        Thanks so much for reading all these chapters and for your unwavering Tibette support. It’s great fun writing for readers like you. I appreciate your comments and encouragement!

        Take care

    3. I have only a couple of comment…. the painting from Marcus Allenwood for Angie…. I was under the impression that Marcus had had no contact with Bette or Tina other than since Tina had problems with his girlfriend. The painting to me was just a part of Marcus’s collection of works which would be handled by Bette in her next show. I was under the impression that when she reviewed the collection, and Bette selected this painting called “Her” to purchase and give to Angie so that she could have something of his as a memento and to enjoy. Marcus could have produced this at anytime during his lifetime. Marcus having pictures of Angie makes it entirely possible that him not wishing to meet with her harder to understand or accept for Angie. The decision by Marcus not to make contact with Angie once he knew he was ill and had a terminal disease could cause Angie even more anguish. Its a much better concept that Bette made the choice from his body of works to be the one Angie should own. That way, this gift would say more about Bette and her relationship with Angie than about Marcus. Bette is being kind and generous to her daughter in her time of grief. That is how I interpreted the show…. but obviously you saw something different.

      A far as your story… it is obvious that the real Bette and Tina have a much more solid relationship than fake Bette and fake Tina have had for a number of years. What is going to happen with Bette and Tina standing in the doorway to me is completely up to who writes the next episode. I agree with Zhenya in that Marja-Lewis Ryan does not have a good record in making either Tina or Bette to be likable people and has publicly stated that she does not identify with Bette Porter in any shape or form. If she is at the helm, I do not see her making any big moves to get Tina and Bette back together. That simply does not appear to be a priority in her world. And from her own video on Instagram, she was pressured into getting them to the doorway to present a possible option for a reunion. This was not her first choice.

      I am far more interested in your real Bette and Tina than their analysis of Generation Q. This take on their life and relationship has me interested… something without so much drama… just a regular life where the most bothersome aspects is where a toddler likes to get her moms’ attention at the most inconvenient moments. Where they both seem to be happy with who they are and how they relate to the other and their family and their well being. Nice to have a story where they can show affection and talk without walking on egg shells worrying about saying the wrong thing or the possibility of one or the other will bolt for the door. Thank you for that….

      Thank you for this series…. look forward to more of your work.

          • Hiya Martha! Good to see you here. :-)

            I am in no doubt that you are correct about the painting of Angie. I have got the wrong end of the stick there. Thanks for the correction (I might edit the story to reflect that).

            It’s great that you are find the Real Tibette story world interesting. I loved getting back that entire decade between TLW and Gen Q, to do with as I pleased. I loved being able to give them a bigger family, to have Kit be alive, to erase that insane divorce. It was a huge relief, as you say, to be done with all that angst and drama. We have so little happy, domestic Tibette in canon. It’s such fun to imagine it, and lovely that Dumplin and Billy agree too. :-)

            Thank you, Martha, for reading my stories and commenting. Your support and analysis is much appreciated!

            Take care

    4. Hey Largo,

      I am so looking forward to reading this treatment. Still working on by next chapter of DOH. So I hope to get tp your recap in a day or so.

      I read the comments & it appears to have another home run on her hands!! Congrats!!!

      Talk soon.

    5. Largo,

      Can’t thank you enough for sticking with this show for 10 weeks and giving us these wonderful little snippets of real Bette and Tina’s life. I love this family of course including Solly, and I especially love that Tina’s career has taken off and she’s in line for a promotion to head the network. Bette is so supportive and giving her the space to soar while taking on a good part of the responsibility for the home and kids. They seem to have a good balance of career and home life that is working for them. I’m going to miss them, but hope they will be back when the time is right.

      As for the finale – I think the most common reaction that I’ve heard and read and felt myself is ‘underwhelming’. and ‘contrived’ for all the characters but especially for Fake Tibette. Hopefully it works the magic to get a season 3 but we’ll see how that goes. Fake Tina’s appearance in season 1 got us a season 2 but it didn’t get us a Fake Bette and Fake Tina reunion. At least at the end of this episode they have pretty much ditched their partners so maybe there is chance if Laurel is available to come back but I for one am not holding my breath.

      One of my biggest disappointments in the finale which I haven’t seen addressed at all in reviews or in your story is that Fake Bette decided not to go to the CAC opening featuring Pippa and the other artists she supposedly represents. She rallied the artist to protest to bring down the Nunez wing, she put her career on the line to fight with conviction to bring BIPOC artist to the mainstream, she promised Pippa that she could be trusted and she would protect her work at all cost – because it meant EVERYTHING! Yet a lover’s spat caused her to not want to go and she was ready to totally blow them off? If not for Angie she would not have decided to go, and of course Fake Tina showing up at the last minute we don’t know if she goes or not but how hurtful was that to see Pippa on the red carpet all alone looking back – no matter if you liked them as a romantic couple or not it was Fake Bette’s job to be there! Making BIG moves should be putting her ego aside and doing right by the artists she represents. How has she earned the honor of representing Marcus’ work even posthumously?

      I also don’t think Marcus’ painting was of Fake Angie but perhaps he decided if he couldn’t meet her at least he would leave her something from his collection and that piece was perfect ‘HER”. His own daughter Kayla might have inspired it. The conversation to give it to Fake Angie had to have taken place with his wife or Marcus’ brother or he put it in his will when he decided at first not to meet her. Obviously there was no time for him to do that the day he died. Also how is it that Bette got the painting and is handling his collection so soon? He said nothing to her about that when they visited him in the hospital and he was talking about his next show and how his art would increase in value after his death. I know this is the L/Word but that was so out of the blue for me unless she pitched it to his family which seemed a bit fast and insensitive considering he was just buried that day or the day before. And besides that she doesn’t stand by her artists – she devalued Pippa into being just a sexual conquest. Is that the legacy of ‘love’ that Pippa taught her and she aspired to? Extremely disappointed in Fake Bette this season. She has to work really hard to get me back in her corner.

      Anyway, I could go on and on but will stop here. Thanks again for giving us this alternative real Bette and Tina world and looking forward to your next story of what happened after Fake Tina showed up at the door..

      I have a few ideas myself. Not sure I’m inclined to write it, but might make for a good fanfiction challenge for some of the writers :-)

      • Hey BAT,

        Agree with your assessment here. The show needs to improve dramatically & right away – first episode next season.

        Challenge – I have already written 2 GQ stories – don’t know if I’m up for another one just yet. But I encourage other writers to give it a go – I would cheer them on & enjoy their views of what happens next for Tibette.

      • Hey BAT2012! I’m sorry for the delay in replying, but I’m away from home at the moment and don’t have my usual internet access. Thank you so much for this wonderful, thoughtful comment. :-)

        First of all, I’m really pleased and humbled that you have enjoyed these stories and found them entertaining and comforting. That’s what I got from writing them too.

        I love what you say about Fake Bette’s lack of professional integrity in her decision not to go to the CAC. You are absolutely right and, as you say, it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere (that I’ve seen). It is an EXTRAORDINARY decision on her part. The writers of this show either cannot or simply refuse to make these characters believable! I have never in my life seen TV made with such an overwhelming air of ‘Will this do?’ And the sheer idiocy of Bette not going to the gala is that on stilts. Surely she would be in danger of being fired if she didn’t go? Argh…. Anyway. Thank you for pointing that out. If you don’t mind, I will keep this point in mind when I’m writing my version of what happened next. And if you know how to get a fanfic challenge issued, I for one would be all for it!

        I said to Martha that I got hold of the wrong end of the stick about the painting, so thank you for confirming that. I will maybe amend the story to reflect that. I agree with what you say about the implausibility of Bette handling Marcus’s estate etc. Your phrase ‘I know this is the L Word, but…’ just sums it up! What a crazy show. We all have a touch of Stockholm Syndrome, I think.

        Thanks again, BAT2012. Your comments and support are so appreciated. :-)

        Take care

        • Hey Largo,

          It’s Tuesday and I’m missing the Real Bette and Tina adventures with Solly and Sasha. Can we talk you into one more episode to find out how Real Bette and Tina are coping with not knowing if there will be a season 3 and what they did on Monday night since the show is not on?

          I think to start a Challenge we would need to ask Jackie but doesn’t appear we need one. Writers are already giving us some great alternative endings or versions of what happened after Tina asked if she could ‘come in’. Even though I said I wasn’t up to it, ideas keep swirling around in my head so maybe I will take a crack at another GenQ story but first I’m working on finishing ‘A Different Outcome’.

          Take care, and thanks again for easing the pain of season 2 with this alternative world!

          • ha, this is a lovely idea! Thank you. :-) And yes, do please have a go with your ‘Can I come in?’ idea. I am a bit behind on my LesFan reading but I’d love to have that among the things to look forward to!

            Thanks for the encouragement – it is much appreciated. I miss them too!

            take care

    6. Largo,

      It is not often that a story serves such dual purposes: to entertain but also provide an outlet to express opinions and vent but yours certainly does. Everyone comes away from the reboot, season 2 and the finale with their own opinions – their own wishes moving forward. The comments are just as interesting as the story. To your story? I really like real Bette and Tina and would have wished this version of them in the reboot. My personal view is that we are traveling on a series of one way paths and each simply ends with an insurmountable barrier that is next to impossible to get around. To logically navigate. That make so sense. There are so many stumbling blocks. Story lines that were abandoned or only half told. I have to remind myself not to be upset with the characters as this is how the writers wrote and the editors assembled the nonsensical story. So many questions will never be properly answered. Do I blame a character for this? Dislike a character? No. My criticism is my own. For example, I would love to see Bette successfully continuing in her career. She deserves this success. Too often Bette’s career is cast aside. An afterthought or a means to create drama. I hope Bette gets to continue on this chosen path. On the other hand, I’m not sure how to begin to fix fake Bette and Tina. They have been apart almost three years. How did that even happen? Am I upset with season 2 Bette? For anything? Not in the slightest. Do I understand Tina’s terrible behavior towards Bette? Not in the slightest. Do I get why Tina has no clue about who Carrie really is or why she was ever with Carrie at all? Not in the slightest? Does it matter to me that we may never see Tina realize all that Shane knows? Not in the slightest. Why? I’ve decided I can’t let it. It’s too crazy. I will not let it. What is the point? Especially when there is a show runner who not only cannot write their characters but clearly does not want to. So we hold our collective breaths. And…in the meantime we love our couple in equal measure and we read. And your story with a Bette and Tina we can love and rally around is an attempt to give the weary viewer a respite from the chaos. For that thank you is inadequate. So I say: Keep writing.

      P.S. And it should come as no surprise to you at all that I love Tina in the Strand: “Nineteenth-century fiction was where she’d wandered today: the birth of the novel, books she’d studied in high school, in college. Some of these titles had been reappearing in her house the past year or so, as Angie read deeper and deeper, her appetite ever-sharpening. Tina looked up, at edition after edition after edition of Dickens, Whitman, Thackeray, Beecher Stowe, Austen, Eliot . .” Excellent!

      • Wow… Billy… that is a a fantastic comment…. I’m with you.. I have now decided that Generation Q has nothing to do with the Bette and Tina I know…. Bette cannot catch a break in the show. Tina is a mere shell of her former self. I am amazed at how some of the characters are written… So I give up… there is no sense that can be made for this story line. So… I choose to just let it go…it does not relate to anything I want to see or read about.. Personally, I am glad the season is over… maybe I can rest my emotions for a few months or maybe even forever from that catastrophe that was Generation Q.

          • Right there with y’all. As I’ve admitted on another of Largo’s stories, I can’t bear to watch more than the little freebie snippets and previews on YouTube. They’re enough to make me decide life is too short to endure that train wreck for “entertainment.”

            Largo, I had to snicker a little when I read your line that it was obvious “fake Bette SHOULD be scared,” because Tina had made the biggest of moves. My feeling was that, as demented as “fake Tina” (so fitting in so many ways) has been in this incarnation of the series, I’d be scared, too, if she showed up at my door!

            We’re supposed to accept that Tina divorced Bette for reasons never made clear, “fell in love” with anti-Bette, accepted anti-Bette’s marriage proposal, got dumped because anti-Bette can’t deal with uber-Bette, and now Tina’s immediately going back to make a play for uber-Bette (or so we’re all assuming)? Those writers get PAID for this crap, and you’ve created a coherent, engaging alternate reality for free. Thank you.

            • hahahaha, ‘Be afraid – be VERY afraid!’ That’s a great point, slntrdr. Poor Tina. As written, she really needs to be single for a while, to say the least….

              Thank you so much for reading and commenting on these stories. I’m glad you enjoyed them and knowing that they bring pleasure and even a little comfort is all I could ever ask for, because that’s what they do for me. :-)

              Take care

      • Hi Billy! Thank you so much for reading and for this great comment! :-)

        First of all, you are so right about the dual (triple?) purpose of this conceit. It is 1) a new story in its own right, 2) commentary on the show and 3) a space for all of us to debate. I completely agree that the readers’ and other writers’ comments have been every bit as valuable as the chapters themselves.

        I’ve said before how much I appreciate the weight and seriousness with which you write about Bette’s career, so I can imagine that (as BAT2012 said) the utter farce of Bette not going to the CAC must have you shaking your head. But I also see what you’re saying about not letting any of it matter. It was so bad, they made it easy to write it off. I can only guess at what the actors truly made of what they were given to say and do. Several commentators have criticised the editing, which makes me wonder if there might have been *slightly* more coherence in the filming that was lost in the edit? But either way, I felt for many of them on many occasions, having to sell this on screen.

        So yes, we wait and see! And I’m really pleased and humbled that you enjoyed these little stories. They are such fun to imagine in this state of peace. I love being able to undo the harms of the divorce, of losing Kit. I even quite like not having to have the Gen Q ‘Angie’. And the Strand! I have never visited NYC but many years ago I played the part of Ouisa in a production of Six Degrees of Separation and she mentions the Strand, and I have been fascinated with it ever since. And my Tina is always well read, lol

        Anyway, thank you again, Billy. Your comment is wise and much appreciated.

        Take care

    7. Dear Largo,

      Thank you once again for shining some much needed light our way in our search for the true Tibette Endgame. You have succeeded once again in brightening out spirits & giving us the hope we need in this dire GQ travesty.

      I know it’s been a challenge of monumental portions to navigate around the lack of reasonable dialogue, reasoning, actions and behaviors. Nothing seems right in GQ & we are only shown shadows of the characters we have grown to love & cherish so much.

      You have done an incredible job of presenting to us what those 10 plus years since OG ended looked & felt like. The love Tibette has for each other & their unique family is what we all envisioned it to be – forever in love & happy with their choices & each other.

      Who would have ever thought Bette Porter – part time career woman, full time Super Mom & Tina’s biggest cheerleader for her career aspirations!!! Loved every word of it.

      Thank you for having the courage again after ALT to take on this challenge of GQ one more time & deliver to us this terrific story.

      I agree with all the other readers & their comments here – they are so spot on that I couldn’t improve upon.

      We’re shared many a discussion on GQ & Tibette over the past few weeks & I honor you with your talent & efforts here. This is such a heartwarming story & although I am sad to come to the end of the weekly recaps, I am so happy that you have decided to check in on them from time to time. And of course if there is a season 3 – you KNOW we will all be asking for those episode recaps once again.

      I think that the live watch on Sunday night in LA was done for a reason & that MLR not sitting with the rest of the GQ team had a deep meaning & hopefully a very good one for us. IC wasn’t there for just the fun of it. But we will see over the next few weeks & months what lies ahead for our Tibette couple.

      Again, thank you from the bottom of my Tibette heart for your resilience in writing this story & your continued love for this couple.

      Like Solly, I too am waiting for The Next Chapter to unfold . . . !!!!

      • Agree with you! Did you see the podcast with MLR? Just because she gave us what we wanted, the last scene, Tina at Bette’s door, she expects, demand to get a third season. That woman, i really dislike her.

      • Hey Collins! *waves* Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment on this one! :-)

        It’s so lovely to know that you and others have enjoyed these recaps and found humour and solace in them. That’s why I wrote them – to bring that to myself. And y’know what? It was so EASY, because all I had to do was think about Tibette as they were at the end of TLW and not decide to needlessly screw them up. Bette as a homemaker? That’s plausible canon. Adopting more kids? Ditto. Just don’t screw it up! Argh. Make me so mad, lol

        I haven’t followed much about the LA watch party but I hope whatever happens is good for the show, and I mean the whole show (should there still be one). The only actors who will have come away from this season justifiably happy are the ones playing Gigi and Dani. They are the new Tibette, but if I were them I’d worry, because that will mean that they are the biggest chips on the poker table, and when the show wants to go big, it’s their happiness that will be gambled. Does that suggest that if Tibette are in S3 they might get left alone a bit more? Maybe. I would hope they would come up with some Tibette vs The World stories…. Go into their extended families – dig up this ‘not dead’ mother of Bette’s? Give Tina a family for the first time.

        But anyway, thank you again for reading and commenting, my friend. It is much appreciated, especially when you are writing your own story – and I swear I will catch up on DOH real soon.

        Take care

      • Hiya SuperK! Brilliant to hear from you and thank you so much for reading these wee stories. :-)

        I am really slammed with work atm but I hope to be able to revisit this Porter-Kennard loveliness soon. I am also going to catch ups on my LesFan reading, promise.

        Take care and thanks again for the encouragement!


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