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    The Real Tibette Watch Gen Q – Episode 9

    On Monday night, they watched the show as usual and then chatted about it as they got ready for bed. They both hated the Fake Marcus storyline, felt it was crass. Bette also had secondary concerns that Fake Angie a) was suddenly so unstable and b) felt a white tux was acceptable clothing.

    ‘What about us?’ Tina asked. She was sitting up in bed, applying hand cream, waiting for Bette.

    ‘Them,’ Bette corrected.

    ‘Okay, “them”. Are you for or against?’

    Bette switched off the en suite light and walked to the bed, graceful as ever in beautiful black pyjamas with a teal fern pattern.

    ‘I’m for,’ she said, slipping between the sheets.


    ‘Eighth natural law of the universe: all Bettes want to be with all Tinas.’ She flashed her wife her best smile. Tina laughed. ‘See? There isn’t a fancy-ass artist alive who can compare with making you laugh.’

    Tina looked down, moved, as she often was, by Bette’s sweetness.

    ‘What about you?’ Bette asked.

    ‘Adunno,’ Tina said, letting her gaze follow her fingertip as she ran it along the edge of Bette’s pyjama top, down into the V between her breasts.

    Bette watched her. There was something in Tina’s voice. In the downward curve of her eyelashes. The set of her mouth. Tina deep inside herself, wandering the halls of her memories.

    ‘They’re not us, Tee.’

    A tiny little laugh. ‘I know.’ Tina looked up. ‘I know,’ she said again, a little more sure-sounding. But the something was still there.


    On Saturday night, the Peabodys were having one of Peggy’s intime soirées: nine or ten people for supper at the Gramercy penthouse. Bette and Tina had been to dozens of these and there was always an element of Russian roulette regarding fellow guests. Doctors and politicians, artists and athletes, industrialists and environmentalists – Peggy liked to mix it up, sitting at the head of the table, orchestrating her waiting staff to keep everyone’s glass topped off while the conversation spun and whirled around her. Since Marilyn had passed away, it was without doubt when she appeared most content. Bette and Tina never turned her down.

    ‘Bette, darling!’ Peggy shouted, as they were ushered in. ‘Tina! My God, you get more beautiful by the hour! Come in, come in . . .’

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    1. Hey Largo,

      Loved to read this one but please i rather wouldn’t be reminded that in a very very past Helena and Tina were once together.

      Bette is so sweet and romantic. Hope Tina will get it out of her head that they are not fake Tibette. They took a chance back then at She Bar and are happily married with three beautiful children.

      Always a pleasure to read your story!

    2. Hi Largo,

      This looks good!!! But I’ve got a contractor hear today – and even before you ask it’s not Candyass or Weezie!!!!

      Tonight I’ll put my feet up, get a nice cool drink & enjoy this treat!!!

      Thanks so much – will let you know my thoughts.

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      I think Tina worried to mich – if it wasn’t Shebar – it would be another bar or event. Because cleary Bette never been in love in Jodie tha same as she was in Tina. Days, maybe weeks – but they still would recconect despite Jodie. Like Bette said – it dorsn’t realy compare.

      And about Pippa – of course we don’t know what happen in 210, but i doubt she could be hurt as Jodie, she’s not into Bette as Jodie was

      • Hi Zhenya! Thanks for reading and commenting. :-)

        It’s funny you saying ‘days, maybe weeks’ about how long Bette and Pippa have been together. Autostraddle (I know you don’t like them but bear with me) is working on a timeline of this season, just to show how crazy it is. They reckon Bette and Pippa might have been dating ONE WEEK. So yeah, not exactly 24 years…. I just hate how loving and nurturing they made Pippa, compared to passive aggressive Tina. It feels so wrong.

        Anyway, one more week to go! Thanks for your support and take care

    4. Hi Largo

      Thanks for this which I certainly enjoyed more than GQ. Don’t know where they will go with TiBette or whether I’ll go with them!

      I’m staying in these pages and with these writers, thank you for being one of them.

      • Hi SG! I so agree with you about Gen Q versus LesFan. There’s no comparison. The fans here know and cherish these characters – all of them – better than MLR ever could. I’m thinking of Gen Q mainly as a source of visual description of how people are ageing! It’s useful for that, at least, lol

        Only one more to go! Thanks so much for your support and take care

    5. I love your version! I don’t think I will ever watch Gen Q. Your story is so much better!!!!
      I love B&T and the sense of who they were and who they could have become! Your right on as far as I’m concerned!!!
      Thanks from the bottom of my heart!

      • Hi Annie! *waves* Good to see you here and thank you for reading my story. :-)

        It is a huge pleasure and comfort to me to write this version of Tibette. The divorce storyline was a nonsense and doing away with it gives a writer an entire decade to fill in any way they like – hence two more kids and a dog, lol

        I’m so pleased you enjoy this world they’re in and thank you for letting me know. It means a lot.


    6. Largo, has another week passed? Evidently bc your sane observations of GenQ has been posted for Epi 9.

      Overall, your Bette is hilarious to me. I present my case. Part 1.

      1. “Eighth natural law of the universe: all Bettes want to be with all Tinas”. She flashed her wife her best smile.
      Tina laughed.

      Tina looked down, moved, as she often was, by Bette’s sweetness. . . . Bette watched her. There was something in
      Tina’s voice. In the downward curve of her eyelashes. The set of her mouth. Tina deep inside herself, WANDERING the HALLS of her memories. (Nice poetry Lar). They’re not us, Tee. A tiny little laugh.

      2. Next we have your fabulous Peggy entering on stage left . . . “Babysitter staying the night?” Yes, Bette laughed. But we still have to get home”. Peggy fixed her with a saucy look. “How DID you become so domesticated?” BUT B4 Bette could recover from her blush . . . .(only Peggster could get away with this type of tease). HeHeHe!!!

      . . . .These were people Tina would normally have to be torn away from, and yet 2nite she found it hard to concentrate. A part of her, as it had been all week, was somewhere else. She felt a tap on the hand. “Terrace”,said Helena. Now. How interesting to throw this little diddy in the composition. Was Helena fixin’ to hit on Tina???

      3. Helena ran her eyes over Tina’s face, reading her, and Tina felt it, and there arose one of those rare moments when they each remembered that they had once been lovers. TIME opening and closing (nice illuminating words Largo).

      For Tina, the memory arrived as a feeling of warmth, of her body swollen in pregnancy but buoyant, floating in a night lit pool, this woman’s mouth on her and HER HEART, SHATTERED yet beating hard, the CONFUSION of her animal lust . . . I bet Tina was very, very confused at why Helena found her so attractive as a woman being that she was a whole bunch pregnant. Helena knew that a pregnant woman has hormones raging in her system, that made her vulnerable in a sexual way. But all Tina knew is that her heart was shattered, yet beating.

      4. I like that although Helena was still marveling at the communication with Tina . . .. They sipped their wine. Helena’s gaze steady on Tina’s pretty face. “Is that yours?” She asked gently. My what? Sliding door. When U discovered the affair?”

      “Oh, NO. Tina shook her head. NO. That might be Bette’s, but NO, it’s not mine (Wow, I really felt that this admission, what Bette may have thought, shows the true 4giveness that was between Tina & Bette. Tina had NO anxiety about that horrible time in the past).

    7. Post 2 of 3

      5. “I got another shot”. . . . But it was different, her face glowing with relief. . . . Y’know, stop having to PRETEND like I was having a gr8 time, and there was no one there . . .

      At SheBar in a room away from the crowd:
      And then Bette came in, ALONE. And she asked me what I was doing in there all my myself”. Tina paused and repeated, “All by myself”. There was this energy coming off her, this awkward energy . . . I KNEW she wanted to stay with me. In that room. I KNEW it.

      I had NO more words to burn, NO more STUPID, EMPTY words, and she turned to go, and I SAW her WALKING AWAY, and I KNEW I had to say something, anything, to KEEP her there, just to STOP her from LEAVING, but . . . .
      “What did U say?”

      I said, “I’M HIDING” . . . Tina’s yees twinkled, relief and gratitude and wonder . . . Those are the two words that GAVE me EVERYTHING I have”. . . . E V E R Y T H I N G, she whispered.

      Bouyahh!!! I think GenQ FakeTina is STILL “HIDING”!!!!

      “Hiding” from her loneliness & insecurities (that apparently, she refused to work through with Bette), for rejecting & divorcing Bette so that she could hook up with Carrie and then, from refusing to grieve WITH Bette & Angie as Kit went through that horrible auto accident and addiction to opioids only to pass away. Full of regret & deep remorse from missing critical small events in the life of pre-teen & teenage Angie.

      6. So moving along, our couple has finally pulled themselves away from Pegg and her assortment of guests and I like how you describe Bette Largo. “Bette, meanwhile was a Fran Lebowitz channel. All Fran all night. I like how Tina let Bette be Bette in this way. Cute.

      She also let B be B when after Bette had looked upon a picture of herself and a 9yr old Ben having a gleeful belly laugh with their eyes closed, Tina, having her arms wrapped around Bette’s waist told her beautiful they were. “Bette said nothing, but Tina could feel the tension in her, the withheld emotion (oh I like that, WITHHELD EMOTION). Then Bette turned and said, “Not going to cry”. They both laughed.

      • Yasss DT! Those two words – “I’m hiding” jumped off the screen when that episode played, jumped off the screen and smacked me upside the head. To me, Tina is ALWAYS hiding – we know nothing of her backstory (the sister stuff is nonsense imho), we know nothing of her family and especially now she has the least amount of screen time and lines for what is for all purposes a major player. It’s wild.
        “I’m hiding” from…. (fill in the blanks) all the things… the Queen of Denial. That’s our Tee.

        Love your story Largo – my favorite line was the eighth natural law of all Bettes wanting all Tinas. AMEN sistah… Amen

        • Hi BK! Thanks so much for reading this and commenting. :-)

          I feel like I didn’t really make enough of ‘I’m hiding’, but you’re right. It is THE Tina statement. Hmm. You might see that coming back somewhere, lol

          Just a word about the ‘sister stuff’….. I used them in Another Left Turn was because the divorce – in which Tina was the one who left – was very difficult to explain without going deeper into who Tina is. Even writers who eschew the tapes often have to come up with a troubled childhood or early life of a different kind to explain her – as a new writer, I felt more comfortable staying with canon, so I used the tapes (although, are they canon? I know it’s debatable). Sometimes I wish I hadn’t used them, but I do think ALT has some really good scenes because of that backstory, so it’s complicated!

          Anyway, thanks for reading my story and for commenting!
          Take care

    8. Post 3 of 3

      7. What a night . . . .she breathed into her wife’s neck. You’re tipsy, said Tina. No. I’m drunk . . .
      They then begin to banter about GenQ, FakeAngie and her “bratty” behavior and eventually Bette makes her point that she hopes “they get it 2gether”. She pulled back to look at Tina. “I will be very pissed off if FBette doesn’t get FTina back”.

      Tina smiled, tried to laugh, but tears sprang into her eyes. Bette blinked and looked at her with a new concentration. . . . Tee? . . . I’m fine . . . Tee”. A different tone (nice way to put it Largo). They looked at each other.

      A moment passed. Bette WAITING, suddenly very sober. Do you really think they should be 2gether? Tina asked.
      Bette knit her brow. “Fake us”? Yeah . . . . “Why wouldn’t they be 2gether? Tina gave a small shrug. “Bc of Pippa”?

      8. This situation they’ve set up is just like when U were w/Jodie and I . . . I feel embarrassed wanting them to bet back 2gether when someone else could get hurt”.

      This is whyI personally think we’re seeing soooo much irrational, erratic behavior from GenQ’s Tina . . . She doesn’t want to “hurt Carrie”. Y’know what I mean? Their getting along to the point of wanting to get married, but KNOW deep down, there are UNresolved issues like Fake Tina is STILL in love with Fake Bette and won’t admit it. She wants Bette to “confess” first so that she can blame her for splitting up she & Carrie

      Anyway!! She was silent a long moment, Bette JUST LISTENING . . .
      “I KNEW I was worth ANOTHER C H A N C E , “ she said. But how did U know?”

      . . . . I see one moment when my FATE was SEALED . . . I feel a tap on my elbow, I turn around – and suddenly I don’t feel so good any more. Emotion now came into Bette’s voice, thickening it. She swallowed.

      “I don’t feel good bc there’s a hole in me – a space – and I never knew about it b4 that moment. I never even felt it, bc I never knew U existed. I know 4 sure I could have gone thru my whole life w/that hole.
      But once I KNEW . . . Tee, once I knew, I K N E W.

      Tina ran her eyes over Bette’s face . . . “We were so lucky” . . . “Lucky, yes said Bette. “But also brave. Or crazy. I go back and forth on that”. (Cute!!!)

      We’ll of course our Tibette starts getting frisky . . . Bedroom, Bette whispered. Tina groaned. “Just do it here” . . .
      I can’t. Not with him. She indicated Solly . . . U promise you won’t fall asleep? Bette’s jaw dropped . . . “There will be no sleep , my lady, she said . . . “I just want one good, quick fuck, okay?” U besmirch my reputation (this banter made me hollah!!)

      But my knees buckled in laughter when while going up the stairs Tibette froze bc of the appearance of babygirl Sasha. When the child calls out “Mama”? Bettte whispers “No”. Lawdd, I can just see Bette basically trying to convince the baby that she was sleep walking or dreaming or something!!! She did NOT want to be kept from T!!

      “Hi baby, Tina was saying. “Let’s go back to bed, huh?”
      She shot Bette “a look” over her shoulder . It said, WAIT FOR ME. Bette gave her one back that said, ALWAYS.

      I’M telling ya, how much fun could GenQ writers, producers have had writing Tibette with even an ounce of the playfulness that you LesFan Writers have shown??? I rest my case.

      It’s safe to say that this gurL is not looking 4ward to Fake Tina going off on Fake Bette for “whatever she is suppose to have done” in the episode 10 highlights. Lord help us . . . .

      • Dumplin!! You are officially the best quoter on the site! lol – seriously, though, it’s wonderful to hear which bits you liked and think worked best. Thank you so much. :-)

        I’m delighted you like the playful element in this story world. I’m not as good at humour as some other writers (I can do wit okay, I think, but actual funny is harder). But I do enjoy trying to show B&T with this younger family, and the dog. Writing one story per week, when I have to wait and see what will be on the show, has been challenging at times. No idea where to begin with some of it! But I’m so pleased you like it. And yes, if we could have some humour (Leisha is a godsend!) in this show, that would at least be something, wouldn’t it?

        One more ep to go! Like you, I am dreading it. It will be a Tibette cliffie, for sure.

        Thanks for your comments and your fun and your support, DT. It is much appreciated.

        Take care

    9. Hi Largo. Thank you for this episode. I so agree with you and can understand why it would have been difficult to have Bette and Tina really dissect the episode. It drained me emotionally and I am at a point where it affected my ability to even get a little bit of joy in having Tina back and seeing the four OGs together in the same scenes. I liked the direction you took with your story and including Peggy and Helena was a nice bonus. There is still some talk on social media that Helena was supposed to make an appearance in this season. Not sure where they would fit her in but it does appear that they are introducing like a dozen brand new characters (if IMDB is to accurate) in episode 10 and most of the special guest stars like Pippa, Tom and Kayla are also back so I imagine it’s going to be chaos on steroids.

      Thanks for having Solly and Sasha make a special appearance at the end of your episode. Those two are my favorite, and Sasha’s timing is impeccable. I recall in one episode where Tina was out of town and she surprised Bette by coming home early. Everyone was spending the night at Kit and Sonny’s and Bette had made a deal with Sasha that she could sleep with her not expecting Tina to be home that night. Those are the precious memories I will hold onto because there is nothing in GenQ season 2 with fake Bette and fake Tina that I can even smile about.

      They also managed to ruin Angie’s character – even though she’s been a spoiled brat since season 1 she was out of control in this episode and so disrespectful. I actually thought she was on drugs or having an anxiety attack. I was waiting for her to fall over when they were posing for the pictures. Curious to see how she’s going to act now that Marcus is dead, and she’ll probably blame her parents for that too!

      One more episode and the emotional rollercoaster will be over at least for a while. Not sure if they will get a season 3 but if they do I hope you’ll come back with your version.

      Take care and stay safe. ,

      • Hiya BAT2021! *waves* Good to see you here and thanks so much for reading this story. :-)

        I’m so pleased you like Solly and Sasha. I love them too. They are such a great foil for B&T’s sex life, they really help with ramping up the tension, lol

        Agree so much with what you say about Angie. There’s a lot of praise on social media for Jordan Hull’s acting chops, but I’m gonna be an outlier here and say that I felt she overshot in the last episode. It wasn’t clear, as you say, what was driving her behaviour. I can’t believe that was a choice rather than simply inexperience and a director who doesn’t know what they’re doing. And yeah, I’d like to see B or T read her the riot act soon too! Way too indulgent of her.

        From what you say, it sounds like the finale will be (more) chaos. WHY does it have to be like this???!!! (Sorry, mini meltdown there, haha)

        Anyway, thank you so much for your comments and your endorsement of this version of Tibette. I really enjoy writing this, so I will likely carry on after the season wraps. Got a few ideas. :-)

        Take care!

        • I love Jordan Hall the actress, but I would have never reached 18 had I slammed doors, YELLED at my parents, ESPECIALLY Mom like Angie does. My goodness, it’s terrifies me to even think it (wished I could post 10 “terrified” emojis at this point)

              • I know a set of parents who removed their teens’ bedroom doors for two weeks at a time if they were slammed. Kind of ingenious, I thought. :)

                To the bigger issue of Angie’s monsterfication – I am increasingly convinced that the writers aim to destroy any character or pairing the viewers come to love. It’s the only logical explanation for the insanity.

                • Hi slntrdr! I was really unhappy with what they did with Angie in this season. And funny you should say that about taking doors off – my sister -in-law just told me tonight that they did that at her son’s school when there was fighting in the toilets! Imagine no doors on the toilets? Strange country I live in, lol

      • BAT2012.
        GOSH I AM WITH U 100% ON YOUR comments. Especially about Tibette & Angie. I remember seeing a video of Jennifer & Tina at the L5 Blackpool convention where both went to management about toning down some of the “dysfunctional scenes”. They felt that it was overboard.

        And now we come 12+ years later and Tibette dysfunction is OFF the CHARTS to the point of being flat out HATEFUL. It won’t matter if they get back together, they have destroyed the credibility of these two characters in the iconic rolls of Bette Porter and Tina Kennard.

        • Well, this is the sad prospect we face. We wait ten years to get them back and they’re handed back broken by people who aren’t talented enough to put them back together in a way that makes any sense. It’s just piss poor on all counts. I feel for the actors, in a way, because it’s not easy selling this shite. But I guess we’ll just have to see what happens in Ep 10. :-/

    10. Largo my pal,

      This was an excellent play on the tough episode we all watched & endured.

      I can tell you how it WARMED my heart to see JB & LuH on scene together again – even though all their scenes weren’t nice. But their chemistry is still flaming HOT!!! We all know they are so natural together & their scenes are effortless. Just love them a whole bunch!!!

      I KNEW you were going to show Tina having some reflection on what is going on in GQ & how it still reflects back on them in real life. You did a marvelous job at portraying that throughout the chapter.

      I agree with all of DumplinT’s comments – they are so on point & hit on all the special parts of this chapter.

      Tina’s doubts that they have done the right thing in getting back together & the huge what ifs’!!

      I did love this line – ‘Tina deep inside herself, wandering the halls of her memories.’ So true & poignant

      Sad to read that Marilyn died – I liked Peggy & her together. But times marches on.

      Helena is still a great friend & I had so hoped we would see her in GQ – one more hope on that this Friday.
      Thank you for bring them back – they are lovely ladies.

      Gotta wonder what 2 words Tina will use in episode 10 to get Bette back??? Loved the reference to the She-bar moment as SM is all ablaze with speculation if we will get a She-bar 2.0 kiss!!!

      I will confess I cried at the last part with them in the kitchen after they return home from Peggy’s. That scene moved me so much & had such layers of depth with them & all their history in it. Wonderfully told!!!

      Not sure what direction episode 10 will take with our fav couple, but I’m sure we will be surprised on some of the things they have planned. My Tibette heart beats fast & I will cont8inue to KTF on my Tibette hopes.

      Largo – I thank you for these recaps & ALL the effort you place on them. They are indeed far better than the actual show & far more endearing to us fans. It has been a privilege to read & enjoy.

      Like BAT suggested – please come back with more recaps if we are graced with a season 3.

      See ya next week!!!

      • Hey there, Collins! Thank you so much for reading this and for your lovely comments. :-)

        I’m humbled and delighted that you were moved by the kitchen scene. I wanted to show them exactly as you said, with all their easy intimacy and the love that comes from a long, loving marriage and raising kids. That’s what I would dearly love to see portrayed by JB and LuH – and I dare say they’d love to play it too.

        Yes, it’s a shame about Marilyn. Not quite sure why I did that but there we are! I think I’m preoccupied sometimes with the story world being different to Another Left Turn, so sometime it’s a bit random what’s different.

        Let’s hope for something good in Ep10! Try and stay optimistic that Tibette will have a route to happiness. Of course we won’t get to SEE it, but it might be mapped out as a possibility and that might have to do.

        Thank you too for suggesting I continue with this story world. That’s very nice of you and means a lot. :-)

        Till next time! Look after yourself

    11. I love your version! It kills me what they’re doing to Bette and Tina’s relationship on GQ. I know she’s Angie’s mom, but why bring her back to torture us if they’re not getting back together. I would have liked to see Bette and Tina date, get to know each other like their first time together. Explore their relationship in a more mature way. But, I digress.

      This chapter was brilliant. Instead of dissecting the episode, it made sense to explore their feelings after watching the episode.

      One more left!

      • Hello trecelovinit! *waves* Thanks so much for reading and commenting on this. :-)

        I agree that we can’t get enough Tibette on our screens and given that the actors have repeatedly themselves credited the enduring Tibette fandom as being the catalyst for the reboot, it has been very, very difficult to stomach being given nothing but scraps. It was clearly a choice between having a little bit of Laurel or maybe having to kill off the Tina character, so I guess what we have is better, but yeah, I hope with all my heart that if there is a S3 Laurel will be a main character, and then we can see proper exploration and a solid reunion.

        I’m so glad you enjoy this little Tibette story world. It is really fun to write and spend time in my head. I’ll take a day or two to write the last one and then…. idk, back to hoping and waiting!

        Again, I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Take care

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