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    The Real Tibette Watch Gen Q – Episode 7

    Tina was in her office, sitting curled into the corner of one of two long leather couches that sat at right angles to her desk. She wasn’t a desk person. She had a MacBook but she used it mainly for Skype and watching funny dog videos. Her real work was done on a notepad, with a cheap fountain pen and an endless array of to-do lists.

    On the other end of the couch sat Runa, a mid-thirties Indian American. Tina’s PA and one of her closest friends.

    ‘I don’t call that a finale.’ Tina handed a script back. ‘Tell Marsha I’ll be in the writers’ room tomorrow at nine and I want to hear grown-up ideas.’

    ‘The writers don’t meet on Tuesday.’

    ‘They do now.’

    ‘Uh . . .’


    Tina’s tone, weary but still carrying unmistakeable authority, made Runa shake her head. ‘Nope,’ she said, and then checked the time on her phone.

    ‘Am I keeping you from something?’

    ‘Nope,’ Runa said again and started making the change in Tina’s online calendar when there was a knock at the door. ‘Come in!’ she called.

    The door opened and Runa’s intern, Peter, appeared holding a small black box. ‘This just came for Tina,’ he said.

    ‘What is it?’ Tina asked. Peter looked clueless, so Runa gestured for him to just give Tina the box. ‘Oh,’ Tina said softly.

    A smile played on Runa’s lips at the shift in Tina’s voice, her tone perched exactly between surprise and recognition. Runa dismissed Peter as Tina weighed the box briefly in her hand. It was light – very light – and covered in an expensive, thick, almost suede-like material. She found the edge and gently lifted the top. Immediately, both women laughed.

    Inside was a single blue peanut M&M and a handwritten card.

    Pierre. Six o’clock.

    A slow smile spread across Tina’s face. ‘The pagan rite,’ she murmured.

    ‘This was meant to be here fifteen minutes ago,’ Runa said, getting to her feet.

    ‘What time is it now?’

    ‘Quarter after five.’


    ‘The car’s waiting, but you’d better get a move on.’

    ‘Right.’ Tina got up too and stood looking around, thinking what she needed to take. ‘Uh . . . okay!’ She looked at Runa and gave a massive shrug. ‘I guess I’m going to the Pierre!’

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    1. Hi Largo,

      I was so happy to see your post today – it brought much needed joy into my bruised Tibette heart. GQ is killing us!!

      Let me get myself organized & have all my props ready – a nice drink, my recliner all set & my tablet open to the Lesfan site so I can drink this update in & savor it like it truly deserves!

      Will let you know my thoughts & thanks so much for your efforts in taking on this task.

      Stay well my friend.


    2. Nice chapter…. thanks…. I do like the relationship between Bette and Tina. Wish they were not so concerned with the cost of this occasional outing which they both arrange from time to time. If they are a burden, there are other hotels and arrangements which can be made. I guess I am of the old school which says, that if you need to know how much it cost, you do not need to be doing it particularly when its truly an optional purchase. It kind of puts a damper on the specialness of the outing.

      Look forward to more…. just three more to go.

      • Hey Martha! Thank you very much for reading this and for commenting. :-)

        The thing about the cost of their little getaway is that it’s actually part of the fun they’re having. When Tina asks how much the bill was, she’s really asking ‘How naughty/indulgent/irresponsible were we?’ Bette takes this and runs with it by saying, in effect, ‘Ooooh we were SO bad I’m not even going to tell you. You would be shocked!’ It’s a joke. They are easily wealthy enough to afford these hotels. Their cutting back on designer clothes is an ethical and environmental decision. But I’m sorry if I haven’t made this clearer.

        Glad you enjoy their relationship. It is fun for me to escape for a few hours into this world where enduring passion and family love can exist between B&T.

        I appreciate you reading and commenting. Have a good week! And yes, only 3 more to go and then we will know their fate for this season (and maybe for ever) on TV….


    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      Ok, so if Tina alredy fired Marsha, can she go to Showtime and fire her her real twin Marja? :)
      Because obvously ‘All TV is educational television. The question is: what is it teaching?’ – it’s all NOT about GQ

      • Thanks, Zhenya! If my Tina was in any way able to fire MLR, I’d be delighted. I’m still praying for some kind of Tibette twist in this season. I think there are signs but it’s absolute torture to watch :-/

        Appreciate you reading and commenting, as ever, my friend

    4. Great chapter – so glad you didn’t go into detail about Pibette. I don’t think us Tibette fans can take much more.

      I am so enjoying this recap series – very imaginative – I enjoy all your writings.

      Yes, you can say that the chapter was HOT – and also very loving between Bette and Tina. Love the image you put forth that they do this connection and take turns planning. Sweet.

      Thanks for the great chapter and if GQ won’t give us what we want, I know you will!!

      • Hiya Kira! *waves* How lovely to hear from you and thank you for reading this story. :-)

        There was never any danger of me dwelling on the Pippa sex scene. It’s been a long time since we saw an actor in the L Word who looked uncomfortable kissing a woman, but I’m afraid VW looked that way to me. JB was, I felt, rather mannered and timid compared to how she was with Gigi. My hunch is that JB was trying to signify that Bette and Pippa were ‘making lurve’ as opposed to just f*cking, but it didn’t work, imho.

        Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to me that something I write to make me feel happier also makes others happy. Result!

        Three more to go….. I refuse to give up hope till the last frame, but man, it’s gonna be rough.

        Thanks again & have a good week

    5. Hey Largo,

      What a fantastic chapter! I loved it, funny and hot all together, it lifted my mood for awhile!

      How i wish Tina could fire Marja! Marja destroyed our couple and even if they reconcile i can’t be happy anymore. GQ destroyed everything and the little hope i had after episode 7 has gone after i saw pics that ROD is in the last two episodes too.. Marja was succesful in breaking my faith and the way how ROD, play with us and is proud to be the one that broke up Tibette has made me so angry, i never liked the bitch but now i simply feel only disgust for her.

      Sorry i didn’t comment on the former chapter but i love how you tell this story!

      • Ah Bibi, my friend – thank you for reading and I’m so glad I was able to make you a wee bit happier for a wee while. :-)

        I’m sorry to hear that GQ has ruined Tibette for you, no matter what happens. I understand, though. I have felt that way, up and down, over the past week or so. The one thing I keep coming back to, however, is that I honestly don’t think LH is a cruel person, so it’s hard to believe that she would string fans along knowing there’s nothing but heartache in store. JB is, I think, very politicised these days, and I could see her thinking that Tibette is an acceptable sacrifice if it reframes Bette’s blackness. But LH…. I just have a feeling she’s on our side and wouldn’t be there if she knew we’re getting nothing. Hope I’m right!

        No idea about ROD. Tbh, I’m only dimly aware of who she is so I don’t know what to make of her antics. I guess all we can do is hang on and hope for the best. Not long now….

        Thank you again for all your support and for reading my stories. It’s nice to hear from you any time. have a good week!

    6. Thrilled at how much of this chapter was about the continuation of life of sweet Tibette and their fam.

      Endearing how we start w/Tina dutifully applying herself to her professional tasks only to be interrupted with the sweetest gesture from Bette.

      “A smile played on Runa’s lips at the shift in Tina’s voice, her TONE PEARCHED exactly btwn surprise and recognition”. WHoooHooo, good writing Largo.

      A blue peanut M&M and a card a HANDWRITTEN card that said, Pierre. Six o’clock. A SLOW smile spread access Tina’s face. Runa grinned.
      At Pierre’s, Tina checked her ph: 5:58. P E R F E C T. A minute passed. And then there she was.

      The “pagan rite” was the name Bette coined for a tradition of taking off for a night – just a night. There was no pattern . . . . The description of times like these for Tibette is what we’ve YET to experience with GenQ. It takes YRS of learning/knowing/experiencing a beloved to keep the variety and anticipation that the “pagin rite” illicits.

      “As of now, I am your to-do-lists Bette salaciously tells Tina. They KISSED PLAYFULLY as PUPPIES. LOOOVE this imagery!!!

      And then we are brought to the “dinner and cabaret” for play. (My hand-fan is being waved almost as swiftly as the ceiling fan!!!). This is the 1st story I’ve read where Bette dances her striptease to unravel her one-women audience.

      SATISFACTION. Came in a chain reaction. The heat was ON . . . Rising to the top. Oh my God (Tina whispered).
      FCK that’s hot, Tina murmured. How long is this song? Tina asked L O U D L Y. Bette just laughed . . . Tina’s eyes were like saucers . . . Just can’t stop when my sparks get hot! Tina’s gaze traveled ALL O V E R . . .

      “COME H E R E, Tina said in a low voice . . . . . . I swear to God . . . Smiling, almost panting w/desire . . .

      Talking about serving yourself up on a platter!!! HeHeHe!!!

      Then we r treated to that ever-present humorous banter. “Sasha would bankrupt us and Ben would be dead. Bette!! He’s skateboard up Park Avenue if we let him” Bette know the children.

      More hot, sexy lovin’ . . . . “their eyes met and they smiled the SAME smile . . . INTIMATE, CONSPIRATORY (cool choice of vocab) comraderly, they’d been giving for decades. DECADES!!! What screenwriter/author thinks that distroying this type of relationship is justified???

      AnyWho, then they settle down to watch the “fake LWord” and the portral of cast members pretty much as a bunch of knotheads. Know wonder Tibette was yawning and not particularly chill about any of ‘em.

      • Hiya Dumplin! Thanks so much for your comment, which, as always, made me laugh and also grateful for readers like you. :-)

        I’m so pleased you enjoyed Bette’s striptease. I mentioned her stripping to Disco Inferno in another story and, because we writers are the boss, decided it had to happen. I wanted to have fun imagining it, lol. Hand fans all round, haha – what we wouldn’t give to see THAT on Gen Q??!

        And of course you’re right about the fruits of a long relationship, how that plays into their intimacy, and the WORK they put in, which often doesn’t feel like work – maybe ‘effort’ is a better word – or just ‘awareness’ of not taking each other for granted, of using their imagination to keep things moving, keep it fun?

        Agree too about the outrageous way the TV writers have treated Tibette. It looks now as if we are definitely heading for some kind of Tibette reunion but a lot of us are pretty worn out by now, so I’m hoping that when we actually see it, it will still bring up all the feels…. Ach, who am I kidding – if I see Bette and Tina kissing by the end of this season, I will be very, very, VERY happy. :-)

        Thanks again, Dumplin. I appreciate all your time and the way you highlight your favourite bits. That’s gold to us writers. Have a great week!

        • Agree that this GenQ version has evaporated my enthusiasm for the show. Very little substance, stuff that can actually be learned and applied in real-life. Lessons learned, how to give a person the benefit-of-a-doubt and refrain from prejudgment for example.

          Fan response that should have been heighten in anticipation of Bette-Tina scenes has not materialized even when the real actresses have dropped hints on Twitter bc they all have called “wolf” to the point that who cares???

    7. Hey Largo,

      First thing I want to say is thank you for this marvelous update. I laughed at several scenes & it warmed my heart to no end. Very well done.

      Tina thinking about Bette arriving – ‘And then there she was’ – her vision – her wife – her life. The visual on this was great & I can see them both in my mind’s eye!!

      Love the ‘pagan rite’ – I would suspect a reference to your own country??? It fit right in with the story & them.
      What a hard chore for Bette to be Tina’s to do list!!!!

      Bette performing the striptease & the song were just perfect. So hot & sexy & just what they both needed. I love when they are depicted in playful moods with each other. The love they feel is evident. This was waaaayyyyyy so much better than ‘Love Shack’ You could image Tina imagining Bette practicing the song in their home when she was at work, the kids off at school & Bette alone perfecting her act!!! And Bette such the tease. Perfect indeed.

      ‘Their eyes met, and they smiled, the same smile – intimate, conspiratorial, comradely – they’d been giving one another in the bedroom for decades’

      This was so special & sweet – such a long history of knowing & pleasing each other. The intimacy was off the charts Largo!!!

      Your nickname for GQ – Crazytown is so right. What a hot mess it still is & will probably be for the next 3 episodes. There’s going to be a lot to pack into them & god knows you’ll help us through them – thanks L!!!
      Poor Bette & her supposedly carpal tunnel from all her hard work!! That was funny!!! I giggled for quite a while on that line. Good job my friend.

      ‘To which Real Tina’s response was, ‘If she really loved Fake Tina, Fake Bette wouldn’t matter that much.’ – I think this line said so much about GQ & how absolutely terrible the SL & writing are.

      And Bette’s rating system on the sex scene of Fake Bette & Pippa – 4 out of 100 – that’s crazy bad!!! But so accurate too.

      And I think I speak for everyone that has read your tale here – If ONLY Tina could FIRE MLR!!!!!! Too bad JB can’t!!!

      Largo – thank you again for this marvelous update & recap.

      Keep the faith that LuH will be in episode 8!!!

      Till the next recap – stay safe & well over your way!


      • Hey Collins, my friend! Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and for your great comment. :-)

        I’m glad you were able to ‘see’ their meeting at the hotel. I put some effort and detail into that in hopes that it would work. I love imagining what Tibette look like, because we hardly ever get to see them, Tina especially, and I like dressing them the way I want – it’s like when I was wee and playing with my dollies, lol

        The ‘pagan rite’ is an idea I borrowed from an old British sitcom called The Good Life. There’s one episode in which the main couple who live a very simple life, but very hardworking, growing their own food and keeping animals etc., the husband decides to treat the wife to a luxury weekend at a hotel. I repurposed it a bit and made it about privacy from the kids, but the idea is the same: to celebrate with excess. Paganism is, as you said, an ancient religion in Britain and Ireland, and in fact it will be an option on the census in Scotland for the first time this year. I have a friend who is a pagan. It’s kind of mysterious and definitely quite carnal in some ways, so I thought Bette might give their ritual that name.

        Agree that Bette practising the song would be sweet to see, haha, not her normal music at all! I had a lot of fun visualising that! And yes, the carpal tunnel…. I think that’s going to be a thing. Stay tuned for that.

        Have you seen the ‘patience’ from JB that’s got everyone losing their minds??? I think it’s great, it shows two things: one, we are definitely getting some form of Tibette reunion. And 2) she’s feeling the heat over this ludicrous rigmarole they’re putting us through. The ratings are not good. MLR has botched her assignment and is merrily failing upward in her career. Ugh.

        4/100 for the Pippa scene is harsh but I truly didn’t think it worked, VW is surely a great person but she didn’t look comfortable to me.

        Okay, trying not to write a novel here, so I’ll stop! Thank you, Collins, for your time and comments, as ever. I will catch up on your Christmas story very soon. You stay well, too, and have a great week

        Only three to go!

        • *Wave* too!!

          Yes, I did see the ‘word’ of wisdom from JB. I then today I saw the pic of Bette & Pippa wrapped in each other’s arms. Ugh!!!!

          I think on this point I can speak for all of the current writers on this site that we all held out hope for a Tibette reunion at some point in time this season. It’s been tough – no doubt about that. I have connected in one way or another with several authors one on one & we all shared the same goal of Tibette as endgame.

          It’s been a hurtful/terrible season all around – even the newbie GQers haven’t had an easy or enjoy road this season. Horrid story lines all around – not just for the 4 OGs. (Yes, I count LuH in that group).

          Many fans have lamented on how absolutely dreadful MLR is & her version of The L Word & how she has destroyed the relationships of all characters – both old & new. But in all honesty, what did we expect?? IC choose MLR – she’s pretty much a mirror image of herself – so why would we hope that things would be different?

          IMO, if it wasn’t for the insistence of JB & LH & their off the chart chemistry & believably as a loving couple, we wouldn’t have had the OG as we know it – even with all its flaws & crazy plot twists.

          Blaming LuH for not being 100% available in season 1 of GQ has become a tired & ineffective excuse for MLR’s inability to present a realistic view of a long term married couple who may not be available 100% of the time to be on screen together – but who sure as hell could have been a powerful example of a loving couple who may have issues & challenges in their life & marriage – but also 2 committed woman who somehow, someway make it work because they WANT to.

          As I have stated several times before, IC had a marvelous idea for this terrific couple who represented to all of us what a lesbian marriage could work & strive. Her colossal mistake was to mirror her own broken & bitter personal breakup with her then life partner & project that into teh Tibette relationship.

          How many times does JB have to tell the fanbase that she was against the Bette cheating storyline. She wanted to portray the long term relationship of Tina & Bette – as did LuH. JB wanted that great love story that would last a life time & she knew when she meet LuH taht it was possible.

          But no, IC wouldn’t allow that & damage her precious ego. She HAD to demonstrate to us that Bette was a player, a cheater. Yet, somehow with her marvelous skills & talent, JB turned that character into an icon we all cheered for & wanted in the secret places in our hearts to be!! LuH by her side & them together could conquer anything.

          So, here we are today with this sad pointless version of GQ that seems to have no direction or goal or even hope at this point.

          I certainly understand JB’s wish to tell a story about women of an age (over 50) (I’m in that age group too) – that are still vibrant & striving, that can have a successful career, date at that age, have sexual experiences & maybe even find love.

          But she & MLR went about it in all the wrong way & have alienated the fan base. I think if a VALID reason was given for the Tibette divorce, fans could have accepted it more readily. But the way in which it has been presented, the disregard for Tina (LuH), lack of even to this day of ANY mention of Tina’s background or story & the horrendous pairing of Tina with Carrie(ROD) is just too much for the base to accept or even forgive.

          JB took a chance & has failed miserably in her attempt to tell this story. The BLM is so under represented that it’s almost embarrassing to mention. JB wanted to tell an interesting story about this subject – but MLR made a disgraceful portrayal of it & rightfully should be ashamed of her lack of effort & conviction. IC too – even though she may not have much involvement in this project in this point in time – she’s still responsible for the finished product. Her name’s on it.

          So we will see the next 3 episodes – where do they lead us & if they provide us even a sliver of hope for a Tibette reunion.

          One thing I DO know – that most all the writers on this site believe in Tibette as endgame in their own novels & stories. I thank you & them for allowing us to swim in the oceans of love & commitment that these stories bring.

          Keep the Tibette Faith!

          • I think you hit the nail on the head when you say that the absence of explanation for the divorce is a key reason why Tibetters couldn’t accept what we’re seeing. It’s the sheer laziness of the story, the contempt for the fans’ investment in the characters, that hurts. Lack of conviction is right. You can’t on the one hand say that the reason you’re so proud of your work on a show like this is that it transcends entertainment and then with the other hand fail to do the work of explaining your artistic decisions. You have to make it cohere. You have to do basic continuity. And it bothers me enormously that for a show that’s this stupid, it isn’t even funny (although thank God for Leisha).

            And yet…… I am excited!!! I am very looking forward to seeing JB and LuH on screen and coming back towards each other. I want those visuals. I am exasperated with the sheer incompetence but I’m here for Tibette first and foremost, and if they deliver that, it will go a little way to erasing the bad stuff. But yeah – as I said in Another Left Turn, they stumbled upon a golden grail and treated it like base metal.

            I too am grateful for all the wonderful Tibette stories to be found here. This site has been a salve this season. Let’s hope there is more Tibette fodder in these last three eps!


            • Agree about the laziness of the writing. It’s beyond terrible. I’m sure some of the seasoned actresses on the show could write/speak better dialogue that these writers have given them to say.

              The majority of what I’ve read & seen on SM & other venues have suggested that the lack of believability of Bette & Tina’s actions are a huge factor in the unwillingness of the fanbase to accept their behaviors.

              MLR & therefore the writers as well have absolutely no idea who Bette & Tina are as individuals let alone as a committed couple.

              Knowing the characters as we do so well from OG, does anyone believe that Tina would willingly abandon their daughter & move to another country for a job/career???
              What happened to her career in NYC??? She would NEVER, NEVER not come to Kit’s funeral. She witnessed Bette’s devastation when Melvin died.

              And walk away from Bette after what she & we endured in OG? No – its not plausible.

              Even Bette – she would treat Tina like a 2nd class person & have reverted to a self centered Bette again? No, not that either. That she wouldn’t have moved heaven & earth to fight for Tina & save their marriage?? Of course she would have.

              MLR is a terrible story teller as well as an inept show runner. How many times in an episode do we need to be subjected to meaningless & boring sex between Finley & Sophie???? When MLR should be further developing good plots with Gigi/Dani, Shane/Tess, either fix Alice with Nat or move on for good & Bette??? The star of the show has less scenes than Finley. How in the world does that happen??

              You’re right – the show is not funny – terribly sad actually.
              As much as I don’t like ROD or the Carrie character, they could have used her for a better plot device that she is being used for. She’s portrayed as pathetic, terribly flawed, addictive with psychological problems with self esteem, commitment, & a personality disorder.

              The fanbase is tired of the not so happy merry go round.

              I do hope with all my heart that JB & LuH are being truthful in their words & SM likes & hints of a Tibette endgame.

              I will keep my hope alive.

              PS – you have done a MARVELOUS job with your choice of songs for your chapters 0 with the Can’t Take My Eyes Off You in ALT & now Satisfaction in this recap!!! Very well done. Mild mannered Mama B turns into ‘Bette the Songstress’ when the right song comes along. Quick – cover the kids eyes!!!!

              If Kit only knew!!!!!

              See ya next recap!!!


              • Saw you posted more DOH! Will get on that this weekend :-)

                You are so right about MLR’s deficiencies as a showrunner. We can only assume that her obsession with Sophie is bc Sophie is MLR, in some way, a la IC and Jenny. I’m pretty annoyed with the treatment of Micah this season, actually, in terms of screen time. He and Maribel had a good thing going and then – uh oh, that’s gone belly up for no reason! Agree too about how little knowledge or respect there is for B&T’s TLW characterisations. Ugh.

                thanks for the chat – btw the strip song is Disco Inferno, but Satisfaction would be good too :-)

    8. Wouldn’t we all be so lucky to have a night of stolen time with the one that we love? No price tag can account for the gift of time, the ability to connect, the escape from the mundane. I was wondering how you would capture what I viewed as a shallow, tragic, toxic episode and, wisely, you chose to focus on secret date night. Well done Largo. Thanks

      • Hiya BK! *waves* Thanks so much for taking the time to read this and for commenting. I really appreciate it when you’ve got stories of your own on the go. :-)

        ‘shallow, tragic, toxic’ is correct – it’s almost impossible to enjoy anything about Gen Q this season. Even Alice isn’t really doing it for me, and I LOVE Leisha Hailey as an actor. I think she’s possibly the most complete actor on the entire show, she can do anything, but all the OGs are so distorted and ‘off’ that I can’t quite feel it. Once again, they’ve let the meta dominate at the expense of characterisation. And the ratings are awful. And MLR got a fat new deal to make more TV. (I’m throwing my hands in the air right now)

        Anyway, thanks again for your comment, and for your own stories, which have always been a comfort.

    9. Really enjoyed this chapter. I think having a long time married couple on a show would make it more interesting, especially with JB and LH’s chemistry, and your story proves it. It seems teenage boys are writing Gen-Q. Love all the Tibette writers on Lesfan. I check everyday to see if any new stories are posted. JB’s comment made me laugh, Patience? Will there be anyone left to watch the show or even care.

      • Hi Cathy! *waves* Great to hear from you. :-)

        Hard agree with you about the potential for stories with a longterm couple. With all due modesty, how much fun would it be to actually watch what I just wrote??? It could be so sweet and enjoyable and imaginative.

        Also agree, sadly, with what you say about ‘patience’. They really misjudged this. It makes me sad.

        Thanks for reading and commenting! Let’s hope things pick up in the last two eps!
        Have a good weekend

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