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    The Real Tibette Watch Gen Q – Episode 6

    ‘Sorry, sorry, sorry . . .’

    Bette came into the kitchen preceded from the front door by Solly and followed by Angie. It was late on Monday night and Tina was standing at the central island, packing Sasha’s lunch for tomorrow and listening to a Sixties rock playlist.

    ‘Well, hello, strangers,’ she said with a warm smile.

    ‘Lexington nightmare,’ Bette said, coming to kiss her wife. ‘Completely closed off, no idea why!’

    ‘I could’ve got a bus,’ Angie said, going towards the freezer.

    ‘No, you can’t,’ Tina replied.

    ‘Not at this time of night,’ Bette added. ‘And the buses weren’t moving either.’

    Bette laid her bag on the counter top and glanced at the wall clock: 11.05. She’d been to give a speech at a Democratic art-world fundraiser on the Upper East Side, then picked Angie up from a friend’s place, leaving bedtime to Tina, who’d already texted at lunchtime to say how much she was looking forward to kicking back with the show that night after a bear of a morning. In such circumstances, Bette had insisted Tina watch the show without her so they could go straight to bed when she finally got in.

    ‘You want me to do Ben’s?’ Bette said, indicating Sasha’s lunch.

    ‘Already done,’ Tina said.

    Bette’s face was pinched with worry that she was letting down her side of their bargain, but Tina’s smile was loving so she just set to filling the kettle for tea.

    ‘Where’s all the ice cream?’ Angie asked.

    ‘I ate it,’ Tina said.

    ‘Mom?! What the hey?’

    ‘There was only a tiny bit of vanilla.’

    ‘I had mint choc chip in here.’

    ‘Oh yeah,’ said Tina. ‘Yeah, I ate a little tub of that too.’

    Bette suppressed a laugh, but Angie’s face was pissed. She shut the freezer door sharply and went to the walk-in pantry.

    ‘You okay?’ Bette asked Tina in a low voice. She knew that Tina had a tendency to comfort-eat. And usually didn’t like mint choc chip at all.


    ‘I’m sorry that thing overran. They didn’t even get me up till nine-thirty.’

    ‘How’d it go?’

    ‘Fine.’ Bette observed Tina’s hands as she chopped up a carrot. ‘You have to be pretty stressed for mint choc chip.’

    Tina laughed. ‘Relax, Porter. They were eating ice cream on the show, that’s all.’

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    1. Largo,
      Yes, it seems fair to wait until Tuesdays to post your Real Tibette Watch comments now that Showtime is broadcasting the remaining episodes on Mondays.

      Was humming along chuckling and agreeing, and then came to the last page. Ohhh baby you explained “real” Bette in a way that I’ve found unparalleled’. You’ve opened my eyes to what it means to “put someone in a box”.

      “Bette wasn’t Fake Bette, she knew that, and yet . . . That woman – Fake Bette – didn’t come out of thin air . . .

      Bette’s tendency when threatened or out of control to put people – women – in boxes,
      STRIP THEM OF COMPLEXITY, even OF HUMANITY. . . ‘this one is to fuck, this one is to marry’ . . .

      Those traits, those WARPED, MYSOGYNISTIC ENERGIES, were part of her when they’d had all their problems, and it had taken work – real work, and not a little courage – for Bette to identify their origins and change not just her behaviour but her thinking.

      I hope it is seared into my psyche the words: warped, misogynistic energies bc those words explains 99% of the shytt that’s going on in OUR REAL WORLD. Right frickin’ now.

      And if that wasn’t plenty gift enough, you wrote such a sweet revelation from Tina.

      Bette . . .’ Tina began, her voice husky with emotion. ‘Do I TELL YOU ENOUGH how proud I am?’

      Bette moved her head a fraction, as if she wasn’t sure she’d heard correctly.

      ‘Do you tell me?’ she asked.

      ‘Yes,’ said Tina, looking up, her eyes full of tears. ‘Of the work you did. For us, in therapy. How you listened and learned and taught me with your example . . . your dedication . . .’ She ran her eyes over Bette’s face. “You SHOW our family every day WHAT LOVE LOOKS LIKE.” She laughed suddenly. ‘And no one expected it! NO one thought you could do it, not Kit, not Alice, not me most of the time. Bette Porter, a stay-at-home mom? But you did it. You reshaped your life around me and the kids, and they are . . . Bette, our children are SPECTACULAR. And it’s because of you.’

      This is the spirit of Tibette!!!

      The one we want to see the Writers use. The “Fake Tina” NEEDS to say this to Bette. Such could mend some BIGTIME wounds in the soul of FBette. . .

      • Hiya Dumplin! Great comments, as ever – I really enjoy hearing what you think. :-)

        It’s quite difficult to ‘explain’ Fake Bette without coming to the conclusion that she’s just an awful person, but we are given some clues in OG, so that’s why I went back to that. I do think there’s something ‘off’ about how she’s written in this season of GenQ, though. And of course Gigi is really taking off with people on social media, converting Bette stans all over the place, so if that was the agenda it’s working. :-/

        I totally agree about the spirit of Tibette. It’s just so sad that we haven’t got to see this so far in Gen Q, but I do remain hopeful and am sooooooo looking forward to Tina being back in Eps 9 and 10. BRING IT ON!!!

        Thanks again for your comments. I know people read the stories, and appreciate that, but taking the time to comment is so much appreciated. x

        • I’m sorry to say I disagree. I make no apologies for being a Bette person. And I don’t see Fake Bette as being terrible. I see her as having been broken by Tina leaving with no reason given. Other than needing space which we know was a crock. So we still don’t know. I see a middle aged Bette trying to figure out how to go on in life. She didn’t pursue Gigi and she wasn’t looking for romance. Gigi could have walked at any time. I have zero problem with a direct Bette. It was Gigi who pushed for a discussion. She got it. Bette is rediscovering her passion for art. Here here. I do not see her using Pippa. I see her entranced by her. Look. Bette has been burned. Badly. Now Carrie is in her face. Literally. She has every right to be bristly. Angry even. What’s off is what she is being forced to watch. To accept. And if she doesn’t do it happily then something is off? Darn right something is off. I get really exasperated when people dump on Bette and when all that is wrong falls on Bette. She should make no apologies about how she chooses to heal. She still seems to be such an easy target. Well I’ve got her back. Always. What’s Fake Tina’s responsibility? It seems this episode recap was more about criticizing Bette and that’s unfortunate. And quite surprising. And makes me sad. JMO. Thanks for writing.

          • Oh well, that’s a tough comment to read, Billy. Hmm.

            Y’know the dog? Solly? That’s short for Solomon and I guess you remember the Wisdom of Solomon story? To me, the S1 Bette who tried so hard to be happy for Tina when she told her she was engaged – that woman had my heart and my sympathy and I would root for her to the ends of the earth. S2 Bette is not that woman, not to me, not any way you cut it. Gen Q are ripping her apart. And when you say you’ve got her back, what does that mean? You mean you accept Gen Q as canon over your own version of Bette, yes? Well, I don’t think I do, not so far. I guess that’s why I started writing these AU stories!

            Ach, it’s a shame we don’t agree on this. And weird, because I don’t see any real difference between the idealised Bette I’m writing here and the one you liked in my other story…. I’m annoyed, so I’ll stop there. Have a good week and please don’t feel obliged to read any more of my writing.


    2. My dear Largo,

      I do appreciate your chapter…. but I must say, that maybe it is my age, my background and possibly my experiences in which I see a very different Fake Bette and in some ways, I do not understand Tina as you present here… why is Tina so concerned with the behavior of Fake Bette? That person as she says is not the same person… yet she questions why she is the way she is in a very disappointed manner.

      As to the Fake Bette, I did not think she was that exceptionally cool to Gigi… She approaches Bette as a friendly soul but suggest that they go to the ladies room and mess around “for old time sake”. For someone who has recently broken up with you, that seems a bit odd. It is somewhat a blatant admission by Gigi that the only reason they were together was for sex. Then she wants to know why they were not right together? Well, almost all breakups are painful…. and Gigi had to know that Bette was not going to say anything that would not hurt, but she insisted on a response anyway… And when Bette said “I need more”… it reminded me of the time in TLW, Bette was advising Alice on telling Phyllis that it was over. Sometimes you have to tell a lesbian more than once that it is over. And I would imagine, that with the 2nd or 3rd time, its become a little more harsh inorder to make the message register. Personally, I could see the response Bette gave being the same if Gigi had been the one breaking up and she being asked in the same circumstances and the question. It certainly a sure fire method to let Gigi know that it indeed was over.

      Tina expecting Fake Bette to be a kinder, gentler human being is not considering that Fake Bette has been divorced from the love of her life, lost the only sister she has, and is now in her mid fifties trying to restart her career and be a mom to a somewhat rebellious teenager. There is not time to molly coddle a ex-lover into accepting that the affair is over..

      The second thing that I have never understood, is a statement that Laurel Holliman and Jennifer Beals have said in interviews is that inorder for the two to get back together, “they have to earn it”. I have no freaking idea what that means. I do see that the objective is the reunion of Bette and Tina…. and I see that something has to happen to get them back together. As to what that is, like trying to read a complex math formula which appeared on the black boards of “A Beautiful Mind”. I guess if you know what that is, you are way ahead of me. But what is this “earned” part. That means you need to do something to recieve a reward or asset. The word earned indicates a transaction – the giving of a service or time and effort to recieve the payoff. But as I see it, love, devotion and caring for another human is a gift which just happens. It litterally takes no effort – its happens involuntarily or it doesn’t. There is generally no purposeful action which makes you fall in love with someone. The only way that I see that these two can “earn” their way back to each other is 1) To desire to be together 2) to act on that desire 3) to accept the other for who they are with all their flaws, their favorable traits, their history, and their talents and goals. If that is what they mean by “earn” it… well okay… but somehow, I don’t think that is what they mean that… so I am still at a loss as to what they mean by “they have to earn it.”….

      So what am I missing?

      Thanks for the chapter….. you at least have made something out of a whole lot of nothing…

      • Hi Martha, thanks very much for reading this story and for your comment. I’m a bit upset so I’m not going to comment much. I don’t have any trouble understanding what ‘earn it’ means. I might give the site a break for a bit.


      • Martha,
        U&me both are in that we don’t know what Jenn&Laurel meant when they said Tibette would have to “earn” their relationship. Maybe in part it’s the 1, 2, &3 U mention above. Maybe it also means that they both have to DETERMINE to quit bolting from one another mentally, emotionally and physically.

        Seems like every time one of them wants to excel in their profession, writers have them separating in order to do such. Am I off in this observation??

        • Dumplin, I don’t think you’re ‘off’. I think that’s a very interesting observation. A lot of the ‘problems’ with what happens to Bette and Tina are caused by their being characters in a TV show. I’m serious about that. TLW and GQ are soap operas, really, and they have to generate silly amounts of conflict. Where I *do* level criticism is in the extremely narrow range of conflict that’s allowed.

          Take Angie’s story arc this season. That would be *beautiful* to watch as a proper parenting story. As would Bette’s potential rediscovery of her mother or even – God forbid – let us see Tina’s extended family. But instead we’re given a menu with two items: infidelity or work/life conflict.

          As for ‘earning it’, in my opinion (and it seems maybe yours too) Martha answered her own question. ‘Quit bolting’ indeed.

          Thanks for your comments!

    3. Thank you for another chapter!

      Like i said earlier i don’t have a problem how Bette treated Giggi – well, it’s maybe wrong, but as Tibette’s fan don’t care about Giggi at all.
      My biggest concern it’s how she behave arond Pippa – she’s everything – what kind of bullshit that is? And when Pippa went from beeing super hiding that no one could find her to having her own student with work???
      And Bette – in last epi your daugther told you she want to donate her kidney but all your thoughts again only about Pippa?

      • Hi Zhenya! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment. :-)

        It’s interesting that you don’t mind how Fake Bette is treating Gigi. Back when I was single, I always read a lot into how someone I’m dating treated people who weren’t me. It didn’t matter if someone was great to me, if I saw them being mean to waiting staff or work colleague or whatever, it was huge turnoff. So when I watch Fake Bette being so unnecessarily cold to Gigi, I struggle to want Tina to be with that person. Feel protective of Tina, I guess? But it’s complicated, and Gigi isn’t exactly a babe in the woods either. More a question of tone, I suppose.

        Agree totally about Pippa. It’s just stupidly written. Fake Bette knows she NEEDS to move on, as long as Tina is unavailable, but is she really this starstruck kid all the time??? The one person Fake Bette can usually access her adulthood for is Angie and yet, as you say, she’s just been ditched in favour of karaoke??? Bette Porter wouldn’t know the B-52s from a poke in the eye! Ffs, don’t they even WATCH the L Word?

        Anyway, thanks again! I appreciate your comments and let’s hope we don’t have to wait too long for some proper Tibette content on this show!! Have a good week. :-)

    4. Largo,

      I appreciate your writing. Very very much. That is not my issue. And yes, we are typically in complete agreement. And if I had held off on my story through this season I would have to follow my own rules 100 percent and accept Gen Q 2 as canon and try to set out to fix it. That was my premise. I would have to. But – If I were doing that I would probably not change a lot about Bette. And that’s on me. Totally. But I would probably play up Carrie being shoved into her world. I would highlight her hurt. Possibly being lost. The next phase following the engagement. I’m not sure how I would try to help Bette heal. I’m saying I have an understanding of her sense of loss. Nothing more. Just where I am at right now. That could change. I love the premise of your recaps. And will absolutely continue to read. I always support your writing. And ALWAYS will. You are my hero. On this aspect of this recap we simply disagree. No disrespect intended. Just my view.

      • Hi Billy

        Thanks for this clarification. I think that’s almost certainly the best explanation of GQ S2 Bette – that she’s not handling the reality of Carrie at all well. Thank you too for your kind words about my writing and your respect for me. I always try to be positive in my comments on other stories, and of course I don’t like criticism, but I accept that sometimes there’s a debate to be had. However, the truth is I was hurt that you implied I was bashing Fake Bette without justification. On the contrary, I think there are clear reasons to be concerned with how Fake Bette has been written in this season. Part of the fun of the challenge of fanfic is deconstructing what we’re given, of course, but with these recaps I don’t have a lot of time for that, I have to decide quickly which aspect to address, and I felt there was no need for her to be so rude – and so humourless – with Gigi.

        All best

      • Billy, after a day or two thinking about this I have some thoughts I’d just like to put on record.

        Truth be told, I’m embarrassed by my own reaction, which I think was over the top, but I think I know what happened, from my own perspective. I think your comment hit me so hard because a) it was unexpected and b) it felt like a criticism of my values. I realise now that, in all my writing about Tibette – and maybe this is true for everyone – there is an ethical component. Canon presents us, essentially, with ethical scenarios and we have to come down on one side or another. In your comment, I reacted (I didn’t realise this at the time, but I do now) badly to the implication that I was being disloyal to Bette, whereas I thought I was being very loyal to Bette by defending her from the way she’s being written via ignoring it and/or creating this new Bette who exists literally in a parallel universe. You, on the other hand, were accepting the Gen Q S2 Bette and still trying to work her out in a way that was sympathetic. And again, truth be told, I can now see the value in that. Your observation that the aspects of her that many people find troubling atm is down to having Carrie thrust in her face is very astute. I didn’t see that, but you did. I’m sorry I took so long to engage with that.

        All best

    5. I’m thinking about Bette.

      The one we were introduced to in original LWord and the one we’re seeing now in GenQ. She’s such a different woman to me. Starts out as a tender narcissist and faces some glaring deficiencies when it comes to relating to those closest to her. She seemed to me to be very balanced in having a strong-willed personality and submitting that to the needs of Tina by the end of S6 in TLW original.

      Then in GenQA we all of a suddenly see a woman who has been absolutely molested by loss and sorrows galore including being left AND divorced by her soul mate Tina. Her soul & spirit have been left dangling over a clift. She’s experiencing the once-in-a-lifetime experience of menopause, and having the lion’s share of responsibility to raising a teenager who is also trying to find her way from childhood to adulthood.

      Pretty much the only personal thing that is rewarding is that she & Tina have done well in communicating matters that concern Angie. They are civil and respectful of one another in the co-parenting rolls.

      To me Bette has shrunk her world down to trying to be the best mother to Angie. Her love for art 4ever flows in her blood and she is safe in it. In ROMANTIC relationships, persons that are in the arts turn her head the quickest are in that field and all others pretty much are in the box called “short-term relationships”. So it’s NO surprise that she has stepped away from Gigi with just a minimum of physical contact.

      Seems like she is really wanting the mental rela with Pippa with probably a “friends w/bonus” type of physical rela, but only ART (her 1st love) & Tina (her soul mate) will ever have her emotional/spiritual connection.

      • Hi again, Dumplin – thanks for commenting again. I appreciate the opportunity to think about this some more and to try and understand other perspectives (now that I’m not so stung!).

        I agree with most of what you say, but I don’t think there’s a lot of justification for saying that she’s trying to be the best mother to Angie. In fact, in anything, it’s Bette’s shortcomings as a parent that are the most troubling aspect of how the character is being written in this season. Angie was too apprehensive to even approach her about Marcus and on the same day Angie had sought out a therapist *for herself*, Bette left her alone (we presume?) so she could pursue Pippa. That’s pretty bad. Bette’s poor impulse control is the reason Angie bolts from therapy and, weirdly, it’s *reminding* Angie that Bette is always a loose cannon is how she gets her to go. back. In that scene, they sounded like people who are habituated to living with an abusive person. I found that disturbing and am actually really angry with Gen Q for writing all of this this way.

        I like the way you describe Bette’s losses. As Billy has said too, these are key to understanding why she is acting the way she is (and Real Tina touched on this in one of my earlier recaps) but I think anyone is entitled to find her behaviour a turnoff. The GQ S1 Bette had all the same losses but she was written differently. She was sadder, less angry, still capable of wishing Tina well. And yes, I understand that the reality of Carrie is different when she’s there every day, but there was an opportunity to show Bette being absolutely outstandingly loving to Tina, accepting Carrie for her and Angie’s sake, getting her art mojo back, etc. And maybe this is what we will yet see. I suspect it is, otherwise why would we want her to get what she wants?

        So thanks again!

        • Ahhh my friend since we’re having a friendly tug-of-war, let me push back. 1. I didnt imply that Bette believed that she’s had reached the “best Mom of the Yr” status. Because she KNOWS that she definite isn’t. Remem in GenQ Season1 when she was having a tiff w/Angie after it was revealed that she had had an “affair” w/Felecia? Bette was devastated that Angie was being dissed bc of her lack of self-control.

          My point is that the Bette we know “would have” ENDEAVORED to be the best Mom “she” could be. As far as we know from TLW & TLWGenQ, Bette was not raised with a Mom (or Mom-figure). We’ve never hear of speak of someone that fulfilled that model in her life. SO!!! She really doesnt have the control of life that she thinks she commands.

          The fact that children are separate human beings although they developed many of the mannerisms of their parents. And TEENAGERS are a whole different animal all together!!!
          Been listening to a Sade song (Soldier of Love) which immediately made me think of Bette.

          . . . “I’ve lost the use of my heart, but I’m still alive . . . It’s the wild, wild, west, (bc of GenQ Writers), doing my best . . . I’ve been TORN UP INSIDE, I’ve been LEFT ALONE (bc of TINAAAA).

          Hmmmmm . . . . Here’s a link to lyrics:

    6. Largo,

      I appreciate all your efforts in writing about this difficult subject matter & still trying to stay true to what we all are wishing for in our hearts – That Tibette will reunite in GQ.
      But your ‘Real Life’ Tibette is fine with me as well – I love their interactions, the ‘earned’ trust in each other & of course the love they still have for each other all these years later.

      I did like the way in which you unraveled this episode through Tina’s telling of the show. It was effective & clearly got the point across.

      I think both of them in the past took each other for granted & have vowed not to travel down that path again. So when Tina asked that question to Bette – it didn’t bother me. She’s just affirming her devotion to Bette & wanting Bette to know that she DOES appreciate all that Bette HAS done, Is doing & the Sacrifices she’s made for her family. And too that Bette also realizes she doesn’t HAVE to BE in CONTROL 100% of the time. She’s fine allowing Tina to take the lead in careers – they had developed a BALANCED relationship that works for them & that what counts in the end.

      So episode 7 is next Monday & it would be great if your recap was posted on Tuesday – I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO IT as I am sure so many more fans are too.

      Keep writing lady.

      Thanks my friend.

      • Hi Collins! *waves* Thanks so much for your comments and support. It is much appreciated. :-)

        You are right that I am still staying true to Tibette endgame! It will take more than GQ distorting Bette Porter all to hell to stop me wishing for Tibette. Not fun to watch, though.

        I’m glad you liked the device of having the show come via Real Tina’s lens. I was pleased with that, because it meant that Real Bette couldn’t quite reach the same level of investment as Real Tina, she was able to shrug it off more, but Real Tina was also able to reflect on the ways in which ‘her’ Bette differs, and why. ‘Do I tell you enough…?’ is a great cornerstone of communication in a marriage.

        Will post the next one on Tuesday!

        Thank you again, my friend

    7. Hey Largo, another great post, and considering what you have to work with on GenQ season 2, I commend you. I watch the show on Friday, and I read all the spoilers in advance but since the official airing is on Mondays, I would vote for you to post on Tuesdays or after whatever you prefer.

      I don’t want to bring up bad memories, but actually Real Bette did see the B52’s in concert at the Planet performing Love Shack … however she might want to forget it. Tina wasn’t there because she was in Canada making her moves on Josh Becker :-(

      I know there are a lot of opinions regarding Fake Bette this season, and this is just mine. I’ve been turned off by her character in such a major way so far this season, that it’s going to take something super dramatic like she has a brain tumor that is affecting her behavior for me to understand or forgive it.

      I for one think that Fake Alice, Fake Shane and Fake Bette should take a page out of Gigi’s book when it comes to honestly communicating feelings and being direct and upfront. Granted Gigi’s humor is misplaced and inappropriate at times and maybe she should have just let things go but it appeared that prior to their conversation at the bar she and Fake Bette had not actually had an ‘official break-up’ just a realization that it was over.

      It was obvious Fake Bette must have been expressing discontent to Shane or she would not have made that snide remark about Fake Bette not chasing Gigi and later asking ‘how are things going with Gigi?’ Alice was deflecting her own issues with Gigi on Fake Bette, and I really didn’t appreciate it.

      Fake Bette was obviously having a bad day, she didn’t want to be at the bar, and her mind was on Pippa – Gigi’s joke about a world where they would be f*cking in the bathroom was on point. Fake Bette either demoralizes with sex or by lashing out, Gigi got to see both sides and probably wished that she hadn’t unleashed Fake Bette’s wicked tongue.

      Gigi is so much better off, and I hope Fake Bette’s disdain for Gigi doesn’t rear its ugly head and ruin whatever Dani might be trying to build professionally with Fake Bette or personally with Gigi.

      I’m looking forward to episode 7 and Real Bette and Real Tina’s take on it.

      Enjoy your week!

      • Hi BAT2021! *waves* Thank you so much for this comment and for reading the story. :-)

        I couldn’t agree more with what you say about the OGs’ attitude to communication. That was so hard to watch! My jaw was on the floor, really. But as I said elsewhere, it’s TV so personal growth has to measured in teaspoons, if that, for these people, to keep it nice n messy for the ratings (which isn’t working anyway!). Maybe the fault is ours for expecting any kind of consistency or basic human psychology to be in play at all??? But yeah, they were really bitchy and frankly unlikeable in that scene.

        I’m not sure Bette didn’t want to be at the bar. Or rather, maybe this is another instance of how badly written Bette is. Is she a person who does things she doesn’t want to do or is she a person who does what she wants? How do we know which one is in play at any one time? Ugh.

        The Gigi thing is, I think, heading to a major conflict of loyalties for Dani. Or at least it would if this show made sense, so maybe it won’t, maybe Gigi will marry Finley and Tom will turn out to be Tina’s dad, who the hell knows any more, lol

        Will post on Tuesdays from now on!
        Thanks again for the feedback and for following these wee stories. It’s appreciated.

      • Sorry, forgot to say thank you for reminding me about Bette seeing the B-52s at the Planet! Agh. My bad for forgetting that. Maybe she forgot it, though? Pop music maybe would make no impact on Bette, but I have to say, if the Gen Q writers chose that song because it would be the only pop song they could explain Bette knowing, then kudos to them. That’s a level of detail with TLW canon they don’t usually display.

        • Seems you are giving the GQ writers far too look much credit on this one!! HA

          I think the choice of song had more to do with the fact that the title started with an ‘L’ more than anything else. If you Google top karaoke songs of all time, Love Shack comes in at #6.

          It was a great choice none the less.

          Be I sure would have liked Bette & Tina to sing it together!!!! Now that would have been epic!!

    8. I’m a bit of a lurker here (“silent reader”) and rarely comment on stories. I have not been able to watch anything but clips and highlights of Gen Q seasons 1 and 2 because I just can’t stand what the writers have done to Bette and Tina. There is no logic to the divorce, nor to Tina’s engagement with Carrie. I actually came to the conclusion – over the course of the original L Word series – that the writers are almost pissed that “TiBette” simply won’t “die.” The actors (JB and LH) created amazingly engaging and sympathetic characters, despite the writers’ (or maybe just IC herself) best efforts to make them shallow stereotypes. Their fans want to see them together. IC doesn’t. I guess a long-term, happy, healthy relationship just doesn’t make good TV in her view!

      Largo, you write the characters beautifully – like some of my favorite writers from “the old days.” You try to actually give them reliable character traits and make their actions and dialogue flow somewhat predictably (I mean that in the “plausible, reliable” sense of the word – not the “pat, formulaic” sense of the word) out of those personalities, something the writers of both incarnations of the series have NEVER been able to master with ANY of the characters. Your sensitivity to perceived criticisms above just shows how invested you are in the world you’ve created. Shake it off. You’re a great writer.

      • Hello slntrdr! Very glad to meet you and to have your comment. :-)

        I completely agree with everything you say about what’s been done with the B&T characters over these many series. The truth is it’s harder to write happy people than miserable people. You need *really* good writers to make that interesting (even Tolstoy didn’t bother much with that!). But as someone else said (somewhere, I can’t remember where, sorry), why can’t we have ‘us against the world’ with B&T? Why must it ALWAYS be ‘us against each other’? It’s so dispiriting. And yet it’s also the space into which all this Tibette fanfic can pour, so I guess I can’t be all that pissed, lol. I think of David Simon, who wrote The Wire purely to show someone who’d rejected him what he was missing. Sometimes anger can be fuel in a positive way.

        I’m so pleased you like the way I write Tibette in these recaps. It’s a great pleasure to give them the family they wanted and to preserve Kit the way she should be. I agree too that the professional writers of these characters have given JB and LH a hell of a job over the years, to try and sell B&T as credible humans. One thing I absolutely love doing is trying their dialogue in my head, to see if I can picture how the actors would deliver it – if I can do it, I know it’s good. :-)

        Thank you again, slntrdr, for breaking cover to encourage me. I appreciate that so much. Hope you have a good week and I’ll be back on Tuesday with Ep7.

        take care

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