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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 21

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 21


    Bette was back in bed, curled up on her side, her back to the door. Tina slid into the bed, wrapping her arm around Bette’s waist.

    “Thank you, T,” she said softly. “I’m so happy you’re here.”

    “There’s no place else I would rather be,” Tina replied. She meant those words. The delicate balancing act between her lover and her husband would require finesse, but Bette was worth the struggle. Tina had called her hotel to check out over the phone, not wanting Bette to know she hadn’t gone home. Not wanting to go home because Henry would know she wasn’t in New York.

    Chapter 20…

    Bette gently took the picture frame from Tina and let it drop into the trashcan.

    “Bette,” said Tina.

    Bette’s brow was furrowed, her jaw set in anger. “Fuck her. I don’t want to see her. I don’t want reminders of her in my office. Or anywhere for that matter.”

    Tina felt it best not to push. She just wrapped her arms around Bette and kissed her forehead. “You’re doing great, Bette. Keep moving ahead, okay?”

    Bette nodded. “Okay, T.”

    Tina squeezed Bette tightly. “Walk me out?”

    “Depends,” said Bette, still snuggled against Tina’s chest.

    “On what?”

    “Will I see you tonight?” asked Bette.

    “Of course, you will,” said Tina.

    Bette pulled back and smiled. “Okay then. I’ll walk you out.”


    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 21

    After she left The Porter Gallery, Tina went back to her office at Chaikentown Productions. She checked her email and afternoon schedule before grabbing a bottled iced coffee and heading to the trailer of the male lead in “Midsummer Frost”. Gregory Allen was a beautiful specimen of a man with dark brown skin and natural crystal blue eyes. His body was well-sculpted, and he was taller than her by at least a foot.

    She smoothed her suit jacket before knocking on his door with a finely tuned look of contrition. There was annoyance in his million-dollar eyes, but they softened when he saw the iced coffee in her hand. It was his favorite and he was pleased that she remembered. He smiled, displaying two rows of even white teeth. “Hey, Chris,” he said. “Thanks for coming.”

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    1. Love 2019 Bette bc she is sharing some hard truths about her ropensities toward addictions. She really gave Tina an easy out in that she was seriously considering that might want to suspend their friendship/relationship.

      WhooHoo Tina finally brought up the “forbidden subject – her marriage!!

      So had Henry & Tina agreed to stay married? or in a platonic partnership of some kind???

    2. I was holding my breath when I read Bette’s suggestion to take a break as long as she’s getting her addiction under control. The little reader in my head was shouting at Bette “Don’t do it! Don’t let Tina go! Tina doesn’t want to go!”.

      Hopefully Tina will continue what she started. She has to end it with Henry. If he doesn’t want to speak to her, she could simply hand him the divorce papers. I’m curious though what this agreement might be. He doesn’t ask for sex with his wife as long as she just goes through the motions of a marriage? As long as she keeps up the appearance of the happy couple in front of her mother? Hmm, but why would she agree? No, I have no idea. I guess I have to wait for your next part :-)

      Still enjoying it immensely!

    3. This is a strange relationship between Chris and Henry.. Over the previous weekend, he’s upset because she is not coming home as scheduled. They do not seem to be making at least daily phone calls while she is away. She talks to him on Sunday and next on Tuesday to say she’ll be home on Wednesday afternoon. When she finally does arrive home, he remains in his easy chair watching the game and greets his wife with shouts and then an invitation to watch the game with him? No kiss, no hug, no affection whatsoever. Then she say we need to talk and then indicates their relationship is over and he goes for a drive obviously to avoid further discussion.

      Tina needs to end this and end it now. No Thanksgiving with the parents. No continuing to live with Henry. And she needs to come clean with Bette. And don’t let Bette start drinking…..that will only make things worse. Bette will probably be working to get the show up and going. Tina should assist her were she can as soon as she has made it clear to dear Henry that it is over.

      Good to see that Tina is making an initial move. I was beginning to get worried that this was going to stretch on forever. Good chapter….. love to see more….

    4. Yeah I dont think a simple talk is going to get Tina out of her old life it’s going to be mess as is any split… so sad Bette is tittering back and forth from the old her and new her with the addiction just shows no matter how good you improve or start over you always have a weakness.
      But I also believe love sometimes takes a turn and makes you stronger with in and shows you a way much clearer. But Tina’s secret my push her over the edge.. if she could only see Tina to had a different life as she did with Sydney and may not been drugs and alcohol involved but abusive toxic marriage that’s not going to leave Tina with out a few scares of her own. Thank you nice chapter.

    5. I guess I’m curious about the agreement between Tina and Henry as eveybody else.

      But the the most important thing for me is that it will be so difficult for Tina to hide her mariage from Bette as she intended, Henry seems like someone ready to fight for this marriage, it might be war between these two so when Bette proposed to take a break in their relationship, I thought (don’t murder me please) why not !

      The thing is that Bette is already so vulnerable, she is afraid to use alcohol instead of facing reality, how will she react to Tina ‘s marriage … drama’s coming …( and I must say like it !)

      Thank you for this chapter, can’t wait for more.

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