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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 20

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 20

    Bette popped a piece of gum into her mouth before climbing into the elevator of Sidney’s building. James was on his way. As the elevator car ascended, Bette could feel her pulse race. She had asked James to pick up some coffee and bagels. It would give her time to get to the loft, deal with her own anxiety, and clean up just in case anything needed it.

    Her jaws moved quickly as she chewed on the cinnamon-flavored cube, popping the gum between her teeth. Her hand shook when she unlocked the door and she stood in the doorway for a moment before going inside.

    The air smelled of stale cigarettes. Bette felt just as vulnerable as she’d felt the last time she was here. Her hand moved to the bandage on the side of her head. She glanced at the couch and the coffee table. The vodka bottle was still on the floor. Her strides were rapid and angry as she marched over and picked it up, throwing it in the trash. Next, she emptied the overflowing ashtray and then put away the bottle of scotch that remained on the table. She grabbed a towel and cleaned the tabletop. Standing back to inspect it, she felt better. At least something was now under control.

    She moved to the far wall, opening up the windows to let in the fresh air. And then she stripped the bed and changed the linens. Anything to keep moving and not having to think about where she was and what had happened two days before. In short order, the living quarters became presentable and just as she was bagging up the trash, she heard a brief rap on the door before it opened.

    James arrived at 7:25 am, coffee and bagels in hand. Bette set up their spread on the coffee table and checked the camera, ensuring it was ready to snap photos. She and James set up a numbering system for the pieces and got started, moving through Sidney’s charcoals, oil paintings, and a handful of sculptures. Sidney was a prolific artist and there were more than 27 pieces to view.

    As they got lost in the work, Bette felt herself relax. This was where she shined; reviewing and critiquing art. Her dark brown eyes studied strokes, textures, colors, emphasis. It was amazing to watch her work. James moved with her as they moved from piece to piece. He typed notes as she took photographs and provided commentary regarding adjustments and modifications. She also gave ideas to enhance the presentation of each piece.

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    1. There is still some high drama. Sorting out Sidney’s condo seems amazing. Bette is an incredibly strong woman to return to the scene of the crime and do what she needed to do to get those selections made.

      Alice knows that Bette was attacked…not all of it but enough to know why she cannot face Sidney.

      Bette will go sign the papers and hopefully Sidney will be off the streets for a couple months anyway. Hopefully she will be dried out and won’t fall back into bad habits. It appears that she may have legal troubles but its a possession problem which is not as severe has possession for resale.

      Hopefully, Sidney has signed her divorce papers. But if she hasn’t, then Bette may have no choice but to visit her to get her to sign them. And of course there is no guarantee the she will.

      Tina was very considerate to bring lunch for the crew at the gallery. Seems to be a very considerate person whose person life is totally screwed up.

      Nice chapter…. great story…. thanks for writing….keep it up.

    2. What interesting for me – how Bette see her future work together with Sidney after this rape? I’m sure they better to split up not only their personal, but and a professional lifes.

    3. Indeed, a few pages to regroup! An expression from my liturature studies came to my mind: A chapter that has a retarding effect. Slowing down the drama, give the protagonists one breath and then let all hell break loose. But I hope you have very different ideas for Tina and Bette.

      What gets to me is the fact that inside of “Bette 2019” still lives the mind and heart of a 19 year old college girl. Yes, Dana gave her the memories of the older Bette’s life but still…. The woman who was raped by her estranged wife is a scared teenager whose life only a week ago consisted of summer-work at the museum, getting to know her mother again and most of all of days and nights full of happy thoughts of her girlfriend, the love of her life.

      Maybe Dana will make an appearance again and she’ll help Bette to overcome this tragic situation. Tina is doing a great job but she could use some support. She won’t get it from Alice as long as A doesn’t know the whole truth.

      I’m looking forward to the next part, whenever you get around to writing and posting. Life sometimes has the habit of getting in the way of fun, right? :) Good luck with your rotation!

    4. Kiwipit
      Warns us that all hell might break loose now that we’ve had our moment to breath. Definitely agree! Think we are still in for a lot of fireworks betwn Sidney and Bette with Tina in the middle.

      Even with Sidney knowing full well she is in the wrong, having raped Bette she jumped in Alices’ face when Al inadvertently mentioned Bette’s “girlfriend”, and went on a tantrum as to who is “f’ng” her WIFE. This all from the one in the relationship that had “F’d” someone else 3 times as far as Bette knew!!

      Anyway, there’s NO indication that she has already signed the divorce papers, so I don’t see her likely to do it now. She’s going right to Bette’s heart and will be playing the “how can you leave me now in MY hour of need” card?!!! 😩😩😫 Woe, woe, woe is me with crocodile tears😭😭😭

      Think it will also be a nightmare of epic proportions when Bette try’s to extricate herself from Sid as a business partner.

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