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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 23

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 23

    Tina closed the oven door before setting the timer. “Mom, 45 minutes, right?” she asked.

    Her mother’s gray hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she wore worn white apron. “Yep. 45 minutes. While those cook, I need you to grate some cheese. Kaitlyn’s peeling potatoes.”

    “Okay,” she replied.

    She took a sip of the mimosa she had been nursing all morning. Her mother and sister were drinking bloody mary’s. Tina’s discussion with Bette about alcohol and addiction had been heavy on her mind. Everything about Bette had been heavy on her mind. She hadn’t slept well and Bette seemed to be avoiding her. Tina had called her several times the day before, only to end up leaving voicemails. Her text messages had largely gone unanswered until she received a reply at 1 am.

    Bette: Hey, T. I’m sorry I didn’t return your calls. I’ve been really tied up today. I decided to spend the night with my sister. I’ll just stay overnight and I’ll be here for Thanksgiving. I miss you terribly.

    Tina had called her immediately after receiving the text. Bette still had answered her. The call had gone right to voicemail. If Bette had been at home, Tina would have showed up on her doorstep. Instead, she threw herself back in the bed, worrying about Bette. Arriving at her parents’ home to prepare the Thanksgiving meal had been a welcome relief from the thoughts swirling in her mind.

    When their mother took a break to return a few holiday phone calls, Kaitlyn sat down beside her sister and asked, “What’s up with you?”

    Tina had pulled herself out of her reverie, blinking quickly to reorient herself. “What?” she asked.

    “What is up with you? You’re acting weird.”

    Tina looked down at the glass bowl on the counter and the cheese grater in her hand. “I’m not acting weird. I’m grating cheese.”

    Kaitlyn sipped her cocktail. “No, you’re being weird. You haven’t complained to Mom once about this cooking shit. And you didn’t even roll your eyes at Henry when you got here.”

    Tina frowned. “So, my normal self complains and rolls my eyes?”

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    1. Three cheers for Bette for explaining herself and making a decision to work on her own shit!!! At least her heart is purposed to be free of as much baggage as possible. She hopes to be able to commit to Tina for the long haul.

      Tina’s plan is to straddle the fence. UUUgh!! She has no plans of telling Bette about Henry, whether she stays married to him or not. She really doesn’t mind setting Bette to be her unwitting whore.

    2. Hola me encantó el capitulo esperando que subas el otro si fuera por mi que lo subieras mañana mismo pero esperaré que subas el otro capítulo y por favor puedes poner más páginas porque siempre quedo con ganas leer mas

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      I don’t know if Bette’s decision about the break was right or not (maybe right) but i definitely know that Tina’s decision about living double life will be worst solution and in long run may ruin both.

    4. Thanks MTS for this insight to Tina’s relationship with her family. I just hope that she will be courageous enough to free herself from all those habits and conventions. Strong enough to listen to her heart that will tell her to end things with Henry immediately. Not if and when Bette might be divorced from Sidney. When it comes to love and listening to your heart and soul there is no safety net. Do it now! Show Bette that you want her, believe in her and by that give her strenght to pull through her mess with the alcohol and her manipulative (hopefully) soon-to-be ex wife.

      pps :-)

    5. Wait…if things work out with Bette, (THEN) I’ll will end it with Henry? What if it does not work out with Bette, will you not end it with Henry. Bette first, Henry the backup? Come on Tina, better to be alone than to be with someone you do not want to be with!!!

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