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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 24

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 24

    Bette stayed in the kitchen with Patricia Dean, Kit’s mother. Dylan was on a chair, helping her mix a cake. Patricia was giving both of them instruction as Bette held the hand mixer and Dylan dropped in dry ingredients. Kit was setting up the house and greeting guests that had started to trickle in.

    The day spent in preparing the meal was a welcome break for Bette. Patricia had been excited to see her and Dylan had been her constant companion. In the middle of the night, he’d snuck into bed with her, curled up against her back. He made her heart sing. She regretted the distance that had come between them in the past few years. It was obvious that he loved her very much. The pureness of his love was restorative.

    When Alice and Tasha arrived, Bette changed into dressier attire and chatted with her friends. They moved together like a couple and that pleased her. She noticed Tasha’s hand on Alice’s lower back and they would often defer to one another for details on recent stories. There was a light and joy in Alice’s eyes. It made Bette happy. As the house filled with people, Alice pulled her aside.

    “Tell me, how are things with Tina?” she asked.

    Bette’s heart sank and she shrugged. “Oh, Alice. I don’t want to talk about it.”

    Alice put a hand on her friend’s arm. “I’m sorry. She seems really good for you. I like her.”

    “I like her too, but she and I are going to take a break.”


    Bette’s eyes were watery. Alice grabbed her and they headed to a quiet room off the hallway. “Hey, no tears,” she said softly.

    Bette eyed her friend. “How do I really look, Alice? How’s my eye?”

    Alice looked at her. “It looks fine. I mean, the new bandage is tiny over your cut. Looks like it’s healing well. Your eye isn’t swollen or anything. You’re wearing a turtleneck so I can’t see your scratches or anything. Why? Are you worried?”

    Bette wrung her hands. “Yes. I feel so exposed.”

    “No, you look great, Sweetie. If anyone asks, just tell them you hit your head on a cabinet. I mean, that shit happens to me for real.”

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    1. A second post? Wow. Feels like I’m getting all my gifts for Christmas a few weeks later this year. Tina’s comeback on the show on Sunday, now two chapters of your brilliant story on one day :-) Thanks a lot.

      My comment on the previous chapter still stands. I hope Tina feels motivated enough to clear up her own situation without waiting for Bette’s divorce.
      It’s a little like their younger selves of your previous books. They were fine and secure in their love when they were near each other. Drawing strenght from each other and thriving as a couple. When they were apart, the influence of family and their own insecurities made them question the love they had.

      It’s great that you still show those character traits of B + T’s younger self (Bette) or time-twin-self (Tina). I said it before, I still see the 19 year old Bette inside the body of her older self. Her young soul probably is calling out for her soulmate “Tina, I need you!”

      Well, enough of the mushy me ;-) I have complete confidence in you that you won’t make the drama too big for T + B. Nothing that will keep them apart forever. Please?

      Thanks again for the double treat.

    2. So Tina went to Thanksgiving Dinner with the family. With or Without Henry? Has she made any more progress on the breakup of her marriage? Bette is about 2 months ahead of Tina is getting her divorce. California takes a bit of time to get a divorce even an uncontested one.

      Sidney is still a wild card in that she still wants or falsely believes that Bette belongs to her. I think Henry is a vast unknown. Will he fight a divorce from Chris? A break is truly something Tina needs to get her actions in sync with her desires and goals. The problem with Tina is has she got the gumption to put the get the process underway to get her life in order? And even if she does, its bound not to be smooth sailing. So she needs to come clean with Bette if she truly believes Bette is her future.

      I like this story…I just wish Bette would catch a break and allow things to go her way for once.

      thanks for this chapter.

    3. Thank you for the chapter!

      First – Alice sometimes can gives good advise)

      Second – is Bette surely not on the drugs now? Because her mood swings unusual for healthy woman. She called Tina, wanted to come to her, and when Tina refused but suggested to meet tomorrow – again completely shutting her out. And on the second day Bette call to her again and say to her “T”. I don’t know, very strange behavior.
      Maybe Bette needs to see a therapist, who could worked with rape victims?

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