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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 34

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 34

    Bette sent Alice ahead into Villa de Mujeres while she took a few calming breaths and worked through a relaxation exercise on her phone. Dr. Burrows had given her advice that she’d found useful. She popped a piece of gum into her mouth before she exited her blue coupe and locked the doors.

    You can do this, Bette, she told herself.

    It wasn’t until her hand was on the door of the building that she realized she wasn’t ready. She didn’t want to see Sidney. She wasn’t prepared to forgive her and didn’t want to hate her. She wanted to be able to move on but found she just wasn’t there yet.

    Tina’s cryptic behavior hadn’t helped. If anything, Bette now questioned everything.

    She paced for a while in front of the building, finally sending Alice a message that she couldn’t walk inside. Alice called her.

    “Bette, you don’t have to come in,” said Alice.

    “I just can’t do it, Al.”

    “Then don’t. Stay there. I’ll come out.”

    “Wait! She needs this. She needs someone. Just stay with her. Talk to her. Make sure she’s okay. I’ll be here. Just take your time. I can’t be there, but I need you to be there.”

    Alice nodded. “I’m here. I understand.”

    “Okay. Thanks Alice.”


    They disconnected and Bette found herself walking around the grounds. The place seemed peaceful and she could smell the salt of ocean air. In the distance was the soothing crash of waves. Villa de Mujeres looking like a resort. She hoped it was helping. There was a part of her that still loved Sidney and wanted the best for her. She’d known Sidney for her entire adult life.

    And while she wanted Sidney to get better for Sidney’s own sake, the desire was also selfish. The more stable Sidney became, the easier it would be for Bette to move on with Tina. Her phone buzzed and Bette looked at the text message she had from Alice.

    Alice: Go home and relax. I’ll have Tasha swing by later.

    Bette: Are you sure?

    Alice: Yes. Love you. I’ve got this. We are actually having a good time.

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    1. You have me on the edge of my seat with Tina’s plans. Feels like she gets more and more self-assured now that she reminded herself how capable and powerful she is. Love it!

      The texts to Bette should be another piece of the puzzle for her. It’s a little scary how far the manipulations from Tina’s father or his goons reach. Tina needs a second phone. So great that she spends the nights with Bette. I guess it does wonders for both of them and strenghtens their bond.

      Finally Bette could open up about the rape. Now she can really start to heal and overcome her addictions. Thanks for Dr. Burrows!

      Thanks for nearly 4k of words! Whenever you need another break from studying, we’re ready to read the next chapters and feed you with comments in exchange ;-)


    2. Thank you for the this part!

      I like Bette told Dr. Burrows about rape, and i think it’s might be start to her healing.

      Still dying to know what is Tina’s plan.

      Waiting for the next!

    3. Well done therapy……but its going to take a bit more to get her over this… but this is fiction and cures to not have to progress at the same speeds as life.

      Now, what is our lovely Miss Tina up to? Evidently, Tina meant that she was coming over and not avoiding Bette anymore rather than breaking up as interpreted by Bette? Or was this dear old Dad and crew who had accessed her phone and sent a message to Bette?

      Surely Dad will not take Tina’s word for deciding to be with Henry? Surely he will have Tina followed or checked up on. He had to get the information that Tina was seeing Bette by either phone records or credit card charges (all those lunches at the gallery)? She was on a pause when she told Henry they were over, so she spent most of the successive nights at home. She did not stay with Bette but for the night before she went to see her Dad. The misinterpreted message for Bette came later that afternoon.

      How did he know that Tina had seen a lawyer? Los Angeles has a town full of lawyers and would not contact a predecessor attorney without client permission. I take it that Dad was just guessing that Tina would see a lawyer once he delivered his hammer. Whatever this plan is, Tina has to move like the wind to get it set up. Just don’t do anything stupid like murdering Henry or Stephen Kennard. I really feel badly for Tina and for Bette. I really just want these two to get to some level ground where they can be together and start living their lives as a couple.

      Great Chapter… we need a bit more of the plan for Tina. I’m really curious.. thank you for such an entertaining story.

    4. Thanks for the post. Although it’s left me with more questions than answers!

      Please post again soon so as more details come my way to think out what is going on especially with Tina.

      Loved it,

    5. Those text messages definitely lead you to believe that Tina was leaving Bette. Coupled with the previous chapter, I really want to know what Tina is up to and how she expects to pull off whatever she is planning. I’m very concerned right now.

    6. This was a really wonderful chapter. Tina making the effort to be with Bette every night, even when she has to arrive after midnight…. what a commitment, how tiring is that? But so beautiful in its simplicity because isnt at night we all feel most vulnerable… and like KiWi said above, it must strengthen their bond. We should all be so lucky. Following this story closely, PSS

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