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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 35

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 35

    “It’s weird, right?” asked Bette.

    She was wearing her white earbuds as she let herself into her home. As the Wednesday evening faded to dusk, she walked inside and closed the door behind her, a stack of unread mail in her hand.

    “It’s weird, Bette,” Alice replied.

    Bette placed the mail on her kitchen coffee and then headed to her room to change.

    “What do you think I should do?”

    “You know what you should do,” said Alice.

    “Confront her.”


    Bette stood in her walk-in closet, unbuttoning her dress shirt. “I don’t want to.”

    “No shit. I know you don’t want to. Confronting Tina means you burst the bubble of make-believe that you two have been living in. You just told me that you only see her at night. She just comes over to sleep with you.”

    Bette answered, “Yes and no. All we do is sleep. Literally, sleep. No sex. She just holds me. Or I hold her. It’s nice Alice. I sleep all through the night.”

    “But she disappears on you during the day.”

    “Well yeah. But she’s tied up with some things right now. She told me to expect this.”

    Alice was on her living room sofa, lying flat on her back. She shook her head at her best friend’s naiveite.

    Has she always been like this? she asked herself.

    She wanted to scream at Bette: “This chick is playing you!”

    But she couldn’t do that. Bette was head over heels for this woman. Alice thought of her as wishy-washy, hot and then cold. On the one hand, she showered Bette with attention and had literally clothed and fed her in support of the art show debut. Yet, Bette admittedly hadn’t seen Tina during daylight hours in nearly a week.

    “She’s going out of town for a few days anyway,” said Bette.

    “Why? Work?”

    Bette shrugged. “She didn’t really say.”

    “And you didn’t ask?”

    Bette chewed on her lip. “No. I didn’t ask.”

    “Bette…who are you becoming? That’s not like you.”

    “I know.”

    “Where’s the alpha who always asks the tough questions?

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    1. Thank you for the chapter!

      First – like i said earlier Alice needs to mind her own business and stay away from Bette’s life when she not asked.

      Second – when Bette became such an alcoholic? Like i understand it’s more psychological problem, and Bette from 2005 not drink. So how – from Bette 2019 she has only body, but her mind it’s not mind alcoholic.

      • I like this story but Tina needs to make an appearance and calm Bette down before Alice and her big mouth ruin everything. That would help my anxiety when I read this story. PSS

    2. Great question. While Bette doesn’t have the strong psychological dependence that 2019 Bette would have, she hasn’t developed the proper coping mechanisms to handle the reality she faces. The physical dependence she has will sometimes manifest itself when she’s under a great deal of stress. In 2005, her world was much simpler. And she always had Tina to help ground her. In this world, there is still a gap between her and Tina. And on top of that, she has already used alcohol to help her calm down (ie, after the assault from Sidney). So she does now have memories of how that feels and how it helps her to forget and let go of the stress she’s facing.

    3. I’m so relieved that the situation with Sidney has come to a close. Should give Bette more strength to overcome her demons and fears.
      At least she listened to her inner voice and reached out to Victor. She resisted the deceiving looks of her amber-coloured Scottish friend. 19 year-old Bette has a steep learning curve to master.

      I’m somewhat glad that the younger Bette who’s always been in love with Tina still manages somehow to ignore all the signs that there is more to Tina than she knows. I really hope that Tina gets way ahead with her plan for Henry, daddy K. and her finances before she opens up to Bette. Please let it be Tina who tells the truth to Bette and not Alice who acts more like a bull in a china shop. She has the tendencies to dramatise and jump to the wrong conclusions. Any half truth and badly researched facts would destroy Bette and Tina.

      I have that picture of Tina Gen Q in my head… you know the “angel and baller” in black leather pants according to JB. That’s how I imagine Tina shedding her old life as Chris Anderson, leaving her manipulative family behind and rise from the ashes. Too corny? Well, I still see an (un-)fortunate accident for Henry in the near future and some slowly burning pains for Mr. K.

      Thanks MTS for giving lots of great entertainment again. I’m gonna have a little chat with my Scottish friend Laphroaig now.

    4. Great chapter. I do not see Bette getting too curious about Tina with the explanations she has given Bette. Explanations have been immediate and pretty complete. Unless that has been some body language which we cannot see, Tina has been supportive and caring of Bette and she has done pretty much what she said she would do. Alice just wants to know who Tina is and she has found out the dirt. She needs to have a talk with Tina and not Bette with the message of tell Bette the whole truth or Alice will.

      This whole story is only about a month of time. Bette has had too much going on to take notice of Tina very much. Now Tina needs to let Bette in on her secrets. A mess, but not as much a mess as before this chapter.

      Thank you for writing this. love to see more….

    5. I was wondering how long it was going to take one of these characters to investigate Tina. I mean, didn’t 19 year old Bette have google back in 2005? Or at the very least, a MySpace page? Lol.

      Alice and Tasha are obviously on the case, but yeah, I foresee a shoot the messenger scenario in the near future.

      Also, happy to see that Tina wasn’t raised by wolves in this story like she was in the show. I’m gonna go finish my beer now. Then order another and drink it for Bette.

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