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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 54

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 54

    Tuesday, December 24, 2019
    11:34 pm CDT Toronto, Ontario, Canada (8:54 pm in California)
    Omni King George Hotel – Bette & Tina


    “Fuck!” Bette yelled, her climax taking with it all of the energy left in her body. Her hair was mussed and free, her body slick with sweat.

    Tina collapsed on top of her, “Oh my God”, she murmured. They had been clit-to-clit with her grinding into Bette. Her chest heaved, her breathing matching her lover’s tempo.

    “Don’t move, T.”

    Tina smiled against the heated flesh. “I can’t,” she whispered.

    The hotel room rang, and Bette’s tired eyes stared at it.

    “Who could that be?” she asked.

    Tina struggled to breathe. “I don’t know. Front desk?”

    “I’m sure it’s not for us. Let’s just let it ring.”

    Tina had no complaints; she didn’t want to move an inch.

    The phone stopped ringing, only to ring again. And then again.

    Bette sighed before kissing her lover’s damp forehead and reaching for the phone.

    “Hello?” she answered.

    “I’m sorry to disturb you, madam. Is Bette Porter available?”

    “Yes, this is Bette.”

    “Good evening Miss Porter. You have an urgent call. Apparently, there’s an emergency. Your sister is on the line. Is it okay if I put her through?”

    Bette sat up then, her heart now racing. Tina watched her, her hazel eyes growing concerned.

    “Yes, please.”

    There were a few clicks and then she heard, “Bette?”

    “Kit?” asked Bette.

    “No, it’s Alice.”

    “He said my sister – – -,” Bette began.

    “I always say that. Just in case they won’t put me through.”

    “What’s going on, Alice? Is everything okay?”

    Alice’s voice was filled with tears. “No, no it’s not.”

    “Tell me what happened,” said Bette.

    “I’ve been calling you. You didn’t answer.”

    “I – – – I was busy. Al, please talk to me. You’re freaking me out.”

    Tina frowned, curious as to why Alice was calling the hotel to speak to Bette. She surmised that something was wrong.

    “Sidney and Kit were in a really bad car accident. They don’t know if they are going to make it. The doctors are asking if – – -,” Alice sobbed.

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    1. So this was Steven’s plan. Kit and Sidney were in Bette’s car. He was going to bump Bette off in an auto accident, but that was not who was in the car. Melvin is a high powered lawyer and he will go ballistic when he figure out that this was not an accident and his daughter has been seriously injured or killed. It won’t take much to get someone on vehicular homicide. I am going to guess that Sidney was driving and she was on the side that was hit. The probability of her living is not good if they are already asking if she is an organ donor. And I do not expect that the driver will be willing to go to prison without telling who paid him to perform this little service.

      This is Mr. Kennard is the most vile of human beings if he had anything to do with this. If he has such a problem with Tina’s choices, he should disown her and go on with his life.. He is absolutely stomach turning…..

      Great chapter……really good plot line and descriptions… Very emotional for me. Please get us another chapter as soon as you can. Thank you.

    2. If Sidney dies then I hope Henry will too.

      Steven Kennard is a very vile man and I hope he will be caught and rot in hell.

      Hope Kit is not in a serious condition.

      So many hopes. 😂😂

      Gosh MTS, this story is soooo good that I hope you’ll post again as soon as possible.

    3. So, i think phone call from “cop” about robbery in gallery was also fake? I think this can be a link for authorities to find who was responsible for this – i mean this Steven Kennard.

    4. Right, Melvin! I forgot that Bette still had to contact him in this 2019-universe. Her mother as well.
      But the car crash? Steven K. is nothing but evil. What a shock for Bette. Please don’t let Kit die. I like her and she is so important for Bette.

      B would be devasted and guilt-ridden if Sidney died. They were in her car, maybe t-boned on purpose to warn and hurt Bette by attacking her family. And consequentely hurt Tina.
      Hopefully Tina was also alert enough to notify her security team of her return to LA. Dad K will have some thughs on watch at the hospital.

      MTS, this is definitely the part of the rollercoaster ride where you think you’d die.
      Thanks for keeping the suspense up. I wished I could skip to the end of your “book” to read the happy ending (hopefully) but at the same time I don’t want the story to end any time soon.

      Please more

    5. So get us all hot a bothered for all of two seconds just to threw cold water on us. Lol I love the position by the way.. very hot sure could have back that scene up a bit and seen what lead up to ok back to the coaster… I’m holding on.. thank you. very nice btw how you broke those three chapters up too.

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