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    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 55

    The Roommates – Fast Forward to 2019: Chapter 55

    2007: Twelve Years Ago
    Orange County, California
    Kenneth Raymond Residence


    Steven Kennard took a deep breath and placed a strip of peppermint gum into his mouth. His throat was dry, his nerves already shaky. Tracy looked at him as they stood together by their parked car.

    “Don’t be nervous. Ken already likes you,” she said.

    He nodded, his eyes squinting against the bright sunshine of the late fall afternoon. “I hope so. This could be huge for us. This guy is worth billions. He said his friends are also shopping for investment companies. If this works out, it’ll change our lives.”

    Tracey smiled at him, walked around the car and took his arm. “Just be you. You’ll be fine. No matter how it turns out, we’ll be fine.”

    Kenneth Raymond was having an afternoon cocktail party to introduce his circle of friends and investors to Steven Kennard. The couple was welcomed into his home and Kenneth’s wife whisked Tracey away the moment they were in the door. Steven could hear soft, classical music playing in the backyard as Kenneth led him to his home office.

    The room was located on the second story of the expansive home. What stood out most to Steven was the giant white and black marbled cross hanging on the painted teal wall. Above it was a bible verse, written in black script:

    “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” – Proverbs 1, 7

    Steven walked toward the wall, staring at the decoration and the words. “Very powerful proverb, Mr. Raymond.”

    Kenneth Raymond smiled. He was a portly older gentleman with hardly any hair left on his balding head. There were wisps on the sides that he combed down every day. He was tall and broad, but thick and heavy. His voice was deep and warm when he spoke.

    “Yes, it is. It’s a constant reminder to watch myself and wait on the word of the Lord.”

    Steven smiled at him. “Amen.”

    Kenneth moved to the brown leather couch in the room and sat down, motioning for Steven to join him.

    “Thanks for inviting us down. Tracey and I have a daughter at UCLA. We always love the chance to go by and visit with her,” he said.

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    1. Whoa….so Steven killed Henry and then had his henchman attempt to kill Bette but got Sidney and Kit instead. I believe he will lose everything. All crimes leave traces and evidence as to who did them. I remember a movies in which a criminal was training an amateur to build a fire bomb. The quote was: “There is no such thing as a perfect crime. There are a thousand ways that you can screw up and get caught.. And if you can think of 100 of those,, then you are a genius. My advice is don’t do it. Don’t do it.”

      Tina has given every indication that she knew her father would come after her and Bette so she hired a security team. It could have been Bette and Tina in that car instead of Kit and Sidney. I wonder how dear Steven will feel if his actions resulted in the death of his daughter? Is this money really worth the death of his daughter?

      I had suspected that Henry too was a victim. I felt that he was never strong or vile enough to cause any harm to Tina. He would play the part of dutiful husband but would never do anything to prevent her from living the life she choose other than taking his plight to Steven. Now that he is dead, his Tina will inherit whatever assets he has. Of course, if the poison is discovered, Tina will probably be charged with murder. As the disgruntled wife in the process of divorce with motive and access to the murder weapon, it will be hard for law enforcement not to look at her as a potential murderer. Of course, his death could be ruled a suicide as well. Either way, Steven will not be saddled with Henry’s death unless the henchman confesses that he put the poison into the scotch and points to Steven as the one who paid for the service.

      This story is getting more and more complex. I wonder what Tracy will feel like when she finds out that Steven is willing to take the lives of Henry, Bette, Bette’s family and potentially Tina to maintain their way of life and their conservative image.

      This is good background information….money motivates a lot of horrible actions and makes people do vile things. Please keep Bette and Tina safe. And please make sure that Steven gets his just reward for his actions.

      Waiting for another chapter…..still on pins and needles with angst to find out what happens next.

      Thank you for this….

    2. Still trying to catch up with everything, life got in the way of reading.
      Thanks, MTS, for the background on Darth Kennard. He might have been shaped through the bigoted views of his wife and family and mostly by adjusting to the attitude of his most valuable customer. But that was and is all purely out of greed and lust for power. No wonder he wouldn’t stop at nothing, murder is just a means to an end for him. He wouldn’t stop at killing his daughter.

      All of that makes me more afraid of what he will do.

      Great insights, MTS. Now I hope more than ever that Tina – and Bette as well – will be geared up to withstand his attacks and outsmart him.

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