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    The Shipwreck

    Still, the place was too silent. The tents were empty, the fire was off. I bent down trying to feel the warmth from the wooden shards, and they were cold. Something that meant they had been away for a long time.

    I went close to the shore, thinking that maybe they were working on the ship, ready to live the island, too focused on the job that they forgot about me. But, who was I kidding? Of course, my father wouldn’t have forgotten about me.

    They were gone, totally gone. Who-knows-where gone! And I was starting to panic. “Fuck” I covered my face with my hands, falling on my knees, facing the sea. The strong waves caressing the shore mirrored the blood that flew inside me, pushed strongly by the pumping of my heart.

    The same heart that skipped a bit as I froze when I heard some steps behind me. They seemed to follow a frantic pace, and there I thought I was going to die. “Please, don’t hurt me!” I cried, still keeping my back to the unknown guest.

    “We have to go!” it was Bette.


    “We have to go!” she insisted. She studied my face, I could see apprehension on her face. Her hands on both sides of my face, “Are you ok?”

    “What?” I repeated. “Yes, I’m ok. What is happening?”

    “Tina, we have to go!”

    “Would you stop sounding like a broken record and tell me what’s going on?”

    The outburst startled the both of us. I was nervous, pissed off, by the fact that I couldn’t find my father and the band of idiots, and most of all I felt frustrated, because seeing her again awoke all the things I tried to keep silent in the cave; and there they were crashing down, like sparkles, following the length of my spine, going right down to my toes. And I pressed my lips on hers. Forcefully. That kiss was telling her: “Here it is, here’s what I think about you, here’s why I can’t forget it”. The moan that escaped from her almost made me pass out. A moan that became a groan, as she forced herself to stop the kiss.

    “Tina” her chest raising up and down. She exhaled, trying to steady her breath. “As much as I’d like to continue this… we really have to go”

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    1. Great chapter!!!

      Tina admit her feelings for Bette and almost ravished her on the beach 😃

      But what happened to Tina’s father and the bunch of losers?

      I have the feeling Bette isn’t the only one who lives on the island or are they captured by wild animals and were eaten as dinner 😉

      Looking forward to know more about Bette!

      Thanks for the update Bette0Porter!

    2. Hi Bette0Porter:

      Excellent chapter, they are closer than before, they have feelings for the other and they admitted.

      The problem is that Tina is scared because her father is missing and the buch of losers are nowhere to find, and where is the ship?

      Initially, when Bette said her family was gone I was thinking who attacked them or what happened, and the temple, I think maybe there is someone else in the island dead or alive (😂😂😂) who knows…, no I think Bette knows. Please post soon the next chapter, so we could know too.

      Thank you very much for the great chapter.


    3. It would appear that Bette is operating under the safety first, information later. My guess is that Tina’s father and the idiot bunch have been abducted by natives of possibly a nearby island. They took the repaired or newly constructed boat as well. Bette is aware of them but has lived on this island and avoided them successfully. Now she will protect Tina and teach her how to live on the island. Now, will Professor Kennard and his crew be rescued and by who? When they are, this will be Tina and Bette’s transportation back to civilization. Tina will have to learn more on the death of Bette’s parents. Was it disease or injury or being abducted by natives? This will give Tina more information on her options. Tina and Bette will need to return to camp to salvage what supplies remain. There may be tools, clothing, some food, bedding which can be used by Bette and Tina. There are at least several canvas tents which may be of some future use. No sense in just abandoning it. Just need to be careful not to get caught by whatever took Mr. Kennard and the crew. Now that there are two who are marooned, they have a better opportunity to survive and make it back to civilization.

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