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    The Shipwreck


    Have you ever experienced that sinking sensation in your stomach? When it is suddenly very light; it usually happens when you drive down a dip in the road. That’s what I felt when Bette kissed me. Even though it was a sunny afternoon, I shivered. Then she hugged me, and I can’t explain the amazing feeling I had when her warm skin touched mine. I felt as if my heart might burst in any moment. I had found the one that I’ve been dreaming of in my entire life. Who haven’t daydreamed about finding someone special? You try to picture their faces, imagine what they might look like. And you start loving them already, not knowing them, but knowing that someday you will finally meet them. And there she was.

    “How do you do it?” I asked amazed.

    “What?” she asked back, her eyes could capture me like no one else’s ever did.

    “Make me feel so… safe”

    “You feel safe with me?” she was almost shocked.

    “I do” I admitted. “I really do”

    She rewarded me with a broad smile.  “We have to move”

    I only nodded, following her.

    “I promise I will tell you everything. Right now, we have to go and get ready for tomorrow”

    “Tomorrow?” wasn’t much time left. They could be in danger. Harmed, dead.

    “Yes, tomorrow. It’s getting late.”

    “But my father!” I complained.

    “Please, Tina. Trust me”

    She kept telling me to trust her. What else could I do? She was the only one left there for me. And she always rescued me. So, I trusted her. I blindly trusted her.

    We reached her cave. It smelled like her. You may think that a primitive lookalike could be as dirty as possible, but she wasn’t. I loved her scent. It was a mix of herbs and flower. She might have been dressed in animal skin, but she surely knew how to be presentable.

    And well, about her outfit, I couldn’t really complain.

    “Are you staring at my legs?” she asked, while giving her back to me.

    “How…?” how did she?

    “There’s a mirror over there” she pointed at it.

    Busted! She saw me ogling her, but after all, I didn’t really care anymore. She knew how I felt about her, and I knew how she felt about me. No more secrets between us.

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    1. Hi Bette0Porter:

      Wow, great chapter, as I thought there were dead and alive people on that island looking for Tina’s father and the bunch of losers.

      Does it mean that Bette is a kind of prisoner there?

      If Bette has influence with the tribe, perhaps something else could be done to save Tina’s father.

      Wonderful story, please post soon.


    2. If I were Tina, I’d need to hear all that Bette has said again. Perhaps there is more information which will make this a bit more clear. A tribe, ghost, some religious ceremony, mysterious beliefs and a missing father and the bunch of losers and Bette’s dead parents….Hummm.

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