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    The Shipwreck

    And speaking of secrets, “Are you ever going to tell me what happened when you were a little girl?”

    “That’s why I waited to tell you about your father and… friends” she said the last word in a mocking way, having noticed how poorly I cared for them.

    “Are the two things related?” I asked confused.

    “Look” she sat down on the bed. She moved her hand, inviting me to do the same. “It might sound strange to you” she added, taking my hands in hers. “I just hope you won’t run away thinking I’m crazy”

    I frowned, “Try me”

    “Ok” she puffed her cheeks and squinted her eyes, bringing a fist right between her eyes. I could see how hard it was for her. Those surely weren’t very pleasant memories.

    “Just tell me what it is” I said, trying to give her courage.

    “I am not the only one living on this island” she stated.

    “What do you mean?” I was shocked.

    “There’s someone else living here”

    “I get that, but who are they?”

    “This island’s name is Koh Ta team. It stands for «Ancestors Team Island»”

    “Ok” I said, trying to get as more information as I could. I could see it was hard for her. Something was bothering the beautiful woman. “Go on”

    “These ancestors are still here”

    I looked at her puzzled, “Honey, you have to help me here. I don’t understand. You are talking in a cryptic way”

    She sighed, “I’m going to tell you everything, it’s just that I want you to understand. It might freak you out”

    “You asked me to trust you, right? I trust you” I squeezed her hand.

    “They are here, but not really here”

    “You mean they are ghosts”

    “Kind of, yes”

    Well I was actually freaked out by that.

    “See? You don’t believe me” she said letting herself fall down on the bed.

    I lay down, as well. Inviting her to mirror my posture. We were now facing each other, leaning on our sides. I moved a strand of hair behind her ear, “I’m not judging you, if that’s what you are thinking. I want to understand more. Talk to me” I said in the most tender voice.

    Her eyes becoming glossy for the tears that threatened to fall, “Because of them my parents are dead” she let the tears fall down freely.

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    1. Hi Bette0Porter:

      Wow, great chapter, as I thought there were dead and alive people on that island looking for Tina’s father and the bunch of losers.

      Does it mean that Bette is a kind of prisoner there?

      If Bette has influence with the tribe, perhaps something else could be done to save Tina’s father.

      Wonderful story, please post soon.


    2. If I were Tina, I’d need to hear all that Bette has said again. Perhaps there is more information which will make this a bit more clear. A tribe, ghost, some religious ceremony, mysterious beliefs and a missing father and the bunch of losers and Bette’s dead parents….Hummm.

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