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    3rd Annual L-Games Tournament

    Tina: Both of my babies together.

    Tina said now embracing both daughters, squeezing them tightly. Bette pouted briefly as she watches them hug each other. Tina noticed her pout and quickly grab Bette’s hand and pulled her into the family hug.

    Tina: All my babies…

    She kissed everyone of the top of their heads.

    Carmen: Ok enough of this, Sharmen now I know you are still mad at me and your mom, but come on do you really want to challenge us.

    Sharmen: I want nothing more.

    Sharmen had a rocky relationship with her parents due to an disagreement over her choices of girlfriends. She loved them but barely came home to visit. She was a rebel.

    Shane: And where is that dick of a girlfriend, she better not be here.

    Sharmen: No she had midterms, but if I wanted to bring her…

    Helena: Okay. Okay. Lets just calm down everyone, this is suppose to be a family event.

    Sharmen: Aunt Helena, sorry I didn’t see you standing there.

    Sharmen jumped into her auntie arms, secretly trying to aggravate her parents. She and Helena had a close relationship which always bothered Carmen, one would think Helena was her mother by looking on the outside.

    Helena: Hey sweetie. How’s school?

    Sharmen: Good.

    She kissed Helena on the cheeks.

    Lara: Danla you little sneaky devil you, this is how we going to play it?

    Lara laughed. Unlike the rest of the group, Dana and Lara had an open relationship with their daughter, she was their best friends and vice versa.

    Danla: Mom I’m sorry but you both are going down.

    Dana: Oh yeah.

    Danla: Yep

    They smiled then embraced each other.

    Dana: I’m happy to see you.

    Dana whispered in her ear.

    Kit: Okay everyone listen, the rules are set. There’s nothing anyone can do about it now so let’s just play the game.

    Alice: Okay but I will say this one thing…You kids are going down.

    Alice raised her head up while doing her best impression of the godfather, which was just…weird.

    Tasha blinked her eyes in confusion.

    Tasha: Is that suppose to be the godfather Alice?

    Alice: No, I was doing Al Pacino in Scarface.

    Alice waved her hands in annoyance. Honestly no one knew what she was doing…it was just weird.

    Portard: I love you moms, but it’s game time.

    Portard said pulling away from her mothers.

    Portard definitely took after Bette when it came to competition. She needed to win everything.

    Tina: You are your mother’s daughter.

    Tina shook her head.

    Jenny: So let me gets this straight, you children, want to challenge us adults. We’re gonna kick the shit out of you. You do know that right?

    Everyone looks at Jenny but not because she was speaking, it was the unsuitable language that were coming from her mouth.

    Alice: Jenny, there is no WE. No one is even on your team you idiot.

    Alice snaps at Jenny but she ignores it.

    Jenny: Alice, I got this…now listen you little shits, if you….

    Tina/Bette: Jenny!!

    Jenny: Fine.

    Jenny walks away.

    A woman approaches.

    Woman: Helena, where have you been?? I been waiting for hours, I don’t like to be kept waiting you know that.

    Everyone heads spun around, almost as in coordination. Their mouths dropped.

    Carmen: What. In. The Hell.

    Kit: You got to be kidding me Helena.

    Helena clears her throat as she walks to the woman.

    Helena: Um. Hey babe.

    She kisses the woman on the lip then turned to the group.

    Helena: Everyone, you remember Catherine Rothberg right?

    Everyone is still in shocked. No one says a word. The younger kids were lost, this was before their time. They couldn’t understand why everyone was so appalled. Angelica is the only child who knew of Catherine, she heard of all the stories.

    Angelica: ooohhh this gonna be a good tournament.

    Angelica laughs while shaking her head. Everyone else just stood silent.


    1. Hi tibettenation1,

      Welcome back!

      What a great surprise to wake up and see a post from you!

      I hope life treat you well and it is sad you lost your story but it is great to hear you have the inspiration to write funny stories again.

      I will try to read today.

    2. Oh my god,

      You have named Bette and Tina’s second daughter Portard, i feel sorry for her ????

      Let the games begin between parents and children!

      I love this story, it is funny and crazy and their banter is always hilarious.

      • Pikiangelica, i think you have took my crown for the most stories read on Lesfan since I been gone for 2 years now lol, so your opinion means a lot. You’ve read all my stories, and i appreciate you. Again thanks

    3. Holy Guacamolee!…shor is nice ta have u back a postin’ agin TN1!…it’s been awhile..Yessum it has…n what a hilarious post it is…had me ROTFL!…especially wit dem crazy kid’s names!…what a great beginning…so intriguing….let d games begin…oh n please do not take 2 years to post agin!…luvya TN1!…welcome back sweets!…\(+-+)/

    4. Thought I’d already read this and posted a comment but, apparently not. Absolutely hilarious.!!! “Portard,” can’t believe they dd that to her, I would want to beat them for that if for no other reason. Just pound them into the ground. Would someone, please, tape or sew alices’ mouth shut. Funnnnnnnnnnny!!! Thanks for posting, good to have you back.

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