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    3rd Annual L-Games Tournament

    Bette and Tina house.

    Tina: Babe!

    Tina comes out the shower to find Bette still asleep in bed. It was a long night for them.

    Tina: Bette get your ass up.

    Bette: Ahhh why, we have plenty of time Tee.

    Bette said groggily.

    Tina: Babe you know Alice and Tasha are already up and prepared.

    Bette: So.

    Tina: So? You know they consider us the elderly. We can’t be lingering babe.

    Bette: Elderly?

    Bette lifts her head from under the pillow.

    Bette: Did Alice say that?

    Tina: Yes and Tasha cosigned.

    Tina was secretly lying, but she needed to get Bette hyped before going to the tournament.

    Bette: Fucking jerks.

    In a swift move, Bette jumped out the bed and ran into the shower. Tina just laughed quietly to herself as she watches her wife. No matter how old Bette gets, she competes as if her bones were still in their twenties.

    Tina: So easy.

    Tina shakes her head as she finish getting dressed.

    Alice and Tasha’s house.

    Alice: Ok Tash, here’s the plan.

    Alice sits down at their breakfast table.

    Tasha: Oh Alice, don’t start this again please.

    Tasha standing at the stove flipping her pancakes

    Alice: If you really think we are going into this thing without a military plan, you are mistaking sister. No ma’am. We are in it to win it.

    Alice lays out a huge combat hand written plan that she drew with markers. The paper covered the whole table. Alice began going over the plans with Tasha.

    Alice: When I get Bette in a corner, you come around and sneak her from behind.

    Alice is doing the motions with her fingers. Tasha isn’t listening to a word she’s saying.
    One hour goes by and Alice is still at it. Tasha had time to cook and eat her breakfast, all while finishing up the dishes.

    Alice: You got all that Tasha.

    Tasha: Got it Alice.

    Tasha said annoyed.

    Alice: Good. We’re so winning this.

    Alice happily walks away from the table thinking Tasha was just as serious as she were about their military plans.

    Tasha: I married a psycho.

    Tasha whispers to herself as she grabs their car keys heading towards the door.

    Jenny’s House.

    Jenny is sitting in the middle of her living room floor doing yoga.

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    1. Hi tibettenation1,

      Welcome back!

      What a great surprise to wake up and see a post from you!

      I hope life treat you well and it is sad you lost your story but it is great to hear you have the inspiration to write funny stories again.

      I will try to read today.

    2. Oh my god,

      You have named Bette and Tina’s second daughter Portard, i feel sorry for her ????

      Let the games begin between parents and children!

      I love this story, it is funny and crazy and their banter is always hilarious.

      • Pikiangelica, i think you have took my crown for the most stories read on Lesfan since I been gone for 2 years now lol, so your opinion means a lot. You’ve read all my stories, and i appreciate you. Again thanks

    3. Holy Guacamolee!…shor is nice ta have u back a postin’ agin TN1!…it’s been awhile..Yessum it has…n what a hilarious post it is…had me ROTFL!…especially wit dem crazy kid’s names!…what a great beginning…so intriguing….let d games begin…oh n please do not take 2 years to post agin!…luvya TN1!…welcome back sweets!…\(+-+)/

    4. Thought I’d already read this and posted a comment but, apparently not. Absolutely hilarious.!!! “Portard,” can’t believe they dd that to her, I would want to beat them for that if for no other reason. Just pound them into the ground. Would someone, please, tape or sew alices’ mouth shut. Funnnnnnnnnnny!!! Thanks for posting, good to have you back.

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