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    Switched (Part 1 of 2)

    Sunday night…
    Bette and Angelica are driving to the local theater to attend a magic show.

    Angelica: Mom why do I have to go, I’m too old for magic shows.

    Bette: Because your mama bought the tickets already and even though she’s out of town, I told her we would still go as a family and we’re going.

    Angelica: Ugh. Okay well afterwards, can I meet up with my friends, some of us want to go bowling at the youth center?

    Bette: Will there be a parent chaperone?

    Angelica: Not that I know of.

    Bette: Well you already know my answer to that.

    Angelica: Mom why can’t you just trust me for once?

    Bette: Angie, you are not going to a bowling center with no parents chaperoning, it’s dangerous and I would die if something happened to you.

    Angelica: What’s going to happen mom, we live in the most boring town where nothing remotely ever happens.

    Bette: Can we just have a peaceful night for once.

    Angelica: Anna’s mom is letting her go.

    Angelica ignored Bette.

    Bette: Well I’m not Anna’s mom.

    Angelica: Lucky her.

    Angelica whispered.

    Bette: What did you just say?

    Angelica: Nothing.

    Bette looked at Angelica with a stern look, she was getting annoyed by Angelica’s rudeness.

    Angelica: But why can’t I go mom??

    Bette: Because I said so! End of discussion.

    Angelica groaned and rolled her eyes. She and her mother have been falling out a lot lately over every little thing. Usually Tina would be the peace maker but she had to fly out of town to Chicago for work related issues. Angelica pouted her lips as she stared out the window, wishing she was someone else at this very moment.

    They arrived at the theater and it was packed with all the neighbors from the town. They handed the employee their tickets and walked towards the seats. Bette decided to stop at the concession stands to pick up some snacks.

    Bette: Honey, I am going to go get us some popcorn and coke, here take your ticket and go have a seat, I’ll be back.

    Angelica slightly snatched the ticket out of Bette’s hand and walked to her seat.

    Bette: Jesus help me. Teenagers.

    Bette said to herself as she stood in line. The show lasted for 2 hours. Bette enjoyed herself while Angelica on the other hand groaned and moaned throughout the entire show, showing no interest whatsoever. Bette tried to think of ways on how to reach Angelica, but they always end up clashing with one another. Tina was the easy mom because she was less overprotective, but Bette had no problem being the bad guy, she loved her daughter and wanted to do any and everything to protect her. After the show, Angelica needed to use the restroom so they walked towards the back where the restrooms was located. Bette washed her face as she waited for Angelica to finish, suddenly the door opened and the magician walked in.

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    1. Hi tibetttenation1,

      This is indeed a funny story and i loved it, but the end wasn’t . Tina thinks Bette is cheating and Candace is a stalker and Angie’s teacher. So bad.

      You have to post the second part asap please!

    2. Wow! So, Boo(Bette) has to say something in Tina ear that Boo(the real one) wouldn’t know about. That way Tina will believe them. Sad that Tina thinks that Bette is cheating on her. Next please and soon. Thanks

    3. Hello Friend! This story is great, fun, new, out of the ordinary and this new story without adventures in the Porter-Kennard family is fantastic, you know that I like beautiful endings without the other ex of the past … Happiness good chapter, greetings from Peru.

    4. Hello TBN1, very different and it was funny and very serious at the same time. Really hope you will let Bette tear candace a new one when they turn back to themselves. Another question, how did candace know that Tina was out of town. Is candace working with the witch or is she the witch. I, of course, have another name for her that rhymes with witch. There are a lot of questions that need answers. Thanks for posting.

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