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    The Tibette Collection – I Choose You

    Author’s Note –

    Hi folks.

    Thought we all might need a happy ending this week after all the negative speculation about GQ season 2 & the whole Tibette mess. Just a little light fluff to bring some joy to our hearts & keep Tibette together.

    This is my message for Marja & the mess of GQ!!

    Stay well and keep safe.

                                                                 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    “Of course, I absolutely still love your Mother.” Tears prick Bette’s eyes as she tries to control her emotions. She runs her fingers softly over Angie’s curls as they sit side by side on the couch in their home in Silver Lake. “It’s not a lie sweetheart – it was never a lie. Your Mother was and always will be, the love of my life . . . Always.”

    “Then why don’t you fight for her?” Angie demanded to know. Her emotions were all over the place too.

    Bette takes a moment before trying to explain. Dabs a tissue to her fallen tears.

    How could she make Angie understand? Hadn’t they had a similar conversation when Tina had told Bette she wanted the divorce and moved out? She slowly turns to her daughter. Her heart as heavy as it was that day Tina left 2 years ago.

    “Have you ever heard the phrase by Richard Bach – ‘If you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were’?”

    “No.” Came Angie’s simple answer, her own heart heavy too.

    “Boo, you can’t force someone to love you.” Bette explains to her daughter as they sit in the living room. The light low and casting shadows on the walls and in their hearts. “That person who you love has to be free to choose for themselves.”

    “But how can she not choose you?” Angie wonders aloud. “Why does she have to marry Carrie?”

    “Don’t be mad at her Angie, please.” Bette releases a long sigh as a few tears slip down her cheeks again. “I … I know this is hard to understand and it hurts… so much. We – Tina and I – we tried to shield you from any negativity in our marriage.  And that may be why this all feels so blindsiding now”

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    1. Happy Easter Lori ❤️

      This is exactly what i hope will happen in season two. Tibette back together.

      A amazing and honest conversation between Bette and Angie.

      Accepting that she played a role, through her upbringing by Melvin, and was therefore unable to give Tina the space she needed, the space to be herself. And has shown that she is able to change, to give space to others. And indeed Tina should have resisted and not choose the easiest way by separating from Bette and running away.

      It bothers me so incredibly that Gen Q chose this unlikely story. Bette & Tina had already shown this growth in their relationship in the OG. Anyway, luckily we have writers like you who straighten this out!

      Thank you for this way to short story!

      • Hey Bibi,

        Thanks for reaching out & Happy Easter to you too!!

        This shorty was originally part of the FMF story – but I eventually took a different direction with the novel & left Carrie out all together. So it’s been sitting in my FMF file on my laptop for more than a year. This past week with all the speculation about Tibette & GQ, just thought we all needed a more favorable ending to the BS.

        We may all have to escape to fanfiction to get positive Tibette stories since we cant seem to have that happen from Showtime.

        Take care

    2. Hey Collins

      Thanks so much for trying to make sense out of this senseless situation.

      Here we are in 2021 & are still in disbelief that this actually happened & is the storyline for this icon couple. Truly unbelievable.

      I don’t have much hope for season 2. Pray that we get a good cliffhanger for season 3 for Tibette!!!!

      I honestly don’t want tyo see either of them with someone else. It was hard to watch in OG & will be brutal now.

      Thanks for having their backs & I can always count on you for a Tibette endgame!!!

      • Hi Kira,

        I think our hearts & emotions are in turmoil over what may lie ahead for Tibette in GQ season 2. Not looking favorable at all.

        But, we’ll always have this site & some others to get our fix of happier Tibette stories.

        Thanks for checking in & continue to stay safe.

      • Hey Zhenya,

        Many of the writers on this site could do a much better job than the GQ writers & Marja !!! It’s not that hard to figure it out.

        All the GQ storylines are trash & so nonsensical.

        Keep praying for that miracle to happen.

        Thanks for reading!!

    3. Great chapter, Collins.

      Very nicely written and a direct message to Marja.

      Hope GQ will correct the wrong done.

      However I don’t think I will watch it, I prefer to read here the TIBETTE stories.

      Thank you for the chapter


      • Hey P,

        If only Marja would listen – listen to anyone with a better ideas than her. God, its just so awful & we waited 10 years for this????? She should be ashamed!!!

        Looking forward to the continuation of your stories!!!

        Thanks so much for your support!!

    4. Collins

      Nice short. Any effort to fix this god forsaken situation is welcomed. So many possible stories they could pursue and they decide to do a divorce. I am still in shock. It amazes me when ppl say well life happens. Yes it does, but in the fictional world the writer chooses what happens.


      • Hey SK,

        Thanks for checking out this short story. Just my take on how EASILY the mess of GQ could be fixed!!!

        Think we are all still in shock – especially after waiting & supporting this fab couple for over 10 years & to get this as their excuse for a reunion! Terrible story telling & they should all be ashamed – including Showtime for allowing it to happen.

        None of the storylines are believable – glad that Shane is rich & that Alice has her own show – but beyond that – highly questionable.

        Oh, and where are the other notables from OG?? – Non existent – that’s bad.
        And I’m not going to talk about the newbies – except Jordon Hall who did a fantastic job as Angie!

        Keep hoping & praying!!!!


    5. Agree that this could be a great way to explain the mess of this reboot. In many ways, I’m very disappointed with this series. It’s terrible in so many ways.

      Thank you for giving us hope and a possible solution.

      Really hope that JB and LuH will give us a Tibette endgame!

      • Thanks Leigh for checking in & reading this short story. Just a little bit of hope for this dismal storyline for all us Tibette fans!!

        Certainly hope JB & LH can savage something out of this mess for us.

        I want that endgame too!!!!

        Take care & stay safe in this crazy world.


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