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    The Triangle of Love – Chapter 22 (Part 2)

    The next morning, Dana woke up from feeling Alice squirm around in her arms. A few moments later, she noticed Alice had managed to turn herself around look up at Dana. Dana looked down and met Alice’s eyes, which were showing signs of tiredness.

    Dana: Morning baby.

    Alice: Morning, what time is it?

    Dana: 7.30, do you want to go back to sleep?

    Alice: Nah, I’m up now, we should check on the others.

    Dana: I forgot they were here.

    Dana snuggled closer to Alice and began the comforting movements on Alice’s stomach. Alice sighed and placed her hand on Danas.

    Alice: Okay, 5 more minutes won’t hurt.

    5 minutes turned into 30 minutes, and they were now being woke up by the sounds of chatter coming from the living room. Dana climbed out of bed and carried Alice to where the noise was coming from. When they got to the living room, they saw Shane, Carmen, Bette, Tina, Helena and Kit sitting on the floor, the couch and the two chairs in the room. As soon as Shane saw them, she stood up off the couch so Dana could sit Alice down. Shane and Carmen moved to the floor and Dana sat beside Alice.

    Dana: How long have you guys been up?

    Shane: 15 minutes?

    Carmen: Yeah, probably. We didn’t want to wake you.

    Alice: We were up at 7.30 anyway; we just wanted 5 more minutes.

    Dana: Yeah, which then turned into half an hour.

    Bette: You guys, you need to rest anyway, so don’t stress about us.

    Kit: What are you all doing for breakfast?

    Helena: The Planet? I mean, if were all together, it shouldn’t be too much of a risk as there’s a lot of us.

    Alice: Maybe. I need to shower first though.

    Shane: We’ll wait.

    Tina: Actually guys, I have a meeting, but I’ll be at The Planet in an hour or so.

    Bette: I thought that was tomorrow?

    Tina: No, today. I told you it was today, you just never listen to me.

    Tina got up, grabbed her things and left after saying goodbye to the rest of the family, purposely ignoring Bette’s attempt in stealing a kiss from her wife.

    Dana: Trouble in paradise?

    Bette: She’s been biting my head off for the past few days. And I swear to God she said the meeting was tomorrow.

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