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    The Triangle of Love – Chapter 23

    Eventually, they arrived in England. They landed at Leeds-Bradford Airport and awaited their taxi to take them to their home for the next few weeks, at least. They only had to wait for around 5 minutes before the taxi turned up. They loaded the car with their belongings and began their journey to Barnsley. It took them around an hour to get to the house, which looked small compared to their own home. There was a small garden at the front, a large garden at the back of the house, and a place to park in front of the house. They paid the taxi driver and entered the house. It had a small kitchen, a dining room, a large living room, a downstairs toilet and a bathroom upstairs and 3 decent sized bedrooms. When Dana entered the bathroom, she noticed there was no shower.

    Dana: Al?

    Alice: Yeah?

    Dana: There’s no shower, just a bath.

    Alice: That’s something I’ve never had before.

    Dana turned to look at Alice, a smirk on her face.

    Alice: You know what I mean. I’m cleaner than you, sweaty pants.

    Dana: Fuck you, Al.

    They laughed and looked out of the window that was slightly open to see an elderly woman doing some gardening next door to the right. Her garden was well kept, with flowers, plants and some kid’s toys spread around, such as a trampoline, a small playhouse and a swing set. They looked to the garden on the other side of the house and saw a large family, two adults and around 5 children, playing in their garden. They were coloured, and didn’t seem to speak English, but they seemed nice enough from what they could see. They decided, since they would be there for a while, they should introduce themselves to their neighbours. They went back downstairs and entered their large back garden, which had become slightly overgrown due to no one being there for a while. When they entered the garden, the elderly woman turned her head and saw the couple.

    Woman: Hello.

    Alice: Hey, I’m Alice.

    Dana: I’m Dana.

    Woman: I’m Wendy, you’re from America?

    Alice: How’d you know?

    Wendy: I can tell from your accents. So, what are you doing here?

    Dana: We’re here on vacation.

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    1. Very nice chapter, of course, it is strange that they were on vacation in such a weird place, but my question is will Lara find where they are? what did really happen to her? how she survived the fight with Aidan? which side is Aidan and what are his intentions?
      Too many questions. Thanks for the update


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