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    The Triangle of Love – Chapter 7

    While Dana was having a steady jog to training, she decided she didn’t want to go out tonight. Instead, she thought about calling Alice, Shane, and Helena over. She didn’t know Helena that well but she knew Alice was fond of the woman, so it was the polite thing to do. That, and the fact that right now she needed her friends on her side. Meanwhile, back at The Planet…
    Shane: Why, what’s up with Dana?
    Alice: Nothing.
    Shane: Then what?
    Alice: I think I like her.
    Shane: Of course you like her, we all do. She’s our friend.
    Alice: No, I mean like, like her.
    Shane: And you’re just realising this now?
    Alice: Wait, what? You knew?
    Shane: It’s pretty obvious, Al. You practically drool over her.
    Alice: What? That’s such a fucking lie. I do not!
    Shane: Oh really? What about after she’s worked out? You can’t keep your eyes off her.
    Alice: Whatever. You can’t tell her, or anyone. It would ruin our friendship.
    Shane: I won’t tell, but how do you know that? Maybe she feels the same way.
    Alice: Oh please! A professional tennis player interested in a bisexual writer for a poxy magazine? That’s ridiculous; she could have anybody she wants, why would she choose me?
    Shane: We’ll see, Alice. We’ll see.
    Alice: I have to go, I have an appointment. Promise me you won’t do anything about me and Dana.
    Shane: Alright, Al. I promise. Bye.
    Alice: See ya.
    Alice got up from her seat and left The Planet. She didn’t know if she regretted the decision to tell Shane. She knew she could keep a secret, but Shane had a mischievous look in her eyes. She got in her car, and left for her appointment. Just as Shane was about to leave The Planet, an employee walked up to her.
    Jackson: Hey Shane, have you seen Lara? She didn’t come to work today.
    Shane: No, sorry.
    She didn’t have time to explain the situation with Alice, Dana and Lara, and she really didn’t think it was any of her business to tell others, so she simply explained that she had a client due soon, and left The Planet.
    It was now 1pm, and Dana had given up on training. She still had a couple hours left before she was done, but she couldn’t clear her mind and focus on tennis. Her trainer sensed this and decided to try to talk to her. She walked over to where Dana was sat and sat beside her, giving a smile as she sat down.
    Sam: Hey.
    Dana: Hey.
    Sam: You okay? You’re not focussed today. That’s not like you.
    Dana: Well, I just broke up with my girlfriend.
    Sam: Lara? I thought you two were good?
    Dana: We were, until I decided I don’t love her like I should. It was unfair to her to stay together; I could never give her what she wants.
    Sam: Understandable. I went through something similar.
    Dana: Really? What did you do?
    Sam: Broke up with the girl over text, and married a guy, so I guess we could say I fucked up too.
    Dana: That’s shitty. At least I did it in person. And I’m pretty sure there’s absolutely no chance of me marrying a guy.
    They both laughed at Danas comment, as she was the gayest woman they knew. They talked for the next couple of hours and before they knew it, it was 3:15pm. Dana decided that if she wanted her friends to come over tonight, she’d have to call them soon, so she headed home, feeling much better about herself after her talk with Sam. When she arrived at home, grabbed a change of clothes and took a quick shower. Then she called Alice first.
    Alice: Hey Dana.
    Dana: Hey, Al. I was just wondering if you want to come over tonight. Invite Shane over and maybe Helena if you want and we can all hang out. I don’t feel like going out.
    When Alice heard Dana ask if she wanted to come over, her excitement levels rocketed, but then she heard ‘invite Shane and Helena’ causing the excitement to drift away.
    Alice: Oh yeah sure, sounds good. I’ll call Helena if you call Shane.
    Dana: Okay, Al. could you be here for 7? I’ll tell Shane the same.
    Alice: Yeah sure. You want me to bring anything? Food? Beer? Movies?
    Dana: Bring whatever you want. Chances are Shane will bring beer; you could maybe bring some snacks or something. I have loads of movies so we can pick from those.
    Alice: Okay. See you later, Dana.
    Dana: Bye Al.
    As soon as Dana ended the call with Alice, she started a new one with Shane. Over in Alice’s apartment, similar actions were taking place, with a phone call to Helena.
    Helena: Hello?
    Alice: Hi, Helena. It’s Alice.
    Helena: Hello Alice, what’s up?
    Alice: I’ve been asked to ask you if you want to come over to Danas tonight with me and Shane. Obviously Dana will be there too.
    Helena: Dana? I didn’t think she liked me.
    Alice: Dana likes everyone. She’s just not familiar with you yet. You’ve only met a few times. She’s great once you get to know her.
    Helena: It’s very kind of her to invite me. Of course I will come. Only, I don’t have any way to get there. Winnie has my car to take the kids out. Would you be able to pick me up?
    Alice: Yeah, not a problem. Dana wants us there for 7, so is 6:30 okay?
    Helena: Yes that’s fine. Thank you, Alice.
    Alice: No problem, Helena. See you later.
    Helena: See you soon.
    Now that all 4 women were aware, Dana decided she should clean up a little. There were clothes in the bathroom, dirty dishes in the sink and clothes all over the bedroom. She didn’t think anyone would go in there, but she didn’t want to take that chance, so she cleared them away. After she was done, she went to her DVD cabinet in the living room and picked out a few films. She looked over at the clock on the wall on saw that it was only 5:30pm. She was a little tired, so she decided to have a nap. She lay across the couch and drifted off. Before she knew it, it was 6:54pm. She got up from the couch and went to the bathroom before her friends came over. While she was in there, she heard a knock at the door. She knew the person wouldn’t hear if she shouted, so she hurried as fast as she could. She finished in the bathroom and went to the door, opened it and saw Shane there with a large 24 pack of bottled beer.
    Dana: Hey Shane, did you see Alice and Helena on your travels?
    Shane: Nah, but I’m sure they’ll be here soon. Here, help me put these in the fridge.
    She walked past Dana and made her way to the kitchen, while Dana stood there thankful she’d cleared away the dishes. She closed the door and followed Shane to the kitchen, who was now loading the fridge with alcohol.
    Dana: Why’d you bring so much beer? I don’t drink much and Helena doesn’t seem like the kind of person who does.
    Shane: Well I figured bring more so we don’t have to make any runs during the evening. Also this large pack was on offer so I thought why not?
    Dana: Fair enough. But don’t let Alice get drunk. She threw up on me last time and I really don’t want that to happen again.
    Shane: Ha-ha, I’ll try but I can’t promise.
    Shane had already planned to get Alice at least a little tipsy. In other words, tipsy enough that she’d be at risk of telling Dana how she feels. She’d known for a while now that her two best friends had a thing for each other, but they were both too stubborn to admit it. They put away the few remaining beer bottles and made their way to the couch. Just as Dana was about to tell Shane what movies she’d picked out, there was another knock on the door. She made her way to the door to let Alice and Helena in.
    Dana: Hey guys, come on in.
    Alice walked straight past Dana after saying hey and headed straight towards Shane, who was already on her way to the fridge to get 4 beers. Dana and Helena were still in the hallway.
    Dana: Hey Helena.
    Helena: Hello, Dana. Thank you for inviting me.
    Dana: Oh it’s no problem. It’s nice to see you again.
    Helena: Likewise.
    They made their way into the living room, where Shane and Alice had put 2 beer bottles on the coffee table, one for Dana and one for Helena, while they had one each in their own hands. Alice and Shane sat on the couch, while Dana and Helena occupied the two chairs at either end of the room.
    Dana: Thanks for coming guys; I didn’t feel like going out tonight.
    Alice: Why wouldn’t we be here? If we can’t go to a party, we’ll bring the party here.
    They all laughed at the typical Alice comment, before Dana got up to retrieve the pile of movies she had picked out for them to watch. She sat back down on the chair and one by one, held each one up so the rest of them could see.
    Dana: Okay, so I picked out: Ghost, as it’s my favourite movie. Coyote Ugly, because Piper Perabo is hot. Bruce Almighty, cause we all need a laugh every now and again. Snow Dogs, because it’s got huskies in it.
    Helena: Wait a minute, isn’t Snow Dogs a kids movie?
    Dana: It is, but it’s got huskies in it.
    Alice: Helena, Dana is a sucker for huskies. Buy her one and she’ll do anything you want.
    Helena: I think I’ll pass. But okay, I guess it’s a good movie.
    Shane: What else, Dana?
    Dana: Case 39. I only picked out 5. So, what would you guys rather watch?
    Alice: Case 39? What’s that about?
    Dana: A little girl.
    Shane: A little more info would be helpful, Dane.
    Dana: If I tell you anything else, it will spoil the movie. You just have to watch it.
    Shane: Okay, so if we watch Case 39, that’s one. What else?
    Dana: Helena, why don’t you choose the next?
    Helena: Erm… Snow Dogs? It’s the only one I’ve heard of.
    Alice: So, we’ll watch those two and if anyone’s still awake, we’ll watch a third?
    All the girls agreed and decided to switch seats, as Shane liked to have a seat to herself, and so did Helena, which left Alice and Dana to share the couch. They sat in the seats after putting the first movie, Case 39 into the DVD player.
    Dana: Oh, Alice, Did you bring any snacks?
    Alice: No sorry, I forgot. We could order in? I know you don’t eat takeout’s but once won’t hurt.
    Dana: Okay. After this movie we’ll order.
    There was silence in the house other than the TV. They were all focussed on the movie. After an hour, Shane went to get 4 more beers. They downed those and were soon on their third, even Dana and Helena. Once the movie had finished, Shane decided to the all night booze store, and get some tequila. She figured Dana wouldn’t have any shots, nor would Helena, but Alice would definitely be up for it. While Shane was out, Alice ordered Chinese for the 4 women. 20 minutes later, Shane was back and the food had arrived. Dana went to the door and paid the delivery guy, and gave a small tip for being quick to bring the food. Dana put the food in the kitchen and called out to the women for help sharing the food out. Helena and Alice were deep in conversation about the movie, Snow Dogs, that they never heard Dana call out, which meant Shane had to go and help her. While they were alone, Shane decided now would be the only chance she’d get to talk to Dana alone.
    Shane: So, Dane, what changed your mind about going out tonight?
    Dana: I don’t know. I guess I wanted family night instead. Also I just didn’t feel like partying.
    Shane: Are you still upset about Lara?
    Dana: No I don’t think so. Of course I miss her but she was my friend too so that’s probably why.
    Shane: Yeah, probably. Do you have your eyes on anyone else?
    Dana: Nope.
    Shane: What about Helena?
    Dana: Nah. She’s nice but not really my type. I think I’d prefer someone more outgoing and loud, to bring me out of my shell a little more.
    Shane: Oh, so someone like Alice?
    Dana: Well I guess. Do you know anyone like her?
    Shane: Nah, Alice is one of a kind. But now I know your type, I’m sure we can find someone for you.
    Dana: Don’t tell Alice, she’ll never leave me alone about it. She’ll have me meeting a new woman every week.
    Shane: Alright. Come on, the foods getting cold.
    They made their way back into the living room to find Alice and Helena were still in conversation. They only stopped talking when Shane announced her presence.
    Shane: Guys, foods ready.
    Alice: Thanks.
    Helena: This looks lovely.
    Dana: So, Shane, what did you get from the booze store?
    Shane: Tequila.
    Alice: Oh God, you know what that means. Shane wants us to get pissed.
    Shane: Nah, but we’ll see.
    The women ate their dinner and decided not to watch any more movies, instead putting on some music and dancing the night away. After a lot of dancing and many tequila shots later, all four girls were drunk, even Dana and Helena. Shane decided now would be a good time to start her plan. It was only 11:30pm, so they had plenty of time.
    Shane: Guys, how about a game of truth or dare?
    Alice: YEAH!
    Dana: Every time we play truth or dare, someone gets hurt.
    Shane: Not this time, the dares won’t be that extreme.
    Helena: I’m up for it, sounds fun.
    Alice: Me too. Please play Dane, for me.
    Alice was now looking at Dana, her eyes wide and her bottom lip stuck out. Dana could never say no to Alice when she pulled that face. She looked so cute. Dana sighed before agreeing to play.
    Dana: Okay fine, I’ll play.
    Shane: Good. Okay, Helena you go first. You can pick anyone of us and we have to do whatever dare you pick, or whatever truth you want to know.
    Helena: Okay. Shane, truth or dare?
    Shane: Dare.
    Helena: I dare you to go in the shower with all your clothes on, and the water must be cold and sit in the wet clothes for the rest of the night.
    Shane got up from the couch and walked into the bathroom. 5 minutes later Shane came out, looking like a wet dog, and sat back down on the chair. Helena was baffled that Shane actually did what she said.
    Helena: Shane, I didn’t think you’d actually do that. You could catch cold.
    Shane: I’ll be fine. Like I said, you must do it. Now it’s my turn. Alice, truth or dare?
    Alice: Erm, dare?
    Shane: Don’t look so worried Alice. I dare you to kiss Dana on the cheek.
    Alice: Is that all? Wow, this is too easy.
    Alice leaned over to Dana and kissed her firmly on the cheek. Shane watched Danas face as Alice did this. Her eyes fluttered shut and a smile crept to her lips. ‘That girl definitely has a thing for Alice’ she thought to herself.
    Alice: My turn. Helena, truth or dare?
    Helena: Truth.
    Alice: Chicken. Where’s the worst place you’ve had sex?
    Helena: Seriously Alice? This is so embarrassing.
    Shane: Sorry Helena, but you must answer. It’s the rules.
    Helena: In a tree. It was in a fucking tree.
    They all laughed at Helena’s embarrassment, but truth be told, not one of them apart from Helena thought her answer was that bad.
    Helena: My turn again. Dana, truth or dare?
    Dana: Truth.
    Helena: Have you ever female ejaculated?
    Dana: Nope, never. My turn. Shane, truth or dare?
    Shane: Dare.
    Dana: I dare you to kiss Alice, on the lips.
    Shane got up and made her way over to Alice, but Alice stopped her just before she leaned in to kiss her.
    Alice: Oh, no. There’s no way she’s kissing me. Her lips have been on god knows who.
    Dana: You’ve got to Alice. I let you kiss me, so let Shane kiss you.
    Alice: I kissed you on the cheek, not on the lips. I could catch something and become deadly ill.
    While Alice was looking towards Dana, Shane leaned in quickly and kissed Alice on the lips. Alice jumped back quickly but not quick enough as Shane’s lips made contact with hers. When Shane walked back to her seat, she turned to see Alice’s face, a look of disgust on her face.
    Alice: I’m not playing anymore. I feel sick.
    Shane: Fine. I’m going to head home guys. See you later, Alice. You have very soft lips.
    Alice: Fuck you, Shane.
    Shane: Maybe next time. Bye Dana, Helena.
    Dana & Helena: Bye Shane.
    Helena: I think I’m going to go too. The kids and Winnie will be back now.
    Alice: How will you get home, I picked you up?
    Helena: I’ll call Winnie.
    Alice: Okay bye Helena.
    Dana: Bye.
    Helena: Bye guys.
    Helena left Danas house, leaving just Dana and Alice sat on the couch. Shane had already seen what she needed to see. The look of jealousy on Danas face when she had kissed Alice. And again when she said Alice had soft lips. She had no doubt that they were in love with each other. They themselves just weren’t aware of it. Helena had seen it too, and decided it would be a good idea to leave the two alone.
    Dana: Alice, how are you going to get home?
    Alice: I drove here.
    Dana: And you’ve been drinking, so you can’t drive home.
    Alice: Oh yeah, fuck. Could I stay here? I’ll sleep on the couch, you won’t even know I’m here.
    Dana: Sure. I’ll get the spare quilt and pillows. I’m going to go to bed now though, if you don’t mind. I’m a little tired.
    Alice: No, of course I don’t. I’m tired too. Thanks for letting me stay.
    Dana: No problem. Goodnight Alice.
    Alice: Night, Dane.
    Dana gave Alice the quilt and pillows and made her way to the bedroom, trying to block out the feelings of jealousy she’d been having. She couldn’t be in love with her best friend, could she? She lay down on the bed and turned off the lamp, trying her best to fall asleep. Meanwhile, in the living room, Alive had already fallen asleep due to the many amounts of alcohol she’d consumed. She knew she’d wake up with a hangover.


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