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    The Triangle of Love – Chapter 8

    The next morning, Dana woke up to find Alice sat by her side. She looked at Alice, then at the clock on the bedside table, then back at Alice, this time with a horrified look on her face.

    Dana: Alice! Its 9.30, why didn’t you wake me up earlier?

    Alice: You looked peaceful; I didn’t want to disturb you.

    Dana: I appreciate that, but I have training at 10, I’ll never make it in time.

    Alice: Couldn’t you call and postpone till later, or even cancel it all together for the day? I want to spend the day with you; we don’t hang out as much anymore.

    Dana: I could go later. It’s not essential to train for hours every day, but it does make a massive impact on my career.

    Alice: Oh, sorry. I didn’t think of that. What about another day, we go out?

    Dana: Alice today is fine. I’ll be late anyway so I may as well just train extra tomorrow. How long have you been sat there?

    Alice: Since 9. I’ve been awake since 6.45, throwing up every 5 minutes.

    Dana: You could have woke me up. I feel bad for sleeping so long now.

    Alice: Don’t worry about it. It’s my fault for drinking so much. So, are you going to call Sam?

    Dana: Yeah. You go get showered or something. I’ll call her and cancel, and then we can go wherever you want.

    Alice: Alright. I’ll leave the shower running for when you’re ready.

    Dana: Thanks.

    Alice made her way to the shower while Dana called Sam. She didn’t particularly want to miss training, but what Alice said was true. They hadn’t spent the day together in God knows how long and she did miss it. Also, she wasn’t feeling too good herself, due to drinking more than she anticipated last night, so she decided one day wouldn’t hurt, and she could always try to get Alice to do something athletic, since she was blowing off something drastic to her career. She picked up her phone and dialled Sam’s number.

    Sam: Hello?

    Dana: Hi, Sam. It’s Dana.

    Sam: Hey, Dana. What’s up?

    Dana: Can we cancel training today? I had a little too much to drink last night and don’t really feel up to it.

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