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    You have always been a slave,

    you just couldn’t see the chains

    (W W-P from Angel)


    Chicago Saturday late night – the Peabody’s ancient mansion


    The reaction of Jenny to the holly water took Tina by surprise. Louise had told the blonde about the way the new vampire’s victims react to holly water, but she never saw this. At the door, Bette and Helena were ready to attack the crying girl on the bed, but this one didn’t show aggressive intentions.

    Jenny kept crying until the red light stopped, then she closed her eyes and rested peacefully. Tina used the opportunity to put a garlic garland on her neck.

    Helena: “what was that?”

    Tina: “it was an omen, hopefully, she’ll get better.”

    Bette: “what else could we do to contain her?”

    Tina: “I think we have to wait until Louise could come.”

    Bette: “when it’ll be?”

    Helena: “mom said Louise will be here early tomorrow; Bette, you and Tina can rest in your bedroom, Shane and I would watch the girl.”

    Bette looked at her English friend, who looked back at her with a knowing smile.

    Bette: “okay, thank you for taking care of this girl.”

    Bette and Tina left the room. The blonde was familiarized with the place; she has been part of the group since she came back from New York. Louise arrived a bit later after Peggy offered to promote her herb store in Chicago and support her esoteric research to fight and destroy vamps and demons. The witch had, also a bedroom assigned in the mansion in case she needed to stay.

    Bette took Tina to the bedroom that she used to occupy in Peggy’s house.

    Bette: “are you okay baby?”

    Tina: “yes, a little shook, only… I was afraid for you.”

    Bette: “why? I’m strong and they can’t hurt me.”

    Tina: (scared) “you have the physical strength and a good heart… but if a wooden stake or a silver dagger hits you by mistake, (sobbing) you could die.”

    Bette: (hugging consoling her girlfriend) “it won’t happen, T, I promise, besides it has to hit me in a very specific part of my body.”

    Tina: (crying) “there are evil witches and vampires who’d find a way to hurt you.”

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      • Hi Collins.

        I hope everything gets fixed on this site, I came back for all my stories and for the new ones I already have, but I don’t know for how long I could post continuously. I’ll try to do it, I hope I would have the possibility to read your stories too.

        Take care, my friend.

    1. Welcome back…. glad to see you posting again…. hope to see more in the near future.

      Interesting chapter…. Bette and Tina are really into each other…. need to review previous chapters to refresh my memory on this story…. but please keep posting.

      • Hi, my friend,
        Glad to see your comment, I know it’ll take time to read the former chapters (it took time for me too) but I have to do it, All of this is a test for me, I need to be sure I’m getting better.

        Take care, my friend.

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