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    You have always been a slave,

    you just couldn’t see the chains

    (W W-P from Angel)


    Chicago Sunday afternoon – Peabody’s ancient mansion


    Peggy Peabody and all the girls, including the newcomer, Carmen, are gathered in the living room. Louise has something important to tell them, and not even Helena knows what it is.

    Peggy: “okay, we are all here to listen to Louise about her last exploration of what is happening to most of you, please, dear, tell us what you found out”

    Louise: “well, it wasn’t easy, but finally I could contact other people with more experience about the vampire phenomena”

    Alice: “when you mention more experienced people, you are referring to old witches, right?”

    Louise: “of course…, but I want you to know that not everybody in my field likes to be called witch”

    Alice: “hmm, then who you talked to?”

    Louise: “some are called shamanka, santera, sorcerer, enchanter, mage…”

    Alice: “okay, okay, I got it…”

    Helena: “Al, let’s her talk”

    Louise: “as I said, I finally contacted a secret group of witches, they have a covenant and they possess ancient knowledge about vampires, they don’t believe all vampires are malicious…, which makes sense because you guys obviously are not…, anyway that is something I already knew, cause you girls, still have a soul. The situation is how to prevent the loss of your souls…”

    Bette: “wait…, are you saying that we’d never come back to our original human shape?”

    Louise: “that is something we need to find out, but we have to meet those people of the covenant, we need to travel where they have their site.”

    Dana: “why they don’t come here?”

    Alice: “or it online.”

    Shane: “is it possible to do witchcraft by zoom?”

    Tina: “oh come on, let’s hear Louise.”

    Louise: “ladies, this is not like those reading online that some people used to do, this is real magic, and requires lots of rituals in special places, there is not an altar or ritualistic table online, you have to be there, and follow the ancient rules and procedures.”

    Alice: “where is that place?”

    Bette: “California.”

    Helena: “I think we should go.”

    Peggy: “I do not doubt that, you all must go, I will have the plane ready for you all”

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    1. A stronger sexual drive? For this group, they will never get out of bed. I just hope they have partners who can keep up. So, they are going to curtail the aggression, and possibly lengthen their lives, give them more strength and possibly work on their teeth, but it won’t be a cure. They will still need blood to feed on. Well if they are going after the bad vampires, they are going to need more strength and quickness.

      Thanks for the update…. Post soon…. This story gives us a nice change in storylines…

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