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    You have always been a slave,

    you just couldn’t see the chains

    (W W-P from Angel)


    San Diego Monday noon – Peabody’s house.


    After leaving Jenny in a room with a private nurse taking care of her, Peggy ordered brunch for everybody. Only Shane, Carmen, Louise, and Helena have left their luggage in their bedrooms. Bette and Alice have been arguing since they arrived at the house, and Tina and Dana are waiting for them. In the meantime, the matriarch Peabody is on the phone. She has been talking for almost half an hour in the library of the house. Though the door was open, Peggy’s voice couldn’t be heard by the passers-by. After a little while, the older Peabody came to the dining room noticing that the attention of the presents was on an argument in the kitchen.

    Peggy: (asking Helena) “are those Bette and Alice?”

    Helena: “yup, they are talking”

    Peggy: “it looks to me that they are fighting”

    Helena: “oh…, yes, that too”

    Peggy: “what they’re fighting about?”

    Helena: “the bedrooms; they both are claiming the annex”

    Peggy: (laughing) “why?”

    Helena: “Bette said that you gave her your permission to use it, which I didn’t know, the reason why I offered it to Alice”

    Peggy: “hmm, I have to give them the news”

    Now, Helena was puzzled.

    Helena: “what news…? Is there something I should know?”

    Peggy: “my dear, I’m an old lady who knows what is doing”

    And saying no additional word, Peggy, went to the kitchen.

    Peggy: “Alice, Bette I have some news for you both”

    The antagonist girls became silent and looked at the old lady.

    Peggy: “Alice, as you know your mom is in San Diego, and I have invited her to stay with us; I understand that you all, young people would like to live your lives without the boring older women like Lenore and me; so I have decided to leave the big house for all of you to enjoy while we are here; Lenore and I will be staying in the annex; so, the big house is yours, Bette, I recommend you to take the main bedroom, which I usually use, but this time is yours.”

    Without another word, Peggy went to the dining room and asked the butler to serve the food.

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    1. This is an interesting process these girls are going through. Alice is really kind of funny in an irritating way. But it looks like she has met her match in Tasha… I look forward to seeing what is going to happen in “camp”. Cannot imagine Peggy and Lenora being friends… but anything is possible.

      Keep posting… I want to see where this goes. An I would love for you to post some continuation of some of your prior unfinished works… Thanks for your effort.

      • Hi, Martha.

        As I said, this story is what I have chosen as a test to myself, If I could keep going until the end, I will continue with my unfinished stories and perhaps more.
        I would really like to keep posting, but it’s not up to me, I may have the will but that’s all.

        Thank you for reading this story and commenting.

        Take care

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