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    You have always been a slave,

    you just couldn’t see the chains

    (W W-P from Angel)


    San Diego – Hidden Town passed midnight first/second day – covenant’s den.


    Tasha: “shit!!! Does Tina have a walky-talky?”

    Louise: “no, we don’t have enough Marina has one, and a second one is with Nicky… Lara has another; neither Carmen nor Tina has a walky-talky.”

    Tasha: “this is wrong; we have to do something.”

    Louise: “an invocation?”

    Tasha: “yes, we only need three witches, I’ll tell Marina.”

    Marina heard Tasha’s plan and prepared for their first battle against evil.

    In the meantime, in Shane’s tent, things got animated. Just a few minutes ago, she and Carmen were having an informative conversation.

    Shane: “are you and that girl…, what’s her name…?”

    Carmen: “Jenny.”

    Shane: “is she your girlfriend?”

    Carmen: “nah, we were hanging at the bar.”

    Shane: “really, what were you doing?”

    Carmen: “needed to blow off some steam.”

    Shane: “and you did it?”

    Carmen: “kind of…, not that much indeed; we met those girls…, it wasn’t much, you know, dancing, drinking, a little bit of this and that…, nothing extraordinary… It would have been better if it wasn’t for those idiots.”

    Shane: “what happened?”

    Carmen: “we’re having a good time, and I was about to score, but a guy…, well a really creepy one, harassed my date; then she and her friends got scared and left; Jenny and I were going to do the same, but three boys followed us, I told them we weren’t interested, but they kept insisting; Jenny and I left the bar as soon as we could, but we couldn’t get a cab, because Jenny left her purse on her chair at one of the tables and my wallet was inside; we were lucky Bette and Tina showed up.”

    Shane: “yeah, it was their turn.”

    Carmen: “turn? You mean, you all make turns around the bar?”

    Shane: “yup, it’s dangerous and we can help.”

    Carmen: (with doubts) “hmm…, tell me, Shane, you all are special, right?”

    Shane: “are you asking if we’re vamps? Well, the answer is yes, we are, but we still have our souls.”

    Carmen: “but you’re not like those creatures.”

    Shane: “no, we were unfortunately bitten by a group of them, more than two years ago, but we defended ourselves and we were lucky.”

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    1. Alice… Alice…. no one promised to make you human again. They purposed that they would make your life better – stronger, and abilities to escape some of the problems of being a vampire… but they never suggested that they could cure you… so as Phyllis say – take the offer or leave it.. Sounds like an improvement of your current life to me. So I’d go with the flow and accept this ritual….

      Thanks for the update… look forward to more.

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