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    ‘Twenty inches, give or take,’ he said, and then pushed his blue-and-orange Islanders cap back on his head like a guy who’d been digging ponds for forty years.



    They looked at one another – a look that contained a kind of brinkmanship based on integrity and grit. They both knew the plan was for a two-foot pond. That was what they promised Sasha, and that was what they should deliver. But also, Sonny was supposed to have been here to help, and instead he was in Detroit visiting his elderly mother.

    Bette pushed her fingers into the small of her aching back. Ben saw her do it.

    ‘You want me to finish it?’ he asked.

    ‘What? Oh no, I don’t th—’


    Tina’s voice made them both turn towards the kitchen.

    ‘Not him!’ Bette said, pointing at Solly.

    The little Spaniel was a menace at the moment. Either he got in the way or he started digging holes of his own, sending dirt flying everywhere and getting himself filthy. Tina grabbed the dog and made sure he stayed in the kitchen, then edged her way through the dirt and piles of bricks and plants and pond-liners.

    ‘How’s it going?’ she asked.

    ‘Great!’ Ben grinned.

    Tina felt her heart squeezed. That smile! That was the smile that had gone missing at the start of the school year. Why it went missing, they weren’t sure. Ben wasn’t academic, but he did okay. He was small for his age, but assured them he wasn’t being bullied. Bette had wondered if the problem might be of a romantic nature, but he said no. Which left them with their usual Ben strategy: see if it passes and meanwhile get him excited about something. And nothing excited Ben like a DIY project!

    ‘Is it five already?’ Bette asked Tina.

    ‘No, not quite, but—’

    ‘What’s for dinner?’

    Tina stared at her wife. ‘I thought you were doing dinner.’

    Bette exhaled a disbelieving laugh and gestured at the fact that she was standing in a hole she’d been digging all afternoon.

    ‘Okay, I’ll fix something,’ Tina said, ‘but—’

    ‘Can we get pizza?’ Ben asked.

    ‘We’ll see,’ said Bette.

    Ben smiled and pulled his cap down before picking up his spade again. He knew, as they all did, that We’ll see from Bette meant yes.


    1. Hey pal,

      Agree with you that all Bettes want to be with all Tinas no matter where or when or in what universe!

      So glad you decided to continue with this series – we’ll need it in the barren episodes Tibette isn’t in this season.

      Time marches on for the Real Tibette Family too as the kids get another year older & Angie is off to college. Thanks for the update & I look forward to reading more of their changes as a family & about Tina’s new position.

      They need to take time for themselves – life will always get in the way if you let it.

      Loving it already & my eternal thanks.

      Keep safe.

      P.S. – the stars are out!!!! Ha!!!!!

      • Hello, my friend! *waves* Thanks for reading this and for your encouragement to write these again. :-)

        I will try my best to make these entertaining and enjoyable, and of course you are right about ‘time for themselves’, haha… but a little pent-up desire is always fun, right?

        Take care and thanks again

    2. Your work is always amazing.

      Looking forward to this series and your take on this Tibette season.

      Will you have this Real Tibette renew their wedding vows too? It’s been 25 years for this Tina and Bette too. Just a thought.

    3. Hey Largo,

      What a great surprise, i didn’t expect a chapter so soon! Thank you for continuing this fantastic story and yes please i hope you have the time to write a chapter each week!

      If the rumours are true about Tibette being in only the two first and last chapters we need a chapter every week they are not in the episode. They surely know how to attrack and push viewers away.

      They care my friend!

      • Hi Bibi! *waves* Thanks for reading this and for welcoming these stories back. I”m so pleased you’re happy to see them again. :-)

        I will try and go a story every week, especially if we really are getting nothing for weeks on end…. As you say, they really know how to annoy the hell out of Tibetters, lol

        Have a good week, my friend

    4. Hey Largo, what a pleasant surprise! Thank you for bringing back my favorite couple and family. Good to see that Kit is still part of the family and that Big Bad Bette is afraid of vampire movies ( so Am I). What ever you give us will surely be better than the dribble Gen Q will provide. Three episodes ? God, they will finally kill the golden goose. So, bring it on! We will love you for it!

      • Hi majicspider60! *waves* Lovely to hear from you again. And thank you for welcoming back these stories. :-)

        Writing Kit is fun and I’ll have to try and find more stuff for her to do, so we can see her more, I think. I thought it would be fun to make Bette scared of vampires bc JB loves them, haha

        I do hope the rumours about how little Tibette we’re getting are misdirection, but either way I will try and enjoy what there is! And have fun with my alternative family!

        Thanks, as ever, for reading my writing and for commenting. It is so appreciated. Have a good week!

    5. Hey Largo, today is my birthday and what a great gift waking up to a new chapter of the ‘Real Tibette’ stories. I was so hoping you would continue the wonderful adventures of Bette, Tina, Angie, Ben, Sasha and Solly. I fell in love with this family last season and reading their viewpoints definitely made GenQ more bearable, but not even this treat can make up for the horror show of season 2. I’m one of the skeptics that won’t bother putting much stock in season 3 just to be disappointed. Even reuniting Bette and Tina and even if there is a wedding, I know they will not give it the airtime and celebration it deserves and definitely won’t give us any real resolution about what happened in the 10 years previously to get them to the point of divorce. It’s more about ratings and views and not motivated by heartfelt and genuine character portrayals. However, don’t want to rain on your parade as I see you’re very excited for their endgame, and I hope you and the many fans out there get it. In the meantime, I will look forward to your stories as often as you have time to write and post. Thank you for sharing your talent!

      • Happy Birthday for yesterday, my friend! I hope you had a good day, with cake! :-)

        Thank you for reading this and welcoming these stories back. That means a lot to me and really encourages me to try and do a story every week.

        I hear what you’re saying about being sceptical for S3. I agree with you that there simply isn’t enough screen time to do a reunion in anything but a rather unrealistic, superficial way. And there was no need for any of it. No need for the divorce, no need for Kit’s death, no need to misuse Carrie and Pippa so cheaply. But ugh, don’t get me started….

        I’m looking forward to seeing JB and LuH as Bette and Tina again, in scenes where they’re able to show affection and love for each other. The visuals are what excite me, not the story as such. So I will enjoy that, I think.

        Thank you again for your comment. It’s such a pleasure to be a writer in this fandom. Have a good week!

    6. Love this Largo. You truly shine with this story, I always want the chapter to continue. Looking forward to reading about these two react to each episode (whether it’s four or ten LOL)

      • Hello BK, my friend! *waves* How lovely to hear from you. I hope you are well. :-)

        Thanks for reading this and for encouraging me, as always. It is so much appreciated. I will try my best to write something entertaining. It will be SO much easier now that I can actually see the episodes, lol

        Take care and thank you again

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