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    Revelations Chapter 11

    Tina’s emotions had been stirred the entire evening. Bette’s entrance was breathtaking and brought forth emotions and awoke areas of her body that had not responded to Bette in years. Tina’s troubled mind was having increasing difficulty hiding feelings for her ex-wife that she had thought had long been gone. She was not sure what was going on with her, but she felt like she was coming out of a fog. As she emerged from this place that clouded her perceptions, she began to see the carnage of emotional hurt she had left behind. Bette borne the worst of it, but Angie had received her fair share. These thoughts were running through her mind as she watched Bette turn and head towards the door. As Tina rose, she thought what am I doing. She looked at Carrie and hesitated, then excused herself and quickly headed after Bette.

    Tina reached the door in time to see Bette hand her ticket to the Valet.  ”Bette”, Tina called out as she walked quickly towards her. 

    The confident and in control persona that Bette paraded around inside slowly left as her shoulders and head dropped upon hearing her name called out by a voice she would never forget.  Bette took a deep calming breath in an attempt to gain control of her fragile emotions and slowly turned to face Tina.

    Bette looked past Tina trying to hide her emotions from the one person that Bette had the hardest time hiding anything. Bette struggled with looking Tina in her eyes, but finally was able to hold her gaze.

    ”Bette,” Tina started, in that familiar loving tone. ”You were amazing.”

    Bette gave Tina a half smile as she waited for what she felt would be another bomb dropped on her.

    ”I… I’m not sure how to say this.” Tina paused, ”so much has happened… I don’t even know where to begin,” Tina said sadly. ”I guess… I guess I should start with I’m sorry,” and with those words the tears began to fall.

    Shane had been watching Tina all night. It was obvious Tina was struggling with something, so when Tina excused herself and headed towards the door, Shane knew that this was long awaited. She sat at the table for a few minutes, glancing at the women at the table, noticing that Carrie had also watched Tina walk out the door. She was struggling in her mind with what to do. Should she follow, she thought to herself. But their need for privacy caused her to hesitate for a few minutes, then she rose and excused herself. Shane reached the exit just as Tina began to talk. She could barely hear what was being said, but their body language said it all. Two lost lovers trying to find their way, destine to be together, but thwart with circumstances neither seemed to understand or control.

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    1. Now, when this Carrie gone – i’m back again to the reading and comment.

      So, i guess Tina really needs some digging with therapist to understand what happen with her marriage. It’s about molesting and interrogation tapes (i hate them)?

      • I honestly feel that this was the best angle based on my experience as a Social Worker. I see it more times than I care to mention, how abuse in childhood impact relationships as an adult. I will be gentle as I know this may touch on personnel buttons and it is not my intent to hurt any of the readers.

    2. Carrie is really a good person and is a good friend to Tina. None of her conversation was about her. It was a clear assessment of the facts as she saw them. I was as clear as message as she could give. Tina = get help or nothing will ever work!

      This was a very emotional chapter…I could feel the hurt going through all them – Bette, Tina, Carrie, Shane and Angie. I could feel the absolute devastation Tina felt when Bette tells her that she cannot do this again, as she choose Carrie. I feel Bette’s devastation as she drives off,

      Excellent writing. Please give us more as soon as you can. Thank you..

    3. Tina has to do the hard work now, winning Bette back won’t be easy and figuring out her demons won’t be either. Hope she sticks with it! Thanks for a great chapter!

    4. Tina shows her true colors here. She is a very selfish and self obsessed woman. It will take months of therapy to get her act together. I am glad Bette and Carrie both rejected her. As they say “payback is a bitch”

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