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    A New Day Chapter 12

    Tina sat on the couch sobbing until she had no more tears to cry. She wondered what she was going to do next, when she heard a knock at the door. Tina slowly stood wondering who could possibly be at the door. As she opened the door slowly, to her surprise, Bette stood with a half smile coming across her face.

    ”Can I come in,” Bette asked tentatively.

    ”Of course,” Tina said unsurely as she motioned Bette into her room.

    Bette looked around and smiled, ”No Carrie?” She inquired.

    ”No, she left and is returning to Toronto.”

    ”I’m sorry Tina,” Bette said sincerely. ”I feel bad she got caught in the middle of this.”

    Tina looked at Bette not knowing how to react.

    Bette took a deep breath and began, ”I reacted really bad in the parking lot. It was definitely the old Bette surfacing.” Bette hesitated and then continued, ”but I need to say a few things that I want you to know and I have left unsaid for so long.”  She looked at Tina who gave her a pleading look to continue.  Bette took another deep breath, ”if someone told me three years ago that I would be looking at this situation, I would have told them they were crazy… but who knew.”  Bette sighed while shrugging her shoulders, ”I know I have made it difficult for you at times.  You chose to push your dreams aside to support me. You said more times than I can remember, that you felt like I took all the energy out of our relationship leaving you no room.  I know now that this left you feeling empty, incomplete and then you found someone new who made it easier for you to be whole.  I’m sorry you thought you had to leave me and Angie to find yourself, that you couldn’t talk to me, help me understand how you felt.  How I feel for you has never changed, since that first kiss all those years ago. I know I don’t want to feel another touch or know another kiss.  You’re where I want to go and I will never be complete without you.  You came for forgiveness and I knew I should have given it to you, but the hurt was just so deep that it stopped me.”  Bette hesitated,  ”The truth is… I love you, I always have and always will…”

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    1. This is good SuperK. Tina should have to grovel and win Bette back. Love that her friends are supporting her and Bette at the same time. I think maybe the emails are an opportunity for Tina to put her thoughts in writing in a way that make it easier for Bette to process. Looking forward to your next chapter, thanks for posting.

      • Thanks, I am coming from the standpoint that this situation between Tina and Bette is not an easy fix. Both women are mature and have a lot of history together. A break up to me would not have been a casual thing, which is what I feel is coming across in GQ.

        • Like your story but seems like maybe this can’t be fixed? I’m sure you have your story laid out but at this point Tina is clueless regarding her whys. I am assuming the interrogation tapes do not exist in this story? Plus that explanation would not fit with her treatment of Bette and Angie. The length of time, the finality of Tina’s actions in walking away, her choosing Carrie over Bette, Bette’s need to be away from Tina – all make this an almost impossible hurdle to overcome. Please prove me wrong.

    2. Thank you for the chapter!

      Yeah, Tina needs to start to digging and finds the reason her behavior. I’m not watched GQ besides parts when Tina’s appearance, so i don’t know – is Nat are therapist?

      • In a brief bio about the recurring characters they state that Natalie Bailey (Nat) is a therapist. I so believe that they have not utilized this character as much as they could. She is a natural addition to the group due to her age and being Alice’s partner.

        • Ok, but don’t you think that it would be unwise to tell something too personal to Alice partner? I’m sure you can’t be a friend with your therapist – it’s too weird and unconformable. Tina and Nat of course not friends, but could see each other often – because she and Bette friends with Alice – and it’s still count. In addition i’m not sure that this Nat can hold this info from Alice.

          So my advise for Tina – not go to Nat for therapy, it’s would be not right, but maybe just asking her for recommendation for therapist.
          Or – maybe Dan is still working?

    3. At this point, I think that an email is the only option. Bette is not talking to Alice or Shane at the moment, it is doubtful that she is ready to talk to Tina. And Tina is not ready either. So discussing Angie issues and opening a channel for communications is vital.

      If Nat is a therapist or a medical doctor, she has an ethical if not a legal obligation to keep any and all information private without written consent. No matter how curious Alice is, she cannot even disclose that she is a client or a patient. Only Tina can disclose that information. Generally, therapist do not accept patients who are in their social circles. It can encroach on the trust factors between therapist and patient. The fact is the profession strives for to keep treatments and sessions confidential and avoid appearances of conflict of interest.

      Nice story. I want to see how this unwinds. Bette is very hurt and Tina knows it and want back. With these two, they always gravitate back toward each other. The path may be long and hard and even seem hopeless at times, but maybe, they will find a way.

      Thanks for this chapter.

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