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    Turn of events

    The resort where the wrap party was being held had several venues including formal ballrooms, restaurants with varied cuisines and a nightclub with full service bar and private nooks for intimate conversation. It was also a popular spot for weddings as it offered outdoor spaces with magnificent panoramic views of the snowcapped Canadian mountains and lakes.

    As Bette and Tina made their way out to the veranda to get some fresh air they passed the nightclub, and could hear the house band gearing up as the guests transitioned from dinner to dancing. The couple planned to join the party later for some dancing but for now they headed to a cozy seating area with a fire pit in the center and a self-service hot beverage bar. Bette prepared two cups of chamomile tea and handed one to Tina. Tina thanked her girlfriend and intentionally allowed her fingers to graze Bette’s as she took the cup.

    Bette smiled giving Tina one of those looks she reserved only for the love of her life. She sat next to Tina on the loveseat close enough for their thighs to touch and put her arms around the blonde’s shoulders. Even with the light touch she could feel the tension emanating from Tina’s body. If they weren’t wearing cocktail dresses Bette would have sat back and invited Tina to sit between her legs so she could hold her close and comfort her. However Tina made the best of it and settled into the crock of Bette’s arms, leaned her head against her shoulder and let out a deep sigh.

    Tina was so grateful that Bette was there with her in Canada. She didn’t realize how much she’d missed her girlfriend these past several weeks until Bette showed up out of the blue that morning. Moreover there was no way she could have gotten through this night without Bette by her side to lean on and draw strength from. Tina sipped the soothing tea that not only warmed her body against the chill of the night but also calmed her anger and frustration at the turn of events. She felt in the past 72 hours as if her world was coming apart at the seams and she was barely able to hold it together.

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    1. Hey Bat, thanks for another great chapter. So glad to see Bette and Tina working together not only on their relationship but also to bring Kate and her accomplices down. Not yet sure about William’s involvement and what his connection to Kate is as well as his motives of being more or less the sole investor. It could be as simple as that he is just fascinated with Kate or it could go as far as being blackmailed by Kate. As for Aaron – in my opinion – he is just trying to save his ass by trying to put all the blame on Tina.

      In some way I could understand Tina trying to solve her problems at work and Kate especially by herself but in my opinion she really was a little naive thinking that Kate would back off easily and that she could forge a friendship with her.

      Always like to see Bette and Tina joining forces against any enemies and I am looking forward to see how this story unfolds now that Bette’s completely involved.

      Thank you for sharing your exceptional talent with us and I am patiently waiting for your next post.

    2. I’m sorry it took me so long to catch up with two new chapters.
      but I’m still loyal readers of this story.
      I really liked both chapters.
      I’m like all the others: I can not wait to see how you deal with Kate and Aaron.
      I loved to see Bette and Tina worked together as opposed to ellenésgeik.
      You did that I have long been waiting for: they’re back together.
      I really liked the dance scene between them, immediately made me think of 5×12.
      I look forward to the next chapter.

    3. This story is already in my stories file
      I loved this chapter, song and dance were
      perfeitas.Amo all this affection
      which has each other.
      I love this story
      Bear hug :)
      The Entire Constellation *************************************************************************************************************************

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