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    Chapter 31


    “It’s criminal what you do to me” Tina said out of breath as the kiss ended.


    “And what exactly do I do to you?” Bette asked surprising both herself and the blonde with her boldness.


    “Let me show you” Tina said with lust written all over her face as she kissed those luscious lips one more time trying her best to convey everything her body was experiencing at the time.


    The kiss turned into two and two into three and before she even had the chance to process what was going on, her mouth suddenly left Bette’s gorgeous lips and found a new place to inhabit: the brunette’s neck.


    “We need to stop… now” Bette said completely out breath right before she would lose all her senses and simply succumb to her most basic instincts. As Tina heard those words she stopped what she was doing and locked eyes with the brunette.


    “I want you… I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anyone as much as I want you” Tina verbalized with a mixture of lust and need in her tone, as her hands were softly resting on both sides of the agent’s face. “I don’t want to stop” She added and again went for those lips and shortly after resumed her exploration of the brunette’s neck.


    Bette on the other hand had never been more aroused in her entire life. The feel of Tina’s soft and yet daring lips on her own was excruciating enough, but to add those same lips exploring her neck was starting to transport her to a whole new dimension of desire.


    “Oh god” Bette said aloud as her hands started to roam on the blonde’s back, desperately trying to overcome the obstacle that was Tina’s shirt. As the lawyer sensed this she took her hands from the brunette’s neck and directed them south imitating Bette’s actions, for she too desperately needed to feel the agent’s skin.

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    1. YAY!!!, even if it is only a dream. Question now. Since Bette is up dressed and cooking their breakfast, did she hear Tina making love sounds during her hot dream? I say she did hear some of it and is pretending not to have taken notice, unless Tina says something, which she won’t. Not mad at you. That was just exquisite. Thanks for posting.

    2. Anne, first Happy New Year. I wish you health and happiness. Secondly…you’re killing. Seriously. But I’ll forgive because I know you won’t disappoint us. They’ re doing it in Chapter 33, right?

    3. Hello!! Thanks for the updates Anne!! 😊 so amazing and kinda bad teaser to start the year, huh?! 😜 … Happy new year btw!! So glad that I finally able to catch up!!😄though in some point i am quite happy for the massive flow of chapters I need to read 😉 LoL… So?! What will happen now since Tina seems has got the preview from her dream/imagination already?! Oh I wish I have that kind of tutorial 😝PPVS

    4. Thank you for that one wonderfully HOT chapter of dreamland. Happy New Year and thank you for starting it on that chapter. I love this story so thank you for writing it so well. You’ve captured the characters so well. It flows. Thank you!

    5. hello! at last, i found a story which won’t make my comment at least 2 years delayed. lol. i recently found this site and im hooked ever since. i was hesitant at first to read this story, its really complicated to mix business with pleasure in whatever form but you pulled it out. the story is doing good. if i could say though, i have this feeling like its sort of dragging at some points. im excited to see the next one. :)

    6. Okay is there any chance of this great story being finished?
      I realise that it is a B & T beginning and as such could be argued as ended but with so many possible Story lines open it is
      absolutely criminal that there is not, at the very least an Epilogue!


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